Top 10 Ways to Promote your Podcast

July 30, 2021

Podcasting is an excellent way to establish a solid relationship with your potential customers or clients. However, it becomes more effective if you have as many listeners as possible.

Before thinking about promoting your podcast, ensure that it is valuable and of high quality because that is what audiences are interested in. You need to prepare and read a useful guide on how to record audio effectively and promote your podcast.



Use social media channels


Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram may help to reach a wider audience. Break your episode in a way to bring out the most exciting information and quotes.

In addition to audiograms, you may need to create and promote other virtual assets. A good way is to develop several pieces of content for every social media episode, including three virtual quotes, two audiograms, and two customized thumbnails. Since most podcast information is evergreen, you need to continue sharing the episodes on various social media platforms.


Encourage your guests to promote your podcast


Show hosts love to request their quests to share content to engage the audience in the conversation. However, with many podcasters using this approach, you need to stand out by making episode sharing as seamless and easy as possible. Additionally, give your audience a reason to share the content.

You can begin by acknowledging your audience and sending them custom emails with a selection of social shares and pre-written language. This may guide them into how to insert the content queue. If your audiences have previously been interviewed by other podcasters, they may have such kind of a request severally. The best thing is to be unique through personality and personalization.


Use an email strategy


With the release of a new episode, email your email subscribers to inform them about it. No matter the size of the email list, email is an easier way to attract the audience to your content. For every new episode, you publish, send an accompanying email.

Instead of staggering the email as many podcasters do, use a selective approach by sending an email only to your list. This may work better if you have an outstanding interview or impressive quests. You may also add episode roundups in your monthly or weekly emails.


Adopt text messaging


Most people prefer to listen to podcasts via their smartphones and so you may need to reach the target audience via text messages. Use messages to inform your audience about your new shows, and ask them to share widely.

Take advantage of software that supports text message marketing while carefully reading the laid down rules. This will help to avoid creating spammy promotional messages.

Text messaging is an efficient way to promote podcasts because it is easier to track SMS. It may allow listeners to text immediately as per the call to action, thereby causing the results to come faster and directly.


Build a VIP community


Building loyal fans may help to generate more feedback for every episode. Even with a small start, your direct interaction with true fans may grow into powerful marketing assets.

Invite people to join the community of fans through an application. A short form can enable you to easily identify the interested people. After selecting fans, invite them to your private Slack channel or Facebook group. This will allow you to share some information behind the scenes and ask for feedback and input from your audience.


Use sponsorships


Requesting for sponsorships is suitable if you make podcasts with specific equipment or mention specific products or companies in your podcasts. Podcast sponsorships may include short adverts that promote companies or products in the form of interesting stories, advice, or business tips. This approach may be successful for the sponsor and your podcast.

Most people who listen to podcasts are entrepreneurial and tech-savvy than those who use other media and so these are the people you should target. Sponsors also go for podcasts involving popular culture and technology. However, you can find a sponsor even if your content is not in any of these areas. All you need to do is to contact a sponsor who may be relevant in your field.


Use freebies and giveaways


Giving away prizes is a great approach to promoting podcasts. People like to participate in competitions and so giving your listeners an opportunity will attract some attention. There are various ways to enter into a competition, such as a podcast subscription and confirming that by sending a screenshot.

Participating in a competition can earn the participants some points to rank them to win a prize. You can use different strategies to promote your sponsor and the respective podcast.

You can choose to give away merchandise as a way of advertising your podcast. Telling your audiences to invite others to your page after being put into a draw to win merchandise can help to promote your podcast.



Most podcasters, news outlets, and YouTubers have adopted search engine optimization or clickbait titles to promote their content. Using this approach can encourage potential customers to understand your content better.

Tempt your listeners by making your content and adverts more noticeable. Having an intriguing or a vague picture and title may encourage important clicks on your podcast. You can benchmark against YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie to understand how effective clickbait is as a promotional tool.


Use influencer marketing selectively


With a small budget, it is possible to engage social media influencers to promote your podcast. Spending wisely on influencer marketing can attract thousands of listeners. The most important thing is to find the relevant influencers and pitch appropriately.

Influencer marketing campaigns are priced based on:

  • Cost per click (CPC). This is the number of actions the customers take after listening to your podcast.
  • Cost per engagement (CPE). The number of shares, comments, and likes.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA). Leads generated or sales acquired.


Target newsletter audiences


Identifying newsletters in your niche and keeping tabs on them may help to promote your podcast since audiences may be a source of ideas. Review newsletter aggregators in the industry and understand the content type they prefer.

Later you can send appropriate episodes to the editor for future consideration. For the content to be sharable, you will need to have dedicated website episode pages and text to support and add to the video.




Understanding the best ways to promote your podcast requires you to test different strategies to find the one that works well. Beginning to promote content requires a focus on diligence and creativity. Maximize the strategies that drive new online audiences and keep them engaged.


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