Top Brand Marketing Strategies for 2022

January 10, 2022

Trying to rework and give your business an upgrade can be challenging, especially if you have not yet set up your marketing strategy for the new year. Workflows and processes need clear explanations. Marketing strategies ebb and flow with the constant changes in trends.

The global pandemic had a massive impact on shaping consumer habits, with digital taking the lead in becoming how people do their shopping. As a result, understanding the best ways to reach those potential customers has become more crucial for your business now than ever.

Companies need to explore the benefits of customer retention and loyalty, besides acquiring new leads. The competition online is growing substantially, so taking care of your existing customers is just as essential as obtaining new ones.

But, how do you know what trends to adapt for your marketing strategies? What tools should you utilize to develop techniques to attract and retain new clients? Here are some ways you can gain more traction, visibility and ultimately profit this new year by implementing marketing tactics.



Owning Your Customer


Utilizing social media is a great way to reach your audience, but the reality of these social channels is that the networks own them, not you or your brand. Therefore, you must own your audience.

Why is this important? The messages and advertisements you create regarding your products and services will reach your audience if you own them. However, there are so many different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics within algorithms in social media that you can’t be sure your messages are always reaching your core demographic.

If there are other brands or companies with similar products or services, yours can easily get lost within all of the marketing across social channels. So you need to ensure that your voice and message is the one that stands out above the rest.

Your audience’s email inbox is their personal space and the target of how you can own those consumers and stand to reach your audience. Invest in creating an email list to bring your message to your potential customers directly.

How do you do this? The best way is by integrating a newsletter within your marketing strategy. For example, you can determine whether to do it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Newsletters can be as simple as building hype over the launch of a new product or service, providing updates, or getting to know the inner workings of your business.



Content Creation and Branding


Brands should spend a fair amount of time focusing on creating compelling content that appeals to their target audience. Image is crucial, so your marketing team must choose the right words and the best way to communicate.

Creating brand awareness can be done by using trusted search marketing services to help develop Search Engine Optimization (SEO), brand image, and storytelling. Organic reach will be the best way to create strong relationships with your customers – finding where those prospects are more likely to be can help you decide upon your content.

For example, if your customers tend to frequent YouTube, you should consider creating a video tutorial or a helpful customer review video, as well as making a company YouTube channel. If you have customers who enjoy listening to podcasts, you can work on a strategy to promote on podcast channels they are most likely to hear about your product or service more frequently.

Implementation of your content should strive to provide your potential consumers with value. Don’t think about just trying to sell, but rather explore how your product or service will help solve problems or make their lives easier, and use those aspects within your content development.


Educating The Consumer


The average American consumer is exposed to anywhere from 4k to 10k ads every day. That is an extremely high number and probably aids to the fact that many potential clients have become immune to the hard sell. They don’t like feeling pressured to make a purchase.

Providing value with your content should also entail educating your customer on why your product or service is necessary. Convenience, problem-solving, helping to take away stress – these types of things need to be the focus within your strategy. Create visual aids, checklists, or have a specific place to offer your customer to learn about your products and services.

An excellent example of customer education is Apple. Their stores allow customers to explore products, use them, ask questions and get assistance with anything they need. They don’t have to convince their clients to buy a device or switch items. Instead, they will demonstrate what their products can do and leave the customer to make their decision.

Instead of using the hard sell, create strategies that will make it convenient and help to educate your audience. The power of education in marketing will show your customer why your product or service is better than another similar product or service that is out there.




With all of how brands can communicate with their audience – videos, articles, podcasts – there are multiple ways to be engaging and add value. Personalizing your message helps you come across as more appealing.

Why is this? Because customers like to learn more about what they are buying and why they are buying it. When you provide them with a more “inside look” into yourself, they can put a face to the brand and feel more connected.

Establishing a bond with your clients is what creates a loyal, trusting customer. These days, the customer experience drives consumers, making interactions and feeling in a receptive and positive atmosphere. As a result, they are more likely to engage and participate in your calls to action.


Marketing Automation


One last way to help your marketing strategies is by investing in automation. When you add marketing automation, you can automate workflows and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Automation helps you identify, monitor, and track your customers’ habits. For example, if they are looking for a similar product or service that you offer, you can quickly discover what they are searching and looking at in the digital space. Do they read articles, look up reviews, links from other business websites, or social media?

Understanding where your prospects are searching can help you provide them and appeal directly to their decision-making process. Marketing automation can help boost those relationships and learn more about your audience.

The new year will bring fundamental changes in marketing. Consumers are more demanding and more reliant on technology in the digital age. Are your marketing strategies ready to cater to customer demands? Start looking at your workflows and roadmaps, experiment, monitor, and find out what works to attract and gain customer retention for the future of your business.


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