5 Sure Ways Transcription Helps You Reach Your Business Goals

May 29, 2021

Are you wondering what to do to reach your business goals?

Transcribing your audio-to-text is one of the best ways to engage with your audience better, give your content a wider reach and get the results you need to reach your sales goals.

This article will discuss the ways audio-to-text transcription can help your business.

Let’s get started.


Benefits of audio-to-text transcription for your business’s growth


Transcribing your audio-to-text brings immense benefits to your business. But how exactly? Find out below:


1.     It gives your content variety

Your audience wants variety, and audio-to-text transcription is a great way to switch things up.

While you may be providing your audience with top-notch valuable content, delivering your content, in the same way, can bore your audience and repel them from your brand.

But by creating valuable content in different ways, you can sustain your audience’s interest and keep them intrigued by your brand. The result of this?

You will always have an eager audience who will constantly want to hear from you.

Your audience will always be willing to learn more from you and be around to consume the next exciting content you provide.

While this means increased engagement and sustained audience, it also means your sales will increase because your audience will always be available to see the products, services, and promotional offers you make and can participate in them.

Your ability to vary your content as a business owner makes you optimize the several benefits of effective content marketing.

This means while you enjoy the engagement generated from your podcasts and voice recordings, your business also enjoys the engagement benefits garnered from text content from your blog posts, infographics, and many more.

Achieving content variety through audio-to-text transcription is how you harness the full benefits of content marketing to boost your business’s growth.


2.     Gain customer retention through customer satisfaction

Your audience wants to have options to choose from; they do not want a specific format and process to restrict them.

This is why you need to satisfy your audience by always giving them options to choose from.

When your audience can select their preferred mode of communication, it makes their experience on your platform more satisfying.

When they have an enjoyable experience on your platform, they become more motivated to visit your platform more and have repeated business transactions with you.

Through this, you increase your customer come-back rates and attract new customers to your business.


3.     Boost your brand’s visibility through improved SEO

Improving your SEO strategy is crucial to the growth of your online business. This is because SEO strategy drives more than 1000%+ more traffic than your social media platforms.

The search engine is your customer’s point of call to locate you and ask questions concerning your business. If you want to make your business easily accessible to your customers on Google, you must boost your SEO game, and audio-to-text transcription helps you achieve these in several ways.

While videos and audio content are considered more convenient, they are not as accessible as text on the web. Audio content may take time to download due to slow network and unresponsive web pages.

Since an average user’s attention span is low, your readers are less likely to consume your content due to slow downloads.

Many users just want to skim through content to find answers to the questions they are looking for. Unfortunately, audio content does not give them that opportunity. However, by transcribing your audio to text, it becomes easier for your audience to skim through your content to find what they are looking for; while they are on your page, they can get fascinated by other valuable content to consume.

This results in an increased time on your page, which boosts your SEO game and increases your search rankings.

Audio-to-text transcription also helps boost your business visibility by ranking your content online. While audio content such as podcasts and audio recording does little to increase your rankings on the web, transcribing your audio to text makes your content rank better because they contain the keywords your audience is searching for on the web.

This helps you generate massive results for your content marketing efforts, projects you as an authority in your industry, and ultimately boost your sales through increased brand awareness.


4.     Lets you repurpose your content

Repurposing your content is crucial to reach your business goals. This is because creating content is not enough; what’s more important is promoting the content you’ve created to reach as many eyeballs as possible.

Audio-to-text transcription lets you repurpose your content to target a new audience and target new communication platforms.

By transcribing your audio to text, you can convert your podcasts and audio records to email campaigns, blog posts, and social media posts.

While this helps you save time as a business owner, it also gives more life to your old content and places your content in the eyes of different people across different platforms.

This ensures your business isn’t confined to a platform or restricted to a specific audience type, thereby increasing your chances of gaining more customers and growing your business.


5.     Accommodate different audience interests and boost audience engagement

Your marketing strategy is only effective when you speak to your target audience in the language they understand.

A good audio-to-text transcription tool can help you transcribe your content to several languages to suit your ideal customers’ specific language.

By transcribing your audio to text in your audience’s specific language, your audience can connect better with your business, speeding up your sales conversions.


How audio-to-text transcription tools can aid your transcription process


To transcribe your audio-to-text efficiently and successfully, you need the help of an audio-to-text transcription tool to automate your transcription tasks. How does automating your transcription tasks help your business? Let’s discuss the five primary ways audio-to-text transcription tools can help:


Fast turn-arounds

Transcribing your audio to text manually will eat up most of your time.

Research says it takes 2.35 minutes to transcribe one minute of talking; now, imagine how much time it will take you to transcribe a podcast or other audio records of many hours.

Audio-to-text transcription tools help you avoid the time-consuming and rigorous process of transcribing your content, enabling you to save time and stress.

With an excellent audio-to-text transcription tool, you can transcribe your audio to text in minutes, which helps you deliver your content to your audience at the required time.


Guarantees  content accuracy

A good audio-to-text transcription tool helps you maintain professionalism through accurate content delivery.

While inaccurate and error-laden content might reduce your industry expertise and hamper your audience’s trust in your brand, accurate content helps you create a good impression in your audience’s perception.

Transcribing your audio-to-text with a good transcription tool also ensures you pass across the right message to your audience so you can achieve expected results with your content.


Cost effective

Using audio-to-text transcription tools will help you cut costs that you might have spent outsourcing manual transcription services.

You also get to save money on the extra cost that rectifying an error in a transcription process may require. It also helps increase your productivity, which helps you generate more revenue to enhance your business growth.


Best audio-to-text transcription tool for your business


To get the best outcome with your transcription process, you should use a reliable audio-to-text transcription tool like HappyScribe audio-to-text converter to transcribe your audio to text.

HappyScribe audio-to-text converter helps you transcribe your content in over 120 languages to meet your target audience’s various communication demands. It is easy to use and provides a quick turnaround for your audio-to-text transcription needs.

Other than providing a seamless and fast experience, HappyScribe audio-to-text converter guarantees optimum transcription accuracy that ensures your message is delivered in the most appropriate way possible.

Apart from being efficient and accurate, the HappyScribe audio-to-text converter comes with other functional features that help you get the best out of your transcription process.

With HappyScribe audio-to-text converter, you can create captions for your audio to help your audience better understand your message and boost your audience engagement rate.

What’s more?  HappyScribe audio-to-text converter creates subtitles for your videos which doesn’t only help to make your content more engaging and boosts your videos’ content searchability.

Creating subtitles for your videos makes it easier for your audience to locate your content on any platform they are on.

HappyScribe audio-to-text converter boosts your work collaborations with your staff and clients as it helps transcribe your business meetings and interviews efficiently.

You can also transcribe your audio content to Google Docs with HappyScribe for easy accessibility and reference purposes.



Audio-to-text transcription plays a significant role in the growth of your business by increasing your brand’s awareness, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and customer retention rate.

It is, however, crucial to use the right transcription tool to get the best results. This article expounds on the benefits of an audio-to-text converter for your business. It also provides one of the best tools you can use to begin the process.


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