6 Good Reasons That Will Compel You To Use Video For Your Marketing Strategy

February 23, 2021

For years people have speculated about the benefits of video content marketing. Is it worth spending so much money to create content? Are videos a good medium to showcase your product? The answer is yes, videos are a very versatile tool for digital marketing. They can be used to increase your brand’s reach or to build trust among your customers. If you’re looking to promote your business then video content must be a priority in your next marketing plan. You’ll be surprised to see the insights of your video content if you don’t already know its impacts. If you’re still not convinced by it, these 6 good reasons will compel you to use videos for your marketing strategy.

use video for marketing


1.   Great ROI

Creating video content straight from scratch might not be the easiest and the cheapest task. You might have to invest a little but they have a proven track record of a good return on investment. You’ll get back as much as you put in. If you want to showcase your products or create a digital business profile, professional-style videos work the best. But there’s no written rule that you can’t create great video content with your mobile phone. The quality of the video does not matter as much as the content of the video does. If the content is good, your content will reach the estimated level of audience engagement easily.


2.   Conversion & Sales

After analyzing the data from various business accounts on social media platforms, it can be observed that videos get more views and reach compared to static posts. Videos help bring brand awareness for a business faster than any other type of content. These types of videos lead the engaged audience to your page and also help build their trust in your products. Using video content as a tool to massively boost conversion and sales is a great marketing step. Trust us, videos can make you some serious money.


3.   Show Up on Google Search

Yes, it’s true. Since Google has acquired Youtube, its algorithm favors video content. If your website or the landing page has a video embedded in it, your page is more likely to show up on the top of the search engine results. Your website’s goals of search engine optimization can be greatly affected by the mere inclusion of a video relevant to your business. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Be on the top of Google results along with showcasing your product easily with the help of embedded videos.


4.   Appeal to Mobile Users

The number of people viewing videos has increased exponentially in the past few years. Youtube reports a 100% increase in viewers every year. The content creators from Viddly Downloader state that people can stream videos online, save videos to watch later, convert video files to audio formats, and even continue watching the videos on their phone right where they left off on their computers. The majority of consumers are mobile phone users. The combination of phones and videos is an unbreakable bond. They go hand in hand. The portability of phones along with the ease of accessing videos makes it really easy for users to interact with video content on the go. Shareable video content can be a great tool in tapping potential customers that use mobile phones to socialize!


5.   Build Trust

Trust is a prerequisite for sales and conversions. It is clear that a brand needs to connect with its customers in the best possible way to instill trust in them. It’s necessary for the consumers to feel invested in a brand to create long-term relationships. People are still skeptical of buying things on the internet. So having a known brand identity goes a long way in helping consumers believe in the brand. Video content is a great asset to foster trust between businesses and consumers.


use video for marketing


6.   Engagement & Marketing Tool

Most people don’t bother to read the detailed information about a product because certainly the pace of life nowadays has become too fast. Videos are easily consumable which makes them a good way for passing information and for teaching things. If you have a new product, use your content to demonstrate how your product works. Most people prefer watching how to use video before deciding to buy a product or an item online. For the purposes of engaging your audience and for marketing your product, video content is the best way to achieve your business goals.

The content that is perfectly packaged in a conventional video form can generate serious income, provide great ROI, increase sales and conversion rate, help with search engine optimization, build brand identity, establish trust in consumers, and be a great engagement and marketing asset.


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