Useful Tips for Buying Car Insurance

February 11, 2021

Owning a car is one of the great freedoms in your life as it allows you to go anywhere you like whenever you feel like it. You aren’t restricted to public transport, walking, or biking to get places. Your car represents a lot more than just freedom too as it can be an extension of your personality. Some like fast cars, others like dependable towing, but whatever it is you like about your car, you need to protect it.


buying car insurance


This is the primary purpose for having car insurance, and having car insurance is the law in most places. You can’t get on the road without having some guarantee of protection in case of an accident or liability, but you also need to know how to pick out good insurance. Here are some useful tips on buying car insurance coverage.


Get Quotes and Rate Checks

Shopping around is always a staple of finding good insurance. You wouldn’t buy the first pair of pants you picked out at the store without trying them on or seeing what else is out there, so why would you do it with something as important as insurance. Find reliable insurance companies, get a quote, and do rate checks to see how they stack up to make sure you’re picking the right coverage for your needs and budget.


Consider How Your Coverage Will Vary

There are plenty of factors that go into the insurance companies’ assessment of you as a driver and an insurable individual. Finding insurance for senior citizens is not the same as a teen driver, nor is it the same for a driver with a long history of accidents vs. a safe driver. Consider how your coverage can and will vary to find a coverage plan that makes sense and a company that may cater to your assessment.


Maintain Good Credit

Making good decisions with your credit is going to pay off for you in many aspects as an adult. Opening up a new bank account, getting loans or funding, finding a mortgage to buy a house, renting better apartments, and getting better insurance. You want to maintain good credit by paying off any debt and using your credit wisely. It’s a general piece of financial advice that will help you get preferred rates on your car insurance, and when coupled with a good driving history, you won’t be paying as much as the next person.


Pick an Insurance-Friendly Vehicle


buying car insurance


It’s hard to balance finding a car you love and one that is going to make the most prudent sense. You want to find fuel efficiency, but you also need storage space and optimal seating. You want luxury amenities and accessories, but on a budget. You can look up a list of most insurance friendly vehicles to find cars that are considered safer and less likely to be involved in accidents that can impact your coverage. You’d be surprised at the vehicles on those lists and where they land.


Review and Adjust Your Coverage As Variables Change

Your coverage is flexible, meaning if things change in your life, you can adjust your coverage as you see fit. That means if you start working from home or your mileage drops dramatically, you can change your insurance to reflect this. This helps because less time spent driving means fewer possible accidents, and less money spent on your premium or deductible. It may also mean there’s a new dependent, like a child, who is now a driver using your vehicle too. Consider what changes must be made and how those variables will impact your coverage.


Weigh Your Deductibles vs. Premium Costs

Your deductibles can impact the overall cost of your insurance, as you likely know, but it’s important to do a risk/reward analysis. The purpose is to consider if a higher deductible, which would mean paying more out of pocket, could actually be more beneficial to you. You would pay more out of pocket for an accident, but it might be that you’re a very safe driver or drive seldomly so you never put yourself in these situations. If this is the case, then you can see how the advantages outweigh the negatives, but it’s a case-by-case situation as not all drivers are the same.

Picking out car insurance can be just as daunting as picking out a car, but you need to be sure you’re getting the most out of your money. If you follow these useful tips, you’ll be sure to get the coverage you need.


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