How Can Video Brochures Compliment Your Digital Marketing Strategy

April 13, 2021

In this modern-day and age, you need to be able to adapt to fast-paced marketing trends if you want your business to thrive. This means that apart from traditional marketing methods, you should also take the time to explore other marketing strategies, particularly those that are digitally designed such as video brochures, to pique the interest of your target market. This article lists down the ways how video brochures can complement your overall digital marketing strategy.

video brochures


Storytelling Capability

Video brochures can complement your digital marketing strategy through their storytelling capability. The digital enthusiasts behind Vpak suggest that you leverage this powerful feature of video brochures to pique the interest of your target market. After all, storytelling has already become a key when it comes to content marketing. The reason behind this is that people’s brains are designed to recognize patterns of information present in videos, associating them with a certain meaning. This then becomes personal to the person who sees it or experiences it.

Video brochures are also considered to be a unique and innovative way of communicating with your consumers. They tend to grab the attention of your target audience because of a video screen that is integrated directly into a print brochure or other digital marketing piece. In a gist, video brochures bring static prints to life.

If sharing a longer and more compelling story on a brand, then one might opt for a full-length explainer video. There are many explainer video companies that can help propel a business to help share the right message to their audience.

Sharing Effect

A video brochure is an ideal communications tool, particularly in teaching a comprehensive topic. For instance, the embedded video can be used to communicate detailed information such as the introduction of pharmaceutical products or showcasing real estate projects. Apart from being informative, video brochures also have a wow factor that makes audiences want to share them with their network. In this way, your target market is the ones promoting your brand and building your business. After all, this manner of product or service promotion is recognized as the most valuable way to market your brand since word of mouth garners the trust of most users.


High Impact Direct Mail Campaign

If you are implementing an email marketing campaign, then the use of video brochures will ensure that your mails will get noticed rather than being left in the pile. Apart from the emotional effect that direct mail brings, a video brochure will enhance this further with a lasting mental impression that will make your message easy to recall later on. It will also make the recipient of your email feel more valued, which in turn will help you create a more authentic relationship with your target audience. The great thing about video brochures is that your content can be delivered to a targeted mailing list or distributed in person by your sales representatives which makes them perfect not only in support of your digital marketing efforts but in your traditional marketing campaign as well.

video brochures

Video brochures can perfectly compliment your digital marketing strategy because of their storytelling capability making it inevitable for your target market to share your videos with their network. You can even add music visualization to your video to present fun and unique graphics for your audience.

If you are also into email marketing, video brochures also have a high impact effect. For these reasons, you need to think about how to incorporate video brochures in your digital marketing campaigns.



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