Smart Ways You Can Use A Virtual Number To Market A Business

March 24, 2021

Are You Ready To Help Your Business Reach Its Full Potential?

In a world where almost everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of online marketing, finding ways to make your business stand out can be difficult. However, the roll-out of Virtual Numbers is changing the game?

What if you were able to communicate with your customers no matter their location easily and efficiently. While, yes there is the technology of email, sending a text message to someone’s phone is much more effective – especially in the 21st century.

So what exactly are virtual numbers?

virtual number


What are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are essentially telephone lines that can be rented by businesses or other organizations to reach their prospective clients. Businesses will be able to rent a mobile line to send out information or notifications to their customers from anywhere in the world. So how would a business go about renting a virtual number?

Have you and your colleagues ever wondered how to get a toll-free number for your business? The easiest way is to go through a third party company where you’ll be able to choose a toll-free number. You would then add the devices you want the number one and fill out forms that ask for your business’s information. That way they’ll be able to set up the line perfectly.

Now, let’s take a look at how these virtual numbers for business can assist a company and their marketing strategy.


Target Demographic

Using a virtual number will be able to provide you with customer information you would have otherwise not had action to. This marketing technique allows you to create a very specific and detailed target demographic. You’ll be able to find information on where your customers are located, their age, gender, and even how well they interact with your efforts.

This will help your company focus its energy on key areas that the analytics are showing advancement in.

Not to mention this updated target demographic can be implemented outside of this marketing technique and used when it comes to content curated for social media and other platforms.

These numbers also allow your business to step out of the confines of its general location and reach people across the seas.

virtual number


Compare Campaigns

The best part about using a virtual number as a marketing technique might be just how much information can come from it. We touched on the target demographic but this number will also be able to tell you how well your campaigns are performing.

You’ll be able to tell how many people are interacting with your number, what time of day is best to reach your customers, and how long people are engaged with your campaign.

You’re also able to have as many numbers as campaigns meaning you’ll receive specific information for each. That means you’ll be able to closely compare how each campaign is faring out to create the ultimate campaign for your demographic.


Build Your Brand Image

Everything that has your business name attached to it is part of your brand image – including this virtual number. When you’re able to assure your customers that you’ll be of service to them no matter the time or location – you start to build a professional relationship with a basis of trust. Therefore, labeling your business overall one that is professionals and trustworthy even outside of its virtual hotline.

These lines make a huge difference when it comes to improving customer service and support – areas where your competition is often lacking. This is your way to stand out from other companies that are not utilizing the same techniques.



Lastly, this technique may be the most efficient yet results-driven approach to marketing. This assures that you will not have to take any financial risks like you would if you had visited a marketing agency and purchased a bulk plan – a plan that isn’t even guaranteed results. That also makes it a perfect advantage for start-ups who aren’t able to put in the same amount of money as a long-standing company.

This also minimizes your need for expanding physically to other destinations. Instead, your office can remain remote with the same customer care as being in person. If you’ve been looking for a way to take your business’ marketing tactics to the next level a virtual number can be it.

However, remember to always research the companies available in your area for the best price and service. You don’t want to compromise the function of your business because of the service provided by a third party.


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