Top 5 Business VPN Features to Look For in 2022

November 2, 2022


VPNs have evolved over the years and have improved their efficiency in providing security on the internet. They also allow users from anywhere on the planet to use streaming sites and help to improve data collection and network penetration — ensuring you have a secure internet connection.

Many business owners understand how critical network security is to their daily operations. Employees transfer sensitive data with their clients and companies through cloud-based services, and these data must be in the right hands when moving over the network.

Most VPN users use the shared IP VPN, which is unstable and can be assigned to hundreds of users. In addition, it is dynamic, and you are allocated a new IP address every time you reconnect online. However, this is different from using a dedicated IP address.

What is a dedicated IP address? Dedicated IP addresses are IP addresses assigned to a specific user. When you receive the IP, it doesn’t change regardless of the number of times you reconnect to the network. Dedicated IPs are highly beneficial for several reasons, including providing a good level of anonymity online, as it isn’t the same as your actual IP address. In addition, since you’ll be using the same IP for your online transactions and activities, many organizations and customers can trust you to engage in business with you.

VPNs have been beneficial, but only some VPNs are good fits for your business. So, how do you ensure that you are choosing a possible VPN service for your business? — look at the features they offer!

Knowing that you are spending money on the right things your business needs to function efficiently is essential. While it is crucial to have a business VPN in 2022, how do you decide which VPN is the best fit for your business?


Check Out These Top 5 Business VPN Features to Consider In 2022

In your VPN search, you must identify a provider that will offer you key features that will benefit your business and help you create a highly secure environment for your organization.

1. Security

Security is one of the top reasons VPN users consider it. A business VPN must-have top-level security features. It must have a no-logs policy to ensure VPN privacy and other security features. In addition, your provider should require two-factor authentication on user accounts to avoid breach situations when an employee device is stolen or somehow gets to the wrong hand.

Also, check the kill switch feature, which is relatively used with personal and business VPNs. The kill switch feature allows a user to cut off internet traffic automatically whenever there is a disconnection with the VPN server. In essence, your internet connection will rather be disconnected instead of your data being vulnerable to theft. Also, having no kill switch means your activity will be exposed on the internet until the VPN gains an internet connection or you resolve the security issue.


2. Logging

Does the VPN service store your logging details? It is essential to know because VPNs are specifically designed to prevent third-party tracking of your information. So, suppose the VPN service keeps your data and loggings in its database. In that case, it is not helpful to your online activity because this information may still find its way to third parties, such as government tracking, depending on where your provider is headquartered.

However, if no logs are stored, there will be nothing for the VPN providers to share. Some VPNs store details about your online activity, including the data you share and your internet traffic. Some others store only data about your connection, disconnection, and information that may still be useful to trackers. Hence, check that the service providers have a reliable no-logging policy. This way, you can ensure that your data is secure. Also, check if the provider has been through an independent security audit and opt for the paid option instead of the free service.


3. Topnotch Customer Support

Customer support is one highly essential aspect of a reliable VPN service provider. Having a helpful and responsive support system can go a long way to determining your overall user experience. Imagine having a problem with a paid service and needing agent support to resolve it for several hours.

Even small periods of server downtime can have a profound effect on your business. So, check for the one with 24/7 support, preferably provided via live chat or phone calls.


4. Server Coverage


You should also prioritize server coverage when looking for business VPN features in 2022. A VPN with a wide range of server locations is essential, especially distributed in specific countries. However, you may be exempt if you only plan to use a single dedicated server for remote access.

Generally, you’ll enjoy improved usage performance if you connect to a server that is physically close to your location. With that in mind, there may be less relevant than raw speed, especially when you have a team focused on a single area. You should not significantly affect your connection if you use a reliable VPN service, but notify your provider of any outages or slowdowns while using it.


5. Central Management

A vital feature of an enterprise VPN in 2022 is an intuitive central management interface. This is especially necessary if you are managing a large team. You’ll have access to different configurations through the control panel and be able to control permissions at the individual level and delete or add new user accounts.


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