Want to Create Your Webinar? Here’s How

March 4, 2021

A webinar is a great technological tool used for delivering quality marketing experiences, it’s also a tool used for communicating with your current and potential customers, employees, and partners.

create your own webinar


With webinars, you can deliver engaging and quality presentations, demonstrate products, deliver messages, and discuss with a vast number of people. A well-delivered webinar will yield favorable results in your business.


Why Is A Webinar Even Important?

In all honesty, a webinar can determine the success of a business. Using the right webinar tools can help immensely in marketing your product and services effectively to a substantial array of people. It is easy to use and accessible to everyone. Here are some of the advantages of using webinars:


You Can Reach A Wide Audience

When you host a webinar, it’s easy for people from different parts of the world to attend as long as they have a smart device and access to the Internet, thus making it possible for you to reach a wide audience.

In previous times, before the use of webinars by businesses as a tool for marketing, businesses needed representatives to meet customers physically for business meetings or to close deals, and this was quite costly. But with the popularity of webinars, businesses didn’t need to conduct these meetings or deals physically anymore.


You Can Easily Generate New Leads

The majority of businesses today need new leads, and a webinar can be used in generating leads and potential customers. These leads can sign up and attend your webinar where you showcase products and services. This process can easily tell you if they are interested in what you offer. This is also the first step to building a relationship with your customers.


Effective Engagement With Your Audience

When hosting a webinar, you can easily engage with your audiences effectively, and this is possible because your audiences can chat, ask questions, answer polls and share their opinions; when people in your audiences do those; it shows they are engaged well enough.


How Do I Create A Webinar?

Following these tips step by step will guide you on how to create a successful webinar;


Pick A Good Team

When hosting a webinar, three people can determine its success, the organizer, the presenter, and the assistants, and each of these people has their roles.

  • The organizer’s role involves developing content for the webinar, finding a suitable speaker, handling registrations, and communicating with the attendees at the beginning and end of the webinar.
  • The presenter of the webinar is responsible for delivering the webinar presentation. They also handle event registration.
  • The assistant majorly answers questions the attendees ask, more so, they respond to technical queries – let’s say the attendees are complaining that the audio or video quality is bad, it’s up to the assistant to fix issues like that.

In all, it’s good you select the right and perfect team when hosting a webinar as this is very important when you plan on creating or hosting a webinar.


Choose A Webinar Format

When you plan on setting up a webinar, you should select a format that conveys the message you want to pass on effectively; you should consider the following formats when you plan on hosting a webinar;

  • The first format is a single speaker format, this format is usually used when you have a small audience; the speaker delivers the contents of the webinar and also answers queries put forward by the attendees.
  • The second format is the interview format and this involves the speaker interviewing the subject-matter expert, the interviewer asks a series of questions during the webinar, more so, the attendees can also ask the expert some questions.
  • The third format is a moderated panel discussion, and this typically involves different speakers talking about a specific topic, as the webinar is monitored by a moderator.
  • Q&A webinar is similar to an interview format. The attendees will ask a series of questions for the host or the guest to answer. Although Q&A sessions are usually conducted at the end of a webinar.


Plan The Visuals Of Your Webinar

Webinars always have visual and audio contents, so it’s important you create a slide with texts, and speakers should keep their webcam on, so the audience can see them well enough and to make the whole experience real. Also, you should build your webinar content around your brand.


Select A Webinar Platform

Some of the best webinar platforms include Zoom, BigMarker, Adobe Connect, WebEx, ClickMeeting, etc. All of these webinar platforms have their pros and cons, so it’s good to use the one that suits your business needs. One thing you should consider when choosing a webinar platform is pricing.


Use A Conducive And Quiet Environment

When you’re hosting a webinar, it is best to host it in a place that’s conducive and quiet enough to avoid any form of background noises or distractions during the webinar, also you should have your equipment in the proper place like microphones and lighting. For this, consider using special tools for background noise cancelation and removal to bring a great webinar experience for your audience.


Choose A Webinar Topic, Time, And Date

Make sure you select a topic that’ll make the attendees interested, it should also be an informative topic. Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing a topic is that it should be entertaining and can make the audience engaged.

More so, you should host your webinar on a date that’s suitable for your attendees. Host it at a time that all of your audience can attend, irrespective of their time zone. You can send a survey to potential attendees asking them which time and date is suitable for them to attend your webinar.


Customize Your Branding For Your Webinar And Promote It

Use your business logo, theme, colors, and images, when preparing to host your webinar to promote your brand effectively. More so, you should promote your webinar before the host date, and you can do this through email marketing or social media that links to a landing page where users can visit and sign up for your webinar.

create your own webinar


Conclusively, you should practice your presentation before you host your webinar, all the speakers intending to speak at the webinar should be ready and familiar with the overall webinar, make sure the software is ready for use by testing it.

Finally, when you host your webinar, be sure to record it so the people who cannot attend can watch it. And don’t forget to follow up with your attendees after the webinar, you can send an email asking them how their experience was, and most importantly, asking them to attend your future webinars.


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