What is the Marketing Strategy for Selling Toys?

May 18, 2023

Promoting and selling toys in today’s saturated market requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Given the plethora of toys on the market today, it’s important to have a solid marketing strategy that will help you differentiate your products from the competition, reach your ideal customers, and get the word out about what makes your toys special.


From stuffed toys, collectibles, and educational toys in your toy product catalog, having a well-thought-out marketing strategy plays a critical role in a successful toy business. Effective toy marketing strategies can range from traditional advertising campaigns to modern digital marketing techniques, such as social media advertising, influencer marketing, and more.

Here are some general approaches that can effectively promote and sell toys to consumers.


Understand Your Target Audience

Identifying your ideal customer is the first step in crafting a successful marketing plan for selling toys. Even though children are the target audience for many toy ads, the children’s parents or other caretakers ultimately end up buying the toys. Think about the  kids’ ages and hobbies, and parents’ worries and preferences. By offering more options, toy companies can cater to the parents to help them make informed decisions about their child’s playtime.


Develop a Unique Brand

Create a distinctive brand for your toys to differentiate them from competing goods on the market. Packaging, advertisements, and other promotional items are all effective tools for this purpose and maintaining consistency in your branding efforts across all platforms.

Here are some tips for developing a unique brand for your toys:

  • Develop a Distinctive Selling Point

The unique selling points of your toys are summarized in a value proposition. Figure out what sets your toys apart and make that point known. Your marketing assets, including your website, social media pages, and more, should all feature your value proposition clearly.

  • Develop a Distinctive Brand Identity

Your brand identity includes your logo, color scheme, typography, and other visual elements. It should be distinctive and memorable, reflecting your brand’s values and unique selling points. If you want your toy business to stand out in a crowded market, it’s a good idea to hire a brand specialist to help you.

  • Focus on Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are essential in the toy industry. Make sure your toys meet all safety standards and are made from high-quality materials. Communicate your commitment to quality and safety in your branding and marketing materials.

  • Highlight Features and Benefits

Advertise your toys by emphasizing their special qualities. For instance, if your toys are educational, underline how they can aid kids in learning and growing up with the necessary abilities. Highlight their longevity and toughness if they can take it.

  • Tell Your Brand Story

A brand’s “story” is the narrative that describes the company’s origins, goals, and core principles. Introduce your company’s backstory on the web and in promotional materials. Your clients may become more dependable and devoted as a result.

  • Engage with Your Customers

Communicate with your customers through various mediums, such as social media and email newsletters. Get consumer input on your toys and logo design to make better products and advertising decisions.


Use Social Media

Market your toys and reach new customers by posting on social media. Generate photographs, videos, and blog entries highlighting your products and their uses and attracting customers’ attention.

Showing your products in action and discussing their features and benefits in a video is a great marketing strategy. Visualize your products with fun videos that show kids having a good time with your toys and how they work. Share them on your website, social media, and anywhere else people can find them online.

Organizing giveaways and contests is another thing you can do with social media. These gatherings can generate interest in your items and get people talking about your company. For instance, you may hold a social media competition where participants post images or videos of their kids playing with your toys. Offer a prize, such as a gift card or a free toy, for the best entry.


Offer Promotions and Discounts

Encourage shoppers to buy your toys by offering specials and discounts. You can incentivize repeat business by offering deals on additional items purchased by full-paying consumers. Because of this, customers may buy more than one of your products.

One option is to set up a loyalty program. Customers can be retained for longer and encouraged to make repeat purchases of your brand of toys through a loyalty program. Offer rewards for recurring purchases or referrals, such as discounts or freebies.

Also, throw in free shipping. Free delivery can be a powerful motivator for customers to make a purchase. You could offer free shipping on all orders or orders over a set benchmark during events or holidays.


Establish Partnerships

The first step in forming partnerships is to locate charities and influencers whose missions and demographics are compatible with your business’s. Look for influencers that have a following among parents and children and charities that work with children or families. You may also market your products by partnering with influential people in the parenting and toy industries.

Once you’ve connected with charities and influencers, you can begin negotiating partnership arrangements. This should contain information about the partnership’s parameters, the parties’ objectives and aims, as well as any monetary benefits or other incentives for each party.


Partner with Influencers

Partner with social media influencers with a large following among parents and children. These influencers can share sponsored posts or videos featuring your toys, increasing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Collaborate with them to create engaging content that showcases your toys and how they benefit children. This includes social media posts, blog articles, or videos. Ensure the content is authentic and reflects the values of your brand and your partners.


Partner with Charities

Increasing your brand’s awareness and demonstrating that you care about things more than just money can be accomplished by collaborating with a charity that shares your company’s beliefs.

Reach out to the organizations you’ve chosen and describe how your brand’s mission fits with their cause. Offer to donate a portion of your earnings or to support an event or toy drive. Be specific about your contributions and the goals you have for the partnership.


Attend Toy Fairs, Trade Shows, and Conventions

Showcase your products at trade shows and conventions and network with prospective buyers and suppliers. This might help you connect with like-minded professionals and expose you to the newest developments in your field.

Trade shows are great venues to connect with retailers and distributors who can help you reach a wider audience. Attend trade shows in your industry to showcase your toys and network with other businesses.



A successful toy marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your target audience and a distinctive selling point that sets your brand apart from the competition. In this digital age, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial to create a comprehensive and effective toy marketing plan.


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