What You Need to Start Your Very Own Online Course

December 27, 2020

When a society adapts to changes, all aspects are affected – food, language, values, education, and all other elements of culture. Technology has also influenced our culture. One concrete example is its influence on education. The conventional face-to-face, classroom-based education is not the only effective type of learning. For the past decades, online learning has been applied by a few institutions. It was first introduced and adopted by the University of Phoenix in 1989.

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Gradually, it became a trend as it has been utilized by schools and universities across the globe. In fact, from 2013 onwards, online education has become mainstream. The pedagogy evolves because the technology continues to change.


What Exactly is Online Education?

It is a type of distance learning where the teacher and student are physically separated. This type of education is done on the internet. It is also called web-based learning, computer-based education, electronic learning (e-learning). Names and styles may vary, but the principle is just the same. Similarly, an online course is a method of learning new knowledge and acquiring new skills at the comfort of your home. The courses provide a series of lessons that can be accessed conveniently using a computer or mobile device. This directed learning process is composed of material resources such as videos, images, weblinks, and communication like discussion forums and messaging. The convenience it offers encourages more people to take online courses. Consequently, some companies and individuals see an opportunity in this trend.

Let’s learn the basic and essential guidelines for creating an online course.


Choose an Interesting Course Topic

There are a bunch of ideas and topics that you can share. However, choose a course topic that will highlight your competence and interests. If you are a health buff, then you can share your ideas on fitness and proper diet. If you think you are an expert in forex trading, this is the best way to share your knowledge and strategies in handling finances. Think of a subject matter that you enjoy and are confident about. This will boost your credibility.


Check the Market Demand to Validate the Topic

The course idea may be good but the market demand may not be that strong. The idea should sell and translate into a great product. Conducting market research like an online survey will help you validate if the topic has high market demand or not. Some course creators are sometimes discouraged if the idea is highly competitive as it might not attract students. This is an indication that the area may have strong market demand. The challenge is to make you think outside the box. Before selling the course, you can do email advertising or take advantage of the social media platform and see if you get positive responses.


Make Meaningful Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are statements of what the students are expected to know and understand at the end of the course. These statements give a clear idea of what the students can learn and achieve from the program, including the skills that they should demonstrate. Stating the learning outcomes reduces stress on the students and avoids the risk of wasting time. Besides, you want to build a good reputation, so make sure you include this in your course design. Learning outcomes guarantees that you have the right students joining the course and will lead to fewer refund requests and higher satisfaction and completion rates.


Build Your Audience

Once you have set your market, the next step is building your audience. Simply put, your audience refers to the specific population or number of people that you want to communicate with through different channels. Your audience is essentially relevant because you want to know who is interested and to join your online course.

Although the quantity of the audience is important, it is not as important as building a relationship with people whom you think will trust you. This is why social media is interesting and very useful. Take advantage of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. Connect to as many people as you can, join groups, and engage in discussions. According to the team at systeme.io, utilizing social networks is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience. Content Marketing is also another way of increasing traffic to your website. This has been proven effective in influencing the perceptions of consumers to products and brands. You can publish free content about your course more often on your website, and other platforms as this will more likely reach your target audience once they start searching for information about your course. Free content helps you build confidence and control in your industry. YouTube, podcasts, articles, infographics, images, and videos are the common forms of content you can create.

Email marketing and paid advertising can also augment other strategies. If you have an email list, start reaching out to your subscribers by sending them helpful emails and useful links regularly. This is a smart way to earn their trust. Likewise, utilizing famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Google, and YouTube is a great way to expand your audience. Most stories of success were able to grow their audience and generate significant leads and sales through social media ads.


Create a System for Your Online Course

Once everything has been positioned, the final step is to scale your online course business. It’s time to hire people to ensure your business’s growth. You have to create a strong system and hire the right people to handle the repetitive daily tasks that your business requires. You can start by hiring a personal assistant or virtual assistant. Finally, use your business as a tool to create a positive impact on humanity through education. Tie your online course and partner with other organizations to build a greater purpose.

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It is not surprising that online education has captivated the interests of people from different races and all walks of life. This is probably the most convenient way to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Online courses, on the other hand, have been socially relevant because of the convenience they provide to the students. The surge in online courses motivated most entrepreneurs to incorporate the idea into their businesses. However, to be successful in this area, there are certain guidelines to consider and processes to go through. Regardless of the course topic, don’t ponder the profit ahead, instead, reflect on how the students benefit from your online course!

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