What You Should Know About Email Tracking

January 14, 2021

Have you ever sent an email to someone, only to realize that days or weeks have without a reply? Well, sometimes it can be annoying, disappointing, or even discouraging. It can be frustrating because you don’t know if the recipient actually received, opened, or read the email. If you send many business emails, and this becomes commonplace, you could easily lose motivation as an entrepreneur or marketer. However, there is a solution to it, and this is where email tracking comes in. Starting with its definition and how it works, this piece will take us through what you should know about email tracking.

email tracking


Email Tracking and How It Works

As you can tell from the phrase, it simply means tracking the emails you send out. Whether you are applying for a job or seeking business leads, or engaging a potential partner, email tracking comes in handy. As the guys from CirrusInsight.com put it, it allows entrepreneurs and marketers to follow up with their customers and leads just at the right time. It does so by notifying you when your emails are delivered and opened; and when any link within the email is clicked.


How to Track Meaningful Data

If you are in business, you probably would want to know if your efforts are bearing fruits. You will also need to know if what you get from your research is what’s happening on the ground. On a similar note, you need some components to help you get a predictable model. They include:

  • Engagement – which method are you going to use to sell the prospects better?
  • Lead Generation – How are you going to reach your audience?
  • Customer profile – How do your target audience behave?

As you push to observe the above, you should also consider the number of emails you are sending out in a day, so you can know the number of people you have reached out to. Email tracking also helps you know how many of the prospects you reached out to, made the next step into the sales cycle. With this having been mentioned, let’s now look at some compelling reasons to invest in email tracking:


Benefits of Email Tracking

Email tracking comes with a wide range of merits. Some common benefits you can acquire from email tracking include the following:


1. Identifying and Understanding Prospects in the Sales Cycle

Email tracking is a tool that works in the background without interruption. As noted above, it notifies the sender when a sent email is being opened and links being clicked. With this, you can know your audience better. Knowing your audience helps you to create personalized emails based on the intended recipient’s taste and preferences. The good thing about email tracking, you no longer have to make shady interactions by asking, “Did you get my email?”


2. Providing Context

If your notifications show that someone has opened your email severally and perhaps clicked on your link a few more times, one thing is for sure. Chances are that they are interested in whatever you are offering. Take advantage of that and make a follow-up with prospects and existing clients. Make a call or drop an email to determine what they are planning concerning what you sent them.


3. Provides Data

As mentioned earlier, you need a predictable model for your business. You could use data from email tracking to obtain crucial statistical information about your business. With this, you can gauge progress and know your strengths and weaknesses better. It becomes easy to identify areas that need some tweaking to improve sales and results.


4. Builds Relationship

Regular communication via email cements a relationship. It will be your duty to make sure that you do not lose that client in whatever context. While you can use whatever is happening in your email to gain insight, you can also use the info to cultivate an ongoing business relationship.

email tracking


5. Saves Time

Email tracking is a game-changer, and it enables you to see what is happening on the other end of the recipient. For instance, if you sent the first email and got no response, it is probably a sign that they are not interested in your offer. Why should you keep on sending more? Similarly, if your contact is revisiting the link, you gotta catch that one before it falls. Maybe they are thinking of how to get back to you. Make that follow up and create a relationship.

Email marketing is, by far, one of the most effective ways to reach clients, pursue prospects, get leads, and enrich the sales funnel. Your efforts in it can perform even better if you embrace and understand email tracking. The above pointers will hopefully shed some light and add value to your business.


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