What You Should Know About Shopify Plus

April 8, 2021

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted, cloud-based e-commerce platform that can accommodate up to 3 million visitors per second and about 10,978 orders per minute, with a 99.99 percent uptime, allowing merchants to concentrate on business expansion. It’s perfect for retailers that sell directly to consumers, with goods delivered or picked up in-store, as well as wholesalers.


shopify plus


What Are The Great Features Found In Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus has a range of unique features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s take a look at what they’re all about:

  • Shopify organization admin: When you sign up for a Shopify Plus store, you are automatically given a username and password. This helps you to complete simple admin tasks.
  • Advanced Shopify apps: prepare you for seamless native social sales on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Kik.
  • Customizable checkout: through editable CSS files and scripts, the development team has total control over the site.
  • Launch engineer: it guides you through the process of migrating the store or setting up the platform for a successful launch.
  • Unlimited staff accounts: Corporate customers can add as many staff accounts as they want.
  • Additional stores: You can run up to 11 separate storefronts from your ten expansion stores.
  • Wholesale channel: This is a game-changer because it allows you to combine B2B and B2C operations.
  • Shopify POS Pro: lets you sell in a physical store or at a pop-up event. With a point-of-sale system, you can process orders and accept payments in person.
  • Additional settings: enables Shopify Plus stores to be combined with leading marketing tools and logistics to meet the complexity of a larger business model.


How Does Shopify Plus Work?

But now you know what Shopify Plus is and what its features are. But how does it function? You may have unknowingly used the Shopify platform as a client. However, if you have an e-commerce store, now is the time to learn from Shopify experts how Shopify operates and gets on board.


shopify plus


The Shopify platform provides a complete solution for creating an online store. If you have items to sell and make available to your customers, you can easily do so with Shopify. Even newbies can easily build a store because it is fairly easy.

You may not have the goods in some situations. There’s no need to worry; Shopify integrates with dropshipping apps as well, allowing your customers to place orders through you while the wholesaler or producer completes the order on their end. The vast majority of Shopify stores offer physical goods and services, and Shopify is ideal for this.

Shopify Plus has many different plans, each of which unlocks different functionality inside the app. Each strategy is created specifically for the type of merchant you are. Certain plans are best suited to entrepreneurs, while others are better suited to existing or high-volume merchants.

Finally, Shopify Plus’s functionality depends on the plan you choose and the level of customization a Shopify developer performs on your store. However, once you’ve selected a Shopify package, you’ll have access to over 100 ready-to-use templates and themes for your storefront. There are also hundreds of applications available that add to the core features.


The Benefits Of Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus enables a business to be more adaptable, cost-effective, and dependable. Via limitless bandwidth, efficient servers, and full payment enforcement give brands to control and independence. The differences may not seem huge when comparing Shopify vs Shopify Plus, but every bit helps when it comes to growing your online business. As a result, you will spend less time thinking about IT and more time doing what you do best as a retailer. Which involves making fantastic products and providing outstanding customer service other advantages of Shopify Plus include:

  • Simple access to sensitive information: enables the administrator to quickly access customer records, files, and orders with a few mouse clicks.
  • Customized feature: allows you to customize your site from any point, from the themes to the checkout process.
  • Customized sales and discounts: Consumers may configure their sales and discounts using the platform.
  • Workflow automation: Users can build and manage their automated workflows with Shopify Flow, an automation tool. Getting all of the small tasks completed without having to employ a developer.
  • Effective and reliable: Shopify takes care of all server maintenance and updates, ensuring that your store and shopping cart are still available and that pages load quickly.

Shopify Plus is quick, scalable, and comes at a price that may be out of reach for many smaller e-Commerce businesses. The expense of Shopify Plus could be well worth it for businesses that need its services. If you aren’t quite there yet, learning how Shopify Plus can help you boost your sales and business practices may be enough to spur you on to the next level. Shopify Plus Agencies are also available to help merchants scale their stores if needed.


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