Why is Your Company Degrading and How Soon it will Fall Apart: A Disaster in Business Processes?

June 24, 2021

No business owner wants to think that their business will fall apart, yet it’s a possibility that can happen to anyone. Ignoring the risks as an entrepreneur only makes your business more vulnerable to failure because you won’t be looking for solutions to salvage the situation.

Even if the prospect of things going bad is a scary thought, you have to entertain it if you’re going to build a future proof business. Understanding what might go wrong in your business early allows you to develop a contingency plan in advance if things go south.

In essence, having a disaster management plan as a business is the key to keeping your business afloat amid rough tides that might come your way. If you’re starting your business as a college student, make sure you leverage the resources available to you to learn as much as you can how disasters affect business processes. The internet also gives you access to AssignmentGeek.com and other online academic services that help you complete academic projects and assignments.

Every business, at one point or another, will have to deal with unforeseen difficulties and challenges. What matters during these times is your contingency and how you approach the situation. How exactly do you prepare for disaster? While it’s impossible to think of and solve every potential threat your business might face, there are steps you can take to protect the business from these risks. Continue reading to find out which ones they are.


Have Disaster Recovery Plans

Since man-made and natural disasters do not choose which businesses they strike, you can be a victim of either regardless of how solid your business model is. That is why having disaster recovery plans is a must-have for your business. You can hire a business disaster management professional to write a comprehensive disaster recovery plan suited for your business.

Disaster management plans are important because you need a plan to help you get out of the thick of it fast when disaster strikes. You cannot afford to take chances because making random business decisions hoping that they will help you recover what you’ve lost may lead to more loss.

When you understand that disaster can’t always be avoided, even when you’re cautious, you learn to prepare for them beforehand. Comprehensive disaster recovery plans suited for your business give you the hope of business continuity even amid tough financial times.


Understand the Difference Between a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan

You’ve likely heard people in the business world use business continuity plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plan (DRP) interchangeably. So, do these phrases mean the same thing or something is getting lost in translation?

A business continuity plan is a documentation strategy that you design to help you prepare for unforeseen events that might disrupt business operations. This plan ensures that your employees know what to do when the unexpected changes how they conventionally operate. These events can include fire, floods, supply outages, or even a robbery.

On the other hand, a disaster recovery plan, also known as a disaster recovery policy, is a plan to help a business resume operation quickly after experiencing significant disruption. A disaster recovery plan should have detail-level planning that describes exactly what your personnel should do as the business recovers from a disaster. A disaster recovery plan is typically instructions on recovering enough data to sustain system functionality through the business’s IT infrastructure and applications.

While there is a difference between these two plans, many businesses merge them into one plan since they go hand in hand. Both of them ensure your business can operate after a disaster. The proper documentation and execution of both plans ensure that the loss your business suffers is a bit less devastating. In some cases, you can actually prevent certain damaging situations from transpiring.


Find Out What to Include in a Company Disaster Recovery Plan

To write effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans, you have to include all the important elements that make them suitable for your business. Let’s discuss what a typical disaster recovery plan should have:

  • A planning team:

As a business, you should establish a planning team that can include employees who have disaster recovery training. You can also have professional volunteers on board. The planning team will be responsible for your business’s emergency maintenance plan.

  • A leadership execution team

Throughout the business recovery plan, there should be specifications on who is responsible for executing what. Assigning roles allows your personnel to move fast when disaster strikes. Assign a leader who will coordinate execution to ensure it’s successful in salvaging your business from further loss. You can choose to have the entire company responsible for execution as teamwork guarantees success.

  • Goals and objectives

While it’s clear that a disaster recovery plan should help your business get back on its feet, you need to specify your goals and objectives for better execution. Answers to questions like “where do I relocate?” and “whom can I partner with?” help you decide on the next steps.

  • Capabilities and hazards

Your disaster recovery plan should have information about current possible hazards and emergencies, and what the business can overcome. Consider worst-case scenarios and devise suitable solutions for each one.

  • Action plans

Every type of disaster your business can possibly experience needs a dedicated action plan to help the business recover. Each action plan should include comprehensive procedures to be followed if the specified disaster transpires. In addition to these individual action plans, you should also have a long-term recovery plan in place.

  • Written documentation

Lastly, you should have written documentation of all these recovery plans and back them up to ensure your employees can access them when the need arises.



A business owner who thinks about what could go wrong is better prepared for unforeseen eventualities than another who barriers their head in the sand and hopes that things will work out. Putting disaster recovery plans in place ensures you have comprehensive guidelines to walk you through getting the business back on track when disaster strikes.


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