Why You Need to Use Google Marketing Services

January 1, 2021

The Google footprint in the online world is massive. Because of this, advertising and marketing with google services should be something every business considers. You have a lot of flexibility and can still maintain a substantial amount of control in how you go about your marketing campaigns. Here are just a few of the benefits that can be seen when using Google marketing services.

google marketing services

Working Around the Clock

One great aspect of marketing with Google is that they are the employee that works around the clock to advertise for you. You do not have to limit your advertising to certain times of the day, but can have them run all day. This is perfect for international companies with global audiences in mind. For smaller businesses, this means that you don’t have to worry about advertising yourself and can focus your efforts on more technical issues.


Priority on Search Engine Results Page

When you market with Google’s advertising services, the biggest benefit is being at the top of results pages on Google’s searches. It is no secret that Google is the most popular search engine. By marketing with Google, you will automatically be marketing with a much larger audience.

In terms of the strategy to prioritize searches, this creates a faster rate of an impact than organic SEO as you immediately jump to the top of the first pages depending on the search terms. The advertising specialists at Omologist understand the benefits of this in the short term, although may have issues for the long term. If you choose to stop marketing, you lose your placement and may not appear on the first page for the same searches. With organic searches, it may take longer to reach the first page, but that traction will stay for a longer period of time.


Controlled Key Words

When you are using Google marketing, you know exactly what keywords you are looking to rank for. These can be difficult markets to compete in, depending on the saturation levels of opposing businesses and brands. With other marketing means for search engines, it can take a while to rank organically, and even with research done, you may never be able to compete, forcing you to have to look for other keywords and routes to success. The ability to target an exact audience means that your leads are more likely to generate end sales and transactions, as those you advertise to are the people who are interested in your products and business.


Geographic Search Benefits

One of the big factors that come into play when advertising is geographic and local advertising. If you are a small business, it doesn’t make sense to advertise to people in a different country that you cannot provide services or have a hard time shipping product to. Google’s advertising allows you to focus your marketing on people in a certain area. This means that your efforts and money that you put into your ads are efficient in reaching people that are more inclined to buy what you are selling.


Trackable Analytics And Data

Within the advertising realm, not all your marketing campaigns have trackable data to understand if they are working or not. Online advertising provides better analytics in terms of views, reach, and clicks. This all can be associated with costs and analyzed to determine if they are working and if they are profitable. Google provides all the information you need as simple as cost per click or cost per view, in easy analytics that translates to every campaign you run. Managing your own companies, the finances and costs that go into your advertising strategies, are made easier with Google marketing.

google marketing services


Multiple Platforms

Google has advertising banners on a variety of platforms. Subscribing to Google ads and marketing services provides you the versatility to promote your ads in various ways and different online mediums and platforms. Of course, the most straightforward strategy is an advertising and sponsored space on the search engine pages, but you can also advertise on youtube videos, providing more information to relay to viewers or other shopping channels where the products you sell may have the same target audience that is on another site where Google promotes as well. Using Google marketing services gives you the versatility to advertise where you want.

As impactful as marketing with Google can be, it is just as important to remember that there are many alternatives to investigate and consider as well. You are not limited to choosing one over the other and can combine services and campaigns. In fact, it is highly advisable to use as many advertising options as you think you need to reach your target audience.


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