3 Potential Website Design Flaws Law Firms Should Avoid

September 15, 2023

The legal industry has been among the slow adopters of digital technologies, but the pandemic emerged as a tech disruptor. Like all other businesses, law firms were forced to adopt remote work and virtual consultations. Tech transformation is essential to stay on top of industry trends and client expectations.




According to an American Bar Association survey, 94% of law firms have a website, considerably up from 86% in 2019. But having an ordinary website does not guarantee online visibility, traffic, and conversions for your law firm. That’s where most firms go wrong- they just invest in a basic website without paying attention to its design and functionality.


You may settle for a mediocre website because of minimal tech skills or low budget, but it can affect your business. From missing out on visibility to making a bad first impression and losing credibility, it can hurt your business in many ways.


Knowing the potential design flaws and avoiding them can prevent these issues. Here are the ones you should be aware of.


#1: Failing to Target Your Ideal Audience


According to 2023 statistics, there are nearly 449,633  law firms in the US. While the number spells massive competition, these law firms may specialize in different niches. There are firms that specialize in corporate, family, criminal, or personal injury law, or ones that provide expertise in multiple areas. The client persona of these firms may vary according to these niches.


Your website’s design should align with your target audience. For example, firms specializing in family law should humanize the feel of the site. Likewise, corporate lawyers should have a more professional-looking design. The good thing is that firms can opt for an affordable lawyer website design even if they specialize in several fields of law.


Flamingo Agency recommends designing websites to reflect your services to ensure a connection with your target audience. With a random design, clients may not get a great first impression. They may bounce off, thinking your firm isn’t the right fit. Using the right colors, fonts, visuals, and branding elements is the key to creating audience appeal.


#2: Showcasing Only the Bare Minimum


There’s a difference between a website design showcasing the bare minimum and one going the extra mile with valuable information. Of course, the second one is more credible and converts well. You should avoid the mistake of sticking with only the essentials, such as your firm’s name, contact information, opening hours, and service offerings.




While these essentials help potential clients reach your location, call or email to connect, and know about your services, these are hardly enough to build a sustainable relationship. Think beyond the basics and share as much information as possible.


For example, an informative blog on your law firm’s website can present you as a niche authority. Client testimonials build trust and credibility, giving you better chances at conversions. Consider integrating your fee structure and adding an FAQ section to your website. These elements bring transparency to the place, and legal clients appreciate it the most.


#3: Not Optimizing for SEO


Did you know that your website’s design can directly impact its search ranking outcomes? Consider these factors to understand the impact of design on SEO:

  • Responsive designs enhance UX and keep your site ahead of Google algorithms
  • Speed optimization lowers the bounce rate and improves SEO results
  • Good navigation is another UX factor that can affect search rankings


You may have the best-looking law site, but not optimizing it for SEO is a serious mistake. Without these design essentials, your website will never appear in the top search rankings. It means your law firm will not get the visibility it needs to fetch traffic and get conversions and revenues.


Optimizing website design SEO is a technical process, with steps like optimizing images for fast loading, minifying page elements, avoiding redirects, and limiting plugins. You should collaborate with a seasoned law firm design company who has an in-depth understanding of SEO-focused design to avoid this flaw.


Summing Up


According to Clio statistics, law firms allocate at least half of their marketing budget online. A rock-solid website is the anchor of an online marketing strategy. When you invest in one, don’t skimp on the design because it can contribute to your revenues, credibility, and reputation in the long run.


Think beyond the aesthetics as visual appeal is not the only thing legal clients look for. Your website’s design should align with the target audience, showcase more than the bare minimum, and follow the SEO best practices. In a nutshell, you should avoid the above-mentioned flaws to create a perfect law firm website.



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