4 Instagram Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses Growth in 2022

April 19, 2022

4 Points to Consider Planning Instagram Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses



Visual platforms are not solely for showing off your luxury look and bright life. Worldwide projects like Instagram are indispensable for marketing! Moreover, nowadays, people perceive information visually in most cases.

An Instagram marketing strategy is not rocket science. No wonder small businesses strive to grow their audience on that platform. There are at least 12 free and paid ways on how to get more Instagram followers, but attracting attention is only a part of titanic work. So, let us clarify how to build your Instagram marketing strategy in four trouble-free steps for your enterprise!


1. Meditate on Your Goals

Working without an attainable goal is the same as beating the water with a bat. If you have zero reasons to do [insert an activity], you will have zero motivation accordingly. In parallel, meditating on your goal takes a day. Still, a fixed desire to get the result will accelerate all working processes.

Your Instagram marketing goal must be realistic. Fantasizing about billions of subscribers in a week is like believing that you will stand under the cloud that rains gems. Set a plan to get five new stable followers per week. Does that number look miserable to you? Still, those five followers will constantly like and share your content. They might broaden your audience by telling their friends about your cozy enterprise. Moreover, when you use various ways to boost Instagram engagement, that notional number will be greater.

Of course, even with minimal goals, you will get more. For instance, instead of five followers, you will get twenty. Three will unsubscribe in two days; four subscribers will ignore your content; two might delete or abandon their accounts. Those who will remain will be relatively active, but the number of loyal subscribers will not be vast. And that will repeat every week until you celebrate your first thousand subscribers. You can also use the Instagram viewer to learn more about your potential clients.


2. Make a Unique Collection of Tools to Sustain Your Instagram Marketing Strategy


All business people have a set of apps and programs for work on visual platforms. As a minimum, your business requires:


The effectiveness of Instagram posting depends on timings. For instance, posting at night is not a wise idea because not so many users monitor Inst at 3 AM. So, make sure you know when your audience is most active and surprise them with an aesthetical picture.


Brand monitoring apps and services

Social analytics is crucial as you must know the maximum about your customers, rivals, and other marketing components.


Design apps

Convenient and user-friendly web programs like Canva might suffice. Create unique banners and stories by combining neat details and customizing the piece as you wish. Also, apps like PicsArt, Polish, and other visual editors have a sufficient kit even when you do not pay for them.


Grid and color coordination

Various free apps allow juxtaposing visual pieces to see how they look in combination. To get an app of that kind, scan the App Store or Play Market, and you are ready to work!


3. Do not Be Shy to Diversify Your Content

Your business is your soul, so never hide your character when planning a post. Moreover, the looks and quality of your products and services are your intellectual work! Posting non-personalized content might not suffice because there is a whole ocean of resembling pieces.

Never hesitate to diversify your account. Sure, there must be a stark Instagram theme, but occasional fun things might be what your audience adores. For instance, you can add:

  • A compilation of fun bloopers from a filmed aesthetical vid;
  • Distinctive facts about your life;
  • Your sweet pets that are near your products;
  • Your insight on product creation is in a mix with the presentation.

Let us exemplify. A small Ukrainian business of esoteric products called the Witch Cauldron has 20k loyal followers. The administrators mostly show the magic stuff that the shop offers but also, they post their cat called Salem:



Salem has become a niche celebrity, and shop owners have a reputation as cat adorers. Sure, reviews of books, magic stones, runes, and tarot cards are the theme. Yet, systemic posts about Salem attract more magic lovers and cat fans. So, do not hesitate to plan something half-relating to your aesthetics. Maybe one post like that per two weeks will win you twenty loyal subscribers?


4. Consider Using at Least Two Formats

Photo materials, again and again, do not suffice. Furthermore, why focus on a sole format when there are also videos, IGTV-projects, Stories, and even Masks? Of course, combining two and more forms means extra work. Yet, up-to-date technologies allow producing stellar pieces even with one smartphone and an $8 tripod. You might need extra research and practice in video filming if you plan to combine formats. Still, when you are diligent in learning how to create gorgeous animated videos, that might make your small business prosper.

Thus, it is advisable to create two documents for planning. One will be a plan for your pics, and another will serve as a planner for videos.


Extra Tip: Monitor Your Failures and Success

We recommend a table that fixes information about your most and least popular posts. Analyze your Instagram content piece by piece. Maybe, this time your caption was a bit weaker? Perhaps, some hashtags did not fit the vibe? You will miss that information if you neglect to track your original content.


Final Words

Small businesses can prosper if there is a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy. Of course, lack of planning leads only to becoming forgotten in the digital ocean. And sure, it is challenging to organize a whole business alone. Yet, there are various tools that may help you on the path to making your business account stellar. Thus, take your time to meditate and surprise us with compelling content tomorrow!


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