4 Ways To Make Your SEO And Social Media Marketing Work Together

April 13, 2022


Today, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are two of the most important components of an effective digital marketing plan. Some may think that both are doing the same thing. But the truth is they work using different approaches while keeping the same goal in mind: increasing company revenue and brand visibility.

That being said, you’d probably think that one doesn’t directly affect the other. However, many experts believe a strong relationship exists between fruitful social media marketing and good SEO rankings.

It’s believed that an optimized SEO ranking may help you convert site visitors into social media followers. In this way, you’ll be able to communicate and engage with them to make them loyal to your brand. If you want to learn more about improving your SEO, you may visit your local SEO service for help.

Now, the question is, what are the ways to combine SEO and social media marketing? Below are the different methods that’ll help you combine and harness the power of two different strategies:


1. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

An optimized social media profile helps search engines evaluate if your website is credible, reliable, and trustworthy. If it is, search engines will reward you with a higher exposure, authority, and trust (EAT) rating. So, how will you keep your profile optimized?

Here are some tips that may help you enhance your social media profile:


• Be Clear With Your Brand Name

Having a brand name will help your target audience easily identify and engage with your business. In addition, it may sound good to create a unique brand name, but the truth is, it’ll only damage your SEO and hurt your conversion rate. If your audience can’t identify your business just by looking at your brand name, they probably won’t try to engage with you.


• Be Consistent With Your Profile Picture

A profile picture can be the logo of your company or someone in the company. It helps people feel that they’re communicating with a real person who values their needs. When using a profile picture, you want to be consistent and use the same photo across all platforms. In this way, users can find you easily, and search engines will be able to assess your website’s ranking easily.


• Update Your Company Bio

An optimized bio section will help viewers who visit your profile get the information they need seamlessly. When you create your bio, try to sound as natural as possible and let your brand be heard. Also, include brief information that tells everything about your business, and you may use keywords to support it. This will help attract users and encourage them to get converted.


• Add Website Link

People who visit your website are probably interested in learning more about you. If that’s the case, it’d be best to include your website’s link to help users get redirected to your platform. Your site’s traffic would gradually increase, leading to higher sales potential.


2. Publish Content That Drives Organic Traffic And Sales


One of the easiest tactics to make SEO and social media work together is publishing quality web content and sharing it on your social media platform. By doing so, you’ll be able to generate organic traffic from social media.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that social media content may only last two to three days. After this period, you’ll notice a significant dip in your traffic. To prevent this from happening, you want to make sure that every post you have on social media is shareable.

In this way, your content will stay visible and on top of your followers’ feed without using paid ads to promote it. Plus, it ensures organic ranking, giving you significant and valuable traffic over time.


3. Slowly Release Web Content To Your Social Media

The timely release of web content to varied social media platforms is one of the most effective content strategies many businesses use to keep their followers and loyal customers engaged. In this process, you release content from your website gradually and slowly instead of posting it all in one fell swoop. Moreover, many experts suggest this for businesses looking for a way to improve content visibility.

As a reminder, plan when to release your published web content in a span of a year. By doing so, you’ll be able to maximize the visibility of your posts and improve your engagement with your followers over time.


4. Invest In Link Building

Link building is an essential SEO strategy that you can use to establish connections on social media with other masters and higher authorities in your preferred niche or industry. In this way, you’ll receive not only backlinks but also maximum visibility from their audience. Not to mention the higher possibilities of increasing your conversion and engagement rates.

Here are some of the most effective link building tips:


• Ask For Links

Links could be from someone you know or websites sharing ideas related to your products and content. When looking for links, make sure keywords are relevant and show significance to search engines. Otherwise, you probably won’t get the traffic you desire.


• Start Guest Posting

Guest posting or guest blogging is a time-tested technique for link building. As the name suggests, someone will write content to be published on your website. This content has a link from the creators’ websites and another back to your own. It’s also a good strategy to foster new business relationships while driving traffic on both of your platforms.


• Find And Work With Influential Bloggers

Look for popular bloggers in your industry, get their contact details, and try to reach out for their links that you can include in your content. They have high authority platforms that can help you boost traffic on your site as well as your social media platform.


Final Words

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two of the most effective techniques in today’s digital era. That’s why it’s important for these two to work together for better traffic, a higher engagement rate, and increased revenue.

Yet the process may not be as easy as you think. You may consider the simple steps discussed above, including optimizing your social media profile, publishing organic content, planned content release timelines, and link building.

As you probably know, dipping only one foot won’t make your digital marketing efforts a success. If you want to achieve your goals and build a strong presence in the online realm, you need both social media and SEO and make them work together harmoniously.


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