A Simple 5-Step Action Plan for Reputation Management

May 27, 2022

Brand reputation cannot be flawless. But much like a Korean skincare routine, we can build a reputation over time with a little effort, patience, and strategy. However, in most cases, we don’t have the time or energy to iron out our good online name with our own endeavors.

And here is the eureka moment: you can rely on reputation management service that will do it all for you in no time. However, you need to have your own reputation management planning to ensure everything remains on a positive note even after hiring damage control specialists. So let’s get to it.



Begin by Analyzing Your Current Brand Image

You need to know where you stand on the internet to start creating the right strategies to build a reputation. Start by screening the internet for what people have to say about your organization.

Online reviews heavily influence buying choices. Individuals read web-based surveys prior to purchasing anything, whether it’s a costly laptop upgrade or another novel for their Kindle.

You will not be able to analyze your brand image overnight, so be patient. Look for websites where customers usually give their reviews and surveys and begin following them. Read what they say. Is there something that continues to come up? What are the organization’s assets, according to your clients? Do you have any areas where you could improve?


Learn to Organically Influence Your Rankings

Negative web-based surveys don’t construct a brand’s standing. Long-structure sites and blog posts evaluate or compare your items with those of your competitors. Positive reviews can improve the influx of web traffic and work on your organization’s standing.

How can you do this organically, though?

  • Contact the site and request a change. Don’t go demanding changes, but you can talk to them and let them know you’ve made changes since the feedback, and things are looking better.
  • Use your own branded content. Reviewers don’t usually have the patience to update their online audits, so you do it yourself! This way, you’ll have command over what you post and who your target audience is.

Yet, try not to sound one-sided or intense in your composition. Your audience will see right through it, and you may inadvertently hurt your brand image.


Have a Response Strategy to Criticism

Regardless of whether you procure 5 stars more often than not, you will undoubtedly have a couple of horrible reviews or comments related to your item or administration. Along these lines, putting together a powerful reaction allows you to assume command over the circumstance and use it to your potential benefit.

Done suitably, negative reviews might be an incredible method for showing your shoppers and clients that you are considerate. This is a way to make an impression.

  • Assign responsibility for checking survey destinations and remarks.

Keep it basic — pick somebody from advertising or customer care. Make sure this individual realizes what is expected of them, which destinations to screen, and so forth.

  • Determine your response.

Whether you’re answering positive or negative criticism, you ought to have an arrangement. Create internal aides that depict the exact thing this ought to be, including format reactions.

  • Determine what should happen in the event of a strange request.

On the off chance that your organization faces something out of the ordinary, your selected individual ought to know what to do. Who should they talk to if they need help? Do they have the power to settle difficulties without earlier group endorsement?

Countless organizations overlook negative feedback with the expectation that positive responses will drive them out of the spotlight. For one bad review, 40 positive ones are the balancing count. Poor reviews will hurt the brand’s standing and reliability in the short term.

Ergo, it’s crucial to recognize and resolve any issues. Notwithstanding, recognizing and answering negative input can show your customers that you’re tuning in and addressing their concerns.


Fabricate the Brand’s Standing by Zeroing in on the Upside.


During the time spent fostering your reputation management strategy, contemplate how your employees will respond to constructive criticism. Make the up-sides work harder and increment the company image by doing this appropriately.

You can raise your business’ visibility and the likelihood that a potential purchaser would visit your area by getting superior-grade, positive assessments from clients. Even the Google support page permits this.

Here is what you can do as an example of reputation management:

  • You should decide how you’ll respond to positive input. Anything goes, as long as it isn’t muddled. As opposed to rehashing the same thing, just offer your thanks for the positive feedback you’ve gotten and express gratitude toward them for their business.
  • Request feedback. Make it as simple as possible for your clients to give their opinions by requesting it and making it very easy to provide in terms of accessibility. Motivating with incentives for extra feedback can be incredibly useful too.
  • Keep an eye on it regularly and analyze the reviews. Your business will be more appealing if you answer rapidly. And the more you keep track, the more you can spot drawbacks, if any, for further improvement.


Once you’ve implemented your reputation management strategy, keep an eye on your online presence and the ranking of your branded content. Track any progressions as they occur and orchestrate normal assessments so you can survey whether you really want to make specific changes.


Final Advice

Your online hunt begins with Google. Some may prefer other search engines but Google takes the lead by leaps and bounds. Why is this? Their data, pace and ability to use machine learning to provide accurate results from keywords alone.

Utilizing Google’s algorithm may be a little tricky for business owners as it is constantly updating and thereby changing. However, it isn’t impossible or illegal!



Artificial intelligence (AI) can power a search engine algorithm that prioritizes certain information above others. But now it’s done matters. This technology is used by online reputation management companies and people to “erase” negative search engine results (SERPs), sometimes even at the source. So why wait? Get strategizing already!


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