6 Powerful Benefits of Content Marketing for Local Businesses

January 23, 2021

In content marketing, the returns can be generous, and there are SEO analytics tools to instantly tell you what is working and what isn’t.

But what is content marketing? More importantly, what are the benefits for a local business?

Content marketing is defined as the creating and distributing of online content or on your website like blog posts, articles, videos, and social media posts to stimulate interest in a local business without explicitly promoting it.


content marketing local business


With that perspective, content marketing isn’t just about generating more sales. It’s about brand loyalty and educating new people about your brand’s culture and the products or services offered. Content Syndication as well, is part of an effective content marketing strategy. We found the greatest Content Syndication Programs on this vendor, which was intended to help in the generation of new leads.

According to digital agency Goodjuju, who works exclusively with local property management businesses, content marketing is high on their list of proven marketing ideas that work to build more trust and get more exposure for local businesses.

To give you a quick real world example of how this marketing strategy works, let’s look at a situation anyone can understand, food! Betty Crocker’s website, for this example, mainly features unique dessert recipes using their baking products. This can capture interest from people looking for recipes, while simultaneously suggesting their products in the process. See how that works?


Here are six benefits of content marketing you can’t afford to miss out on, which also explain why it works so well

1. Establishes Brand Authority

Putting out free content offering value to your target customer helps you establish your brand as a credible authority. Become a resource by providing actionable tips and posting real advice from your experience or from your interviewees.

Blog and YouTube video content helps you garner search engine traffic from the right people. Considering you use keyword research to help you get found, you can raise awareness to your brand through strategic blogging alone.


2. Attracts Targeted Leads

The goal of your content marketing strategy should be to provide answers your typical customer is searching for online. Bringing in organic traffic this way with content saves you money on pay-per-click ads. While you might make an initial investment outsourcing your content creation, you can have unlimited returns after that as traffic to your page increases. The higher you start to rank in the search engines, the more credibility your website earns, and in turn, more traffic.

Use long-tail keyword research to find questions for which your target customers need answers. Title your blog posts with headlines that incorporate these long-tail keywords (four or more words in a keyword phrase). This can siphon existing traffic to your site and attract leads you know could benefit from your product or service.

If you don’t have time to think of lead-generating content marketing tactics, a digital marketing agency can help. These firms can handle tasks like finding and building leads in your stead. 

A reputable digital marketing agency employs skilled marketers to implement search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, social media marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns to build brand awareness. 

Moreover, these agencies are highly knowledgeable in using the latest techniques and tools to help you attain sales and marketing goals. They can combine sales prospecting, marketing research, competitive analysis, performance marketing, and gamification to generate more targeted leads.


3. Helps Nurture Qualified Leads in Marketing Funnels

People know what advertisements read like. Online content created for the purpose of content marketing is not that. Unlike ad copy, content writing is written for the purpose of fostering brand loyalty, boosting engagement rates, and raising brand awareness online. Content is like your customer’s yellow brick road, providing them with an exciting and valuable customer journey that can eventually lead to a sales pitch. The more you nurture your leads with actionable content, the more you get to educate them about your products or services and make enticing offers.

A good software CRM (customer relationship management) (can help you segment your leads based on different buyer types. This way, you can create highly targeted content that better nurtures lead to a sale.

Audience segmentation and buyer persona creation are essential elements in nurturing qualified leads. Using a CRM software program, you can determine the similarities of your prospects by their demographics, channel source, role, and profitability. CRM data also enable marketers to create campaigns and personalize communications for specific client segments.


4. It Has Compounding Return

Overall, content marketing is a long-term marketing scheme. Luckily, it also has a compounding return because once it’s out there, it stays out there. In other words, you do the work once but see evergreen effects.

Even if you post only one blog post a week for years, you’ll increase your total of blog posts circulating the web, which has a compounding effect over time. You can’t get this with paid-per-click ads. But with content marketing, you’ll most likely see a natural increase in new visitors accumulating each month.

Compelling content is creative, informative, and helpful. It should keep visitors interested in your website, increasing your business’s conversion rates. You can gain compounding returns by diversifying and updating your content to become relevant and timeless. This way, your target market will realize how valuable your brand is in supporting their way of life.

5. Builds Hype for New Product/Service Launches

Run promotions by educating your existing audience about your new products. Offer deals during the launch and build hype to it by marketing before the product is released. One of the best ways to roll out a lucrative product launch is through email marketing.

Using an email marketing service like AWeber among others, you can put together an email campaign that gets followers excited about the new product. Be sure to add plenty of free value in your email content that’s relevant to your readers. Consider working with a freelance email copywriter to help you craft the most effective content.


6. Lets You Earn Income on Autopilot

With the right search engine optimization (SEO) tactics like incorporating metadata and keyword research into your blog posts, you can generate ongoing traffic without putting in more effort or time. In fact, by outsourcing your content to freelance creators, you can sit back and grow your business with content marketing on virtual auto-pilot. Not only can you generate money from ads on your blog, but also a high volume of qualified leads for your online business.

Why You Can’t Ignore Content Marketing in Your Business

In online business today, the value of content marketing can’t be ignored. It’s really the cheapest way to start promoting a business and establishing a new brand. Now more than ever customers turn to the Internet for shopping research and to make actual purchases. Creating content consistently that provides value can give your brand the authority and exposure it needs to start generating sales.


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