What Are The Top 7 Reasons To Outsource Your IT Help Desk?

November 17, 2022

No one wants to be the next in the queue. Users feel like they are not important to your company. Think about it — how would you like it if you reached out to a technical support team to troubleshoot a problem in your system and got a response like “We’ll get in touch with you in the next 24 hours”?

This has made the help desk the most critical element for all types and sizes of businesses. And considering the increasing number of phone calls and emails about inquiries companies get, IT help desk outsourcing seems the most viable option.

Outsourcing IT help desk services to professionals in this industry can help accelerate your business growth. Not only that, but with an outsourced IT help desk, you can focus on more crucial areas of business, such as expansion, investment projects, implementing new technology, etc.

Below we have listed the top 7 reasons to outsource an IT help desk. Let’s take a look.



1. Better Response Time 

User retention, engagement, and repeat purchase decisions depend on one important metric — response time. How soon does your IT help desk get back to them after receiving a query? And, how good are they at resolving the minor and major issues of your clients?

Ideally, your response time should be less than 2 hours. The lesser, the better. However, research shows that the average response time for most companies is above 7 hours. Your in-house help desk can answer one question at a time. But if you outsource this service to a team specializing in this area, your users will get a better response time.

They have a qualified team of IT specialists who handle your internal team and users only. They are not burdened with anything other than replying to incoming queries, picking up calls, and web chatting. Remember, response time is a sensitive matter to your users. They won’t want to stick around if you don’t have a technical team to fix the software bugs or other problems.


2. Focus on Your Main Objectives

Your job is to focus on the company’s growth.

Businesses lose their time, resources, and energy on handling tasks that a third party can easily manage. Your IT team can help you achieve your core objectives by participating in the planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and other aspects of management. You need their help in implementing new technology, brainstorming ideas for the company’s growth, and more. They don’t belong at the help desk.

When you’ve outsourced IT help desk services to an IT agency, you have delegated the most tedious responsibilities to an experienced group. They will take care of your technical issues — from troubleshooting the system glitches to helping your employees understand new technology.


3. Services Outside Business Hours

Your in-house help desk can serve you 9-5 or during their working hours only. They won’t be available on Sundays or public holidays. That’s another relief you get from IT help desk outsourcing.

The IT agency doesn’t follow your 9-5 protocol. They will be ready to assist your staff and users at all times and daily. Even if someone needs your help outside your business hours, there will be someone to assist them. They will close the tickets fast, ensuring the problems are resolved efficiently. This comes in handy for companies that have remote employees who work in different time zones.


4. Get Help from Industry Experts

Do you know that 69% of the employees get 10-40 hours of training before they join the help desk? Why waste that much time and resources when there’s a better, more cost-effective alternative?

The IT industry is a rapidly growing sector. For your in-house team to work well and keep up with the trends, they need ongoing training. An IT help desk knows the ins and outs of this field and has the resources and technology to keep up-to-date with the changes.

The contracting firm will do most of the job for you. They will handle the technical errors in your system. They don’t just answer calls, but they ensure the issue is resolved at the earliest. They will work with your in-house team to ensure smooth business operations.


5. Optimizes Cost


Most companies don’t outsource their IT help desk, as they don’t have a good budget. But, if you are spending on an in-house IT support team, you are paying much more than you’d spend on an IT specialist.

Suppose you hire a team of 10 people for the IT help desk. You will be responsible for their training, onboarding, hardware cost, and paychecks. If something, onboarding employees for the IT help desk department will be more expensive than outsourcing IT services.

If your goal is to spend less and resolve all tech-related issues, then an outsourced IT help desk is your best bet.


6. Reduced Repeat Calls

Your users can face different technical or general issues. You can’t rely on your in-house team to answer their repeated calls to resolve a common problem that an IT specialist could have easily fixed.

It’s frustrating for your in-house IT department to get repeat calls for the same problem. It’s equally frustrating for your users too. Your employees can get in touch with the IT help desk for quick assistance, and their issues will be resolved in a matter of minutes (sooner, depending on the complexity of the problem).


7. Achieve Employee and User Retention

Employees don’t want to be burdened with more than they can handle. They need a dedicated IT support desk that they can count on for assistance whenever there’s a technical issue, especially the non-tech-savvy employees.

To achieve employee retention, it’s important that you assign them duties that match their skills. Outsource the IT help desk department to IT experts. Let them handle that part while you focus on your business growth.



Your internet help desk team must be good at handling your employees, staff, and users who need general assistance. But can they manage the back-to-back calls? If you lack human resources, equipment, machines, and, most importantly, up-to-date knowledge about technical issues, it’s best you leave this job to an IT specialist. The above reasons were only to name a few. Having an IT help desk at your disposal will give you peace of mind.


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