Business Growth In 2022: 10 Ways To Change Your Marketing Game

December 16, 2021

Marketing is the fuel of sales, and this is a given. The right marketing tools and strategies will keep you ahead of the competition by connecting products with the right customers and at the right time. Beyond time and place, marketing is a function of trends. So, it’s a game of which brand has more ideas rolled up on its sleeves.

The very nature of marketing is innovative. While it seems companies have discovered every new way to present products to customers, new trends keep showing. And since trends are the result of a shift in consumer behaviors, companies leverage them to step up their marketing game, learn new financial analytics, and improve accounting services by using some online account software. Below are ways to market goods differently and more uniquely in 2022:

Marketing for business growth

1. Use Video Services

Business owners are already lining up behind the idea of video customer service for improved marketing. These are videos that humanize brands and incorporate a company’s culture.

Beyond the usual, video marketing serves as an explainer and showcases an exciting process behind the scenes. It ticks the show-not-tell boxes, making it a great 2022 option for marketing. You can also share event videos of your companies and engage your workers in interviews to step up your marketing game.

2. Adopt Omni-Channel Support

Different from multichannel support, this form of support provides a more seamless service. Rather than make a customer steer away from social media, for example, to engage with your company’s support team, they could be answered on the spot. This way, your customers are assured of your service anywhere without logging out of a channel to log into another.

This reduces service bottlenecks, improves customer-to-business interaction, and leads to business growth.

3. Embrace Live Messaging

Messaging is closely related to social networks, but you can bring this game into marketing. Customers want instant communication, and not every online store has it.

Emails are cluttered, and standard SMS (Short Message Service) is dying. The only way for brands to communicate with buyers without delay is through live messaging.

Live messaging has proven to be incredibly fast, interactive, and automated. The innovation improves customers’ support experience, boosts the productivity of your marketing team, and contributes to your business growth.

4. Leverage Remote Support

The number of people working offline in the customer service sector has drastically reduced, just as the number of people who visit physical stores to inquire and complain. The cause is undeniably digital media.

More businesses are moving online, and more people read online reviews to meet them. Therefore, more representatives are employed to offer support to these customers remotely.

Get your marketing team fully remote to win the marketing game and establish a comprehensive virtual business relationship with your consumers.

5. Complement With AI

Contrary to popular opinions about replacement, Bots and artificial intelligence (AI) would not replace traditional marketing strategies. Instead, they’d compliment them in delivering quality service and value to customers.

Many customers are after efficiency and want their orders swiftly processed and delivered. In marketing, the emotion and the way it’s expressed in the supply chain counts towards bringing more money into the company. Robots can emulate and automate these emotions to step up your marketing game.

6. Create Loyalty Programs

Every business owner should learn how to create a loyalty program. This marketing strategy rewards existing customers, and this is because it’s aimed at retaining them. Existing customers are often the bearer of new customers, and if referrals must be used, then existing customers must be treated well.

Now, you don’t need several consultations to begin a loyalty program for customers. It can be paid or unpaid. Paid loyalty programs prompt customers to pay a certain amount of money known as a subscription to enjoy premium benefits. Unpaid programs use a points system.

7. Develop Email Win-Backs

Creating an email win-back campaign should not be that difficult. All you need is to set out the email channels and design them in a way that allows you to assess your buyer’s journey. Knowing your buyer’s journey will inform your email campaigns and help you create the tone and mood of your email for your target audience.

Your email win-backs should convert new customers and retain existing ones for sales to happen. You can develop custom and personalized emails to step up your marketing game.


Marketing Game in 2022

8. Don’t Forget Traditional Methods

Paid social media ads, search engine optimization (SEO), press releases, and others are now considered traditional digital marketing methods. You’d still need them to step up your marketing game. But they shouldn’t be done without first considering the target audience.

These marketing methods often work best when the target audience has spent more than the average price on your products. Therefore, you should have a way of segmenting your customers to understand the process and how it works.

9. Strategize Public Relations

Also called PR, this marketing strategy allows businesses to market their goods and goodwill. Aside from that, it provides them with the opportunity to brand and rebrand their content marketing and digital design.

Public relations include media coverage, doing general promos, funding external reviews, and hosting events and conferences such as customer appreciation day, among others. The new PR marketing leverages big data, blog data, and influencer marketing. Therefore, if you must do it differently, you need data analytics and influencers.

10. Plan Collaborations

Collaboration today has been taken to a new level. Today we have influencer marketing which we didn’t have in the past. Brand collaboration and partnership are ways online shop owners can market their products. When done right, it’s one of the most compelling new marketing strategies.

Aside from influencer marketing, there’s also the affiliate marketing and niche feature. In addition to these two, you can get any of the fan pages for your business tagged to your main page.


It’s exciting how marketing is changing for good. Today, due to the many digital platforms and the continuous ingenuity of technology, there is less bickering about delays, mistrust, and delivery issues between customers and producers.

There are several ways to improve marketing strategies. You only need to find the ones most identifying with your target audience and brand.


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