8 Reasons to Utilize PPC In Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

August 25, 2021


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a paid advertising model used to drive more traffic to a website. PPC ads include search, display, shopping, local search, and such other ads, and they can be found on mobile apps, websites, and social media platforms. When used properly, they can benefit your eCommerce business.

Ecommerce businesses that invest in PPC normally get more than what they’ve spent since more consumers are more likely to click PPC ads and make a purchase. To make the most out of PPC for your eCommerce, you can get more help from experts in the industry. If you’re still not convinced, below are some of the many reasons to use PPC in your eCommerce marketing strategy now.


1. PPC Provides Consistent and Immediate Traffic


Since PPC is the fastest way to run paid search campaigns, it’s also a quick way to target your website’s relevant visitors. While organic search and search engine optimization (SEO) are valuable, such marketing strategies can be timelier and more complex.

PPC also offers value while delivering consistent, quick, and clear results. Therefore, whether sales, leads, or organic traffic is your goal, PPC can help you reach it.


2. It Allows You to Measure Results Quickly


PPC stats can be accessed with accurate performance details. PPC revenue and conversion tracking offer you the chance to check your ads’ performance and determine whether or not your eCommerce business has reached its goals.

The performance details and data provided through PPC optimization can be advantageous for your content marketing efforts and SEO strategies. For instance, you’d be able to improve your content quality, writing style, relevancy, and keywords. All these are associated with what entices consumers to click on your ads.


3.It Improves Your Brand Awareness


With today’s highly competitive market in the world of eCommerce, it’s not easy to get in front of your target audience, mainly when most of them are customers of your competitors. In this case, it’s hard to compete against some eCommerce businesses on a level playing field.

Luckily, you can use PPC to level up your eCommerce brand. By using the right PPC strategies, like proper keyword research, you’d be able to appear on the top of online searches and be recognized in the eCommerce market in no time.


4. It Offers A High Return on Investment


One of the most crucial metrics in the business world is the return on investment (ROI). For every penny you spend, how much money are you getting back in return? If spending a few dollars on advertising doesn’t generate a lot of sales, your business may suffer in the long run. On the other hand, if spending just a dollar on advertising generates more sales, you can be sure your advertising money is well spent.

For instance, although using PPC can increase the overall cost of your eCommerce marketing, the boost in potential client engagement makes such increased cost justifiable. Considering the positive ROI that PPC can provide for eCommerce businesses, it may be a worthwhile investment.


5. It Helps You Maximize Your Budget


Another reason you should use PPC in your eCommerce marketing strategy is it’d allow you to maximize your budget since you’d only pay for the clicks your ads receive. For this matter, you should know how much every click costs for all search terms you use. Keep in mind that not all keywords have the same cost. Some tend to be expensive because of their high search volume and more accurate search intent.

To know the cost of your keywords, it’s best to use a keyword planner. Knowing the costs would help you decide which keywords to bid on or which can fit your allotted budget. You can consider expensive keywords, but you might end up getting a few clicks before you run out of money. Unlike bidding for priced keywords, it’d enable you to show your ads and increase your conversions.


6.It Complements SEO Strategies


In comparison to PPC, SEO doesn’t show results immediately. In fact, it may take a while to appear on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) as you’d need to optimize your content and website overall.

The good thing is PPC complements SEO. PPC needs SEO (and vice versa) to generate traffic to your eCommerce business. With PPC, it allows you to get noticed by your audience. On the other hand, SEO can help you build a website that would rank high, which is a win-win for your eCommerce business.


7. It’s Data-Friendly


In terms of creating an effective eCommerce marketing strategy and campaign, you’d need data to know what works and what won’t work for your eCommerce business. Even if the traditional advertising models can provide you with data, you won’t be able to trace how your consumers found you.

With PPC, it makes it much easier for you to determine what brought consumers to your website. PPC also provides quality data, which can help narrow your specific target audience, provide services or products that can sell, and understand your audience better.


8. It Makes It Easier to Target A Particular Audience


PPC can help you focus on your target audience. Besides, it doesn’t make sense to show your ads for everyone online to see. Although targeting everybody can be a good idea, it’s not a wise move as it’d only increase your spending on advertising. Also, the use of your services or products is only applicable to some people. These groups of individuals should be your campaign’s primary target.

With the use of PPC as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, you can be sure the money you’ve spent on advertising would reach your specific target audience. However, before starting your campaign, it’s best to define your audience first. Think of their specific interests, locations, frequently used keywords, and locations. You must also think of the devices, platforms, and websites they use. Once you specify your target audience, it’d be much easier for you to craft your PPC campaigns.

Wrapping Up



Regardless of how strong your website’s organic presence is, you could be missing out on countless potential customers if your presence isn’t at the top of SERPs. With PPC, you can have a flexible, highly visible, and easy-to-track way to drive qualified visitors, thus turning your visitors into revenues. So use PPC to feed search engines with relevant traffic and get the chance to convert more potential consumers into paying customers.


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