4 B2B Marketing Strategy Tips For 2021

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Created December 10, 2020

B2B marketing is a marketing strategy of businesses or individuals which enables them to promote their goods or services to other parties, who either resell or use them for their own purposes. It is an effective means to enhance profit and promote business with the help of other people’s sales. 

In simple terms, a B2B marketing strategy refers to the practice used by a business who exclusively sells to other companies. Compared to consumer brands, which are mostly designed to create consumer awareness and market appeal to potential customers, businesses that sell to others have to bear several considerations when communicating with their target audience. To successfully sell their products, they must engage and communicate with those who would be interested in them. 

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B2B Marketing Trends For 2021 

The global economy is very unstable, making it even more important for businesses to stay on top of the latest marketing trends for 2021. By 2021, online marketing trends will still be the most popular route to talk about B2B marketing strategies.

With the increase in the number of people taking to the internet and using it to do business comes a need to create a unique and exciting online marketing campaign, which is a challenge in itself. With the increasing popularity of video sharing websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, you could be leaving many potential customers out of your business. Creating a unique online campaign will enable you to build your business’s reputation while increasing traffic to your site and attracting more visitors.

Marketing strategies for 2021 involve ways to increase your business’ online presence. There is now so much competition on the internet that having an online presence has become essential. You will want to be the best that you can be when it comes to marketing in cyberspace. Having an online presence allows you to reach customers around the globe with the click of a mouse. The ability to reach people all over the world has changed the face of marketing completely.

B2B Marketing Strategies For 2021

  • Enhance Your Email Marketing


An email is a perfect marketing tool for B2B marketing, since it allows you to reach out to potential customers personally. By personalizing your emails, you’ll be able to entice people to take action, and give them a sense that you value them as customers and as partners in your business.

When you decide to make use of an email campaign, there are several things that you should consider:

  • Improve the quality of the content of your emails.  

If your emails are full of irrelevant ads, links, or useless information, then you may be missing out on many potential customers. Moreover, if your emails are not updated regularly, you will not be able to retain your existing customers’ interest.  

  • Send an informative newsletter relating to your business. 

You can then email your newsletter to your customers, or even create an exclusive list of subscribers to whom you will send newsletters about new offers, deals, and promotions. For example, you can give away free products every month to your list of newsletter subscribers. This will keep them informed about your business and give them a feeling of confidence that they can trust you.

  • Offer them discounts and deals.

Make your emails interesting to your subscribers by making sure to provide them new and exciting deals to offer to your customers. Also, it is a great idea to update them with special offers and contests.  

  • Go Further With Video Marketing 


Video Marketing is a technique used by many companies to promote their products and services. Marketing teams have learned how to make video clips for their customers, upload them to the website or share them on their social media pages. The purpose of this is to make it easier for people to remember and understand what the company offers. 

Marketing teams develop an idea of how they would like their video clips to be produced and presented. These include graphics, music, voice-over, text, titles and transitions. This process allows them to create a very attractive marketing package for potential clients.

Video marketing will promote not only the product or service but also the marketing team. It is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods, highly recommended and used by most companies. 

  • Improve Your Content Marketing


Those businesses with a well-developed content marketing plan are far more likely to achieve their goals and increase sales. These companies are also more successful at attracting new customers, critical in the modern world of fast-paced competition. In short, content marketing increases the visibility of a business in search engines, creates awareness for a product or service and helps businesses to retain and attract existing customers. 

  • Put Focus On Social Media Marketing 


In 2021, optimizing social media marketing will still be a trend in terms of advertising and marketing. B2B social marketing mainly refers to utilizing social networking sites to build relationships with existing customers to increase customer base and gain higher sales. B2B marketing campaigns typically center around: 

  • Building new clients. Social network sites are filled with people looking to find friends or network with people who have similar interests. When you have a presence on one of the most popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will gain access to many potential new clients. You can also use these sites to reach customers that you simply can’t through traditional means.
  • Having a good relationship with existing clients. If you do not have a good relationship with the customers you already have, you will lose credibility.



With the current global events, more and more businesses rely on the internet to look for suppliers to cater to their clients’ needs. This is the reason online marketing will still be the biggest B2B marketing strategy in 2021. Many aspects of the business environment are changing rapidly, and the way businesses are running and using the internet is a very big part of this shift. 

If businesses want to increase brand awareness, increase customer base, and maintain their current customers, they need to focus on content, video, and sharing on their social media pages. Lastly, they need to make their emails interesting so that customers and potential leads will respond to them.


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