Why B2B E-Commerce Is a Top Growth Sector Today

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Created June 25, 2020

The global B2B industry is showing no signs of slowing down and paired with today’s technological advancements; it has created immense opportunities for businesses to grow. As the Coronavirus tightens its hold on the world, consumers are staying indoors to limit the spread of the virus.

This has made them highly reliant on digital businesses to find the services and products they seek, resulting in the escalation of online sales. Whether it’s retailer goods, wholesale products, food delivery services, or cleaning services, people are reaching out to digital media to purchase them.

Due to this, many traditional businesses and brick-and-mortar stores are shifting online to reach their customer base on a larger scale. Here are some solid reasons why the digital B2B world is thriving in our current times.

1. Access to a Larger Audience

b2b access to audience

According to a report by Forrester Research, 74% of B2B shoppers search for a product online before making a purchase. They use their smartphone, laptop, or tablets to research on the desired product to make an informed buying decision. B2B e-commerce stores that have well-maintained and mobile-optimized websites can easily access a large pool of prospects and ready customers.

Naturally, when visitors land on the webpages of any B2B online store or global online market, they notice elements like user interface, web design, and responsiveness. Websites that load pages speedily, have a responsive and compelling layout, share engaging content, and are easy to use will instantly grab attention and generate quality leads.

It’s also about how easily users can locate your business online, therefore investing in the right digital marketing practices can help potential customers find your services. As technology progresses, marketers can implement upgrades on their respective platforms to enhance the experience of online customers, which will drive conversions and boost sales.

2. Better Marketing Opportunities

B2B online storefronts that wish to further expand their reach can utilize online marketing tactics to create a positive online presence. Unlike traditional stores, online marketplaces can be promoted digitally, which not only brings more exposure but is also cost-effective.

The current situation of the world has everyone at home, which means people are unlikely to notice any billboard ads or flyers. However, online B2B companies don’t require conventional marketing efforts. Through search engine optimization, paid ads, and social media, marketers can actively bring exposure and grow their business.

When your business is placed in front of the right audience at the right place at the right time, it guarantees more conversions. Implementing reliable inbound marketing helps improve your search results ranking so online shoppers can find your business and services.

Similarly, B2B e-commerce stores can create email and social campaigns, and share premium content that helps B2B buyers to learn more about your business and bolster traffic.

3. Flexible Payment Options

b2b ecommerce

Doing business online means allowing buyers to pay the way they deem suitable. It’s important for B2B companies that transition their efforts to pivot online to affiliate a variety of payment options for their customers. Businesses that offer flexibility in terms of payment automatically receive more traffic and even attract prospects that don’t usually partake in online shopping.

Since traditional stores either accept cash or credit card, people prefer B2B e-commerce stores over them. Online businesses are further eliminating inconveniences for customers by including other payment methods like ‘cash on delivery’, Apple Wallet, PayPal, Venmo, and other digital currencies.

Adding more variety to the list of payment options gives customers the flexibility to pick the method that works best for them and will continue to bring them back to your store in the future. Likewise, many B2B platforms are authorizing cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment as well and allowing customers to make payments for goods and services.

This makes B2B e-commerce stores the go-to stop for the products and services customers wish to purchase. Brick-and-mortar stores aren’t compatible with the growing demands of today’s tech-savvy customers. This puts B2B web stores at the top of the competition as they’re able to deliver everything to customers at their fingertips and right at their doorstep.

4. Offers Unique Buying Experience

Gen Z demands a unique and customized shopping experience that caters to all their needs. This means B2B businesses that pay attention to customer behavior patterns and trends can turn them into actionable insights to create better experiences.

From how a prospect lands on your page to the pages they visit, how long it takes them to convert, and when they exist – these are the kind of insights that help entrepreneurs and marketers enhance their webpages to deliver compelling buying experiences.

Since the majority of B2B buyers make purchases through their mobile devices, marketers must implement the appropriate mobile-friendly standards for web stores so mobile consumers can successfully make buying decisions.

Businesses that focus their efforts on empowering their tech-savvy consumers will exponentially climb the ladder of success and thrive in any situation. Millennials prefer to do things on their own, so once they land on your webpage, they must be able to navigate the website and find the product information they’re looking for as well as locate the check-out page.

A fast and easy-to-use transaction procedure increases the confidence of the customer with the company and convinces them to return in the future. Ultimately, it all comes down to the customer’s buying experience. If they can find relevant content, easily browse through webpages, and purchase desired products seamlessly, then your business will gain their undivided loyalty.

Wrapping Up

Going into 2020, a lot is happening in the world, and B2B e-commerce web stores must adapt to the changing demands of consumers to progress and thrive in stressful environments. Providing convenience and accessibility to customers will create numerous growth opportunities and help your business reach a higher level.

E-commerce sales are only going to climb, and as technology advances, modern entrepreneurs will further upgrade their online stores to live up to the expectations of consumers across the globe.



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