Work from Home in Style: The Best Home Office Furniture for Digital Marketers

January 30, 2023

With many workforce members moving to work from home, setting up a home office is a must. However, from picking the right chair to properly angling your monitors, more goes into designing your home office than just setting up a desk and a laptop.

Here, we cover choosing the best home office furniture for digital marketers. We discuss how lighting, furniture design, and clutter impact your productivity. From working with a natural wood grain to prioritizing organization, here is your go-to guide for working from home in style.



Sit in Style

When working remotely, you spend most of your day sitting down. This sedentary lifestyle is especially true for digital marketers who coordinate online services daily. So while you can balance your posture using chair yoga and simple stretches, investing in a high-quality chair like the Steelcase Gesture can make a noticeable difference.

Ergonomic chairs don’t just feel comfortable; they can prevent back and neck strain. Pairing a supportive desk chair with a comfortable monitor set-up can help you avoid unwanted stress and tension and make working from home feel natural.

When shopping for a good home office chair, look for something that supports your back and offers adjustable heights to fit your needs. For example, if you find yourself leaning over while you work, try and find an office chair made to work with a high desk. The best way to find excellent home office furniture is to assess your needs. Once you know what you need, you can narrow your options and pick the right furniture. You can check a variety of office furniture at


Delightful Desk Design

Choosing the suitable desk for your home office comes down to available space and needs. While you should consider your overall comfort when it comes to office furniture, the main concerns are if the desk fits in your office and if it’s big enough (or small enough) for your unique needs. For example, a large desk may work best for those in creative fields. However, less desk space may help limit overall clutter for digital marketers.

Whether you’re looking for a standing desk to help switch up your daily routine or like the look of a traditional desk, you have plenty of options. First, look for a desk that matches your ideal height and has plenty of storage space. Then, be honest with yourself about how much surface area you need. If you tend to clutter your desk, try getting a smaller desk for your workspace, and prioritize storage options to reduce clutter.

If you like the freedom to adjust your workspace, look into a standing convertible desk that can move from sitting to standing throughout your workday. This adaptability allows you freedom while working from home and can help you focus on individual tasks throughout the day.

Choosing the right desk comes down to figuring out your unique needs, measuring your available space, and picking a desk that works for your productivity style.

You don’t even need to spend that much money. You could go to a ReHome or pawn shop and get office furniture at a great price instead of buying brand new.


Let There Be Light

While the human eye can work in incredibly low light, good home office lighting can revolutionize your mood. Not only does adequate lighting brighten up your workspace, but it can also help fend off seasonal affectiveness disorder (SAD) thanks to sun lamps and help you feel productive all day.

When choosing office lighting, consider the natural lighting available in your office. If you work a traditional 9 to 5 shift, put your lights on timers to mimic the natural light cycle. For those without easy access to natural lighting, warm, diffused lighting can brighten up any space and boost your mood.

Try having several light sources throughout your workspace. Well-lit areas can reduce eye strain, making it much easier to focus on tasks. However, if you find yourself squinting at your computer screen, or reaching for sunglasses mid-day, reconsider where you have your lighting sources and move your desk.

Proper lighting can boost your mood and help stave off mid-day fatigue and help you feel energized throughout your shift. For digital marketers on the computer for long hours of the day, balancing screen brightness and natural lighting can help reduce eye strain and even improve focus.



Organization Options

Once you have lighting, a nice chair, and a desk, your next priority is organization. While having everything you need on your desk may be helpful, clutter can slow you down. Using organization tools can help reduce overall stress and streamline your work process.

Note that organization does not mean you have to hide everything in your office. For some, visible storage allows for easy access while removing needless clutter. Using labels and storage bins can streamline your workflow. While the filing cabinet is an office staple for a reason, try using see-through storage for important documents so you can find forms in a snap. A clean workspace can increase focus and help digital marketers build their marketing empire from home.

Speaking of organization, while it may seem fun to have “office toys” on your desk, these gadgets and gizmos can become distracting. Try and limit work fidgets to a few essential items, or replace that bobbing desk bird with a small plant to bring nature into your office space. Fewer random items on your desk can reduce distractions and help keep you on task.

Remember that not all organization solutions need to be on your desk. Wall-mounted storage, bookshelves, and filing cabinets can all transform a home office. Feel free to customize your workspace and develop innovative solutions. For example, try storing things vertically or under existing furniture if you have a small home office. Rolling storage can transform a temporary office into a productivity haven.

As we’ve mentioned, crafting the perfect work-from-home set-up comes down to understanding your unique workplace needs and preparing a space that works for you. Not all remote employees need the same office, and not all digital marketing specialists find themselves dreaming about a standing desk. The secret to finding the best home office furniture is to consider what works for you and craft your workspace around those needs. Once you know what you need, the rest is easy.


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