Choosing a Label Solution: Top Expert Tips

June 8, 2021

Looking for label manufacturers for your products? To choose the best label solution, read on.

product labels

Labels are the identity of any product. It gives information about what the product is made of, the quantity, the price, etc. If you are reading this article then you must be a product manufacturer who is looking for a good label solution. Choosing the right label solution will not only let you work in your comfort zone but also save you a lot of money.

There are various factors that you should take into consideration while choosing the perfect label. Labels come in a wide range of types depending on the type of product they will be on. For different types and sources of labels, you can always visit websites of reputed companies to see what services they offer.


Types of Labels

There are different types of labels made with a variety of materials. Here is some information about their properties.


Pressure Sensitive Labels

Composed of a liner, adhesive, and face stock, pressure-sensitive labels are the most common type of labels out there. They are easily customizable and very affordable. The adhesive being water-based makes this type easy to apply and peel off.


Shrink Sleeve Labels

Also known as shrink wrap labels, is a plastic film that covers the entire product and is sealed using heat. They are mostly used in beverage packaging.

In-mold Labels

They are very durable and are mostly seen on detergent bottles and warning signs. They don’t require any adhesive.

Die-cut Labels

These labels can be customized and cut according to your specifications. They are used mainly to label unusually shaped objects.

Direct Thermal Labels

These change color with heat. Printing on this type does not require ink or toner; rather, heat is used. However, they are not durable and the printing may fade relatively soon.

Thermal Transfer Labels

This type is essential for products that are stored outside or near a heat source where direct thermal labels cannot be used. This label makes use of a ribbon that allows long-lasting prints. The ribbon can be made of resins, wax resins, or wax.


What Is It Made Of?

For each type of label, you can choose from a variety of materials as well. The most common types of labeling materials used for industrial purposes are listed below:

  • Metalized, white or clear polyester
  • Industrial vinyl
  • Tamper-proof destructible vinyl,
  • White or clear polypropylene
  • Static clean vinyl
  • and foil paper
  • Semi-gloss, litho, and high gloss paper


So what exactly do you need to consider while looking for a top-quality label solution?


Know Where Your Products Go

The type of label you should choose depends a lot on where your product is going to be. The printing solution and label material will be determined based on where your product spends its time.

If your products are kept indoors, such as in shops, direct thermal labels would be the best choice. There are various print signs available for both promotional and up labeling. This type of label is cost-effective, and the ink will not last for years. This is not a drawback since indoor products are not exposed to rough conditions that may cause the ink to fade.

On the other hand, if your products are kept outdoors, you would most likely choose thermal labels which last longer and can withstand heat, moisture, and abrasion.


Environmental Requirements

The environment around your product is another essential factor to consider. A product kept indoors can have a stable environment whereas another kept outdoors may be subject to harsh surroundings.

Let’s look into some environmental conditions and how they should influence your label solution choice.


Temperature and Weather

Changes in temperature will affect label properties. A temperature that is too high or too low can cause the adhesive to lose its effectiveness. Bringing your product from room temperature to an environment that is -20F will degrade the label if the correct material is not used.

For example, direct thermal labels are heat sensitive and hence cannot be used if the product is kept in high temperatures. Thermal transfer labels can be used in this case.


Chemicals and Abrasion

Resin ribbon labels are strong and have high wear and tear. This makes them withstand abrasion and resist chemical changes.

Contact with chemicals, even with water, can change your label. Chemicals like alcohol, bleach, etc. require strong material like resin ribbons, whereas, for less harsh chemicals, direct thermal labels would work just fine.



How long will your label last? This depends on the environmental conditions surrounding the product as well as how it is handled. The type of label material will also determine how durable it will be. For example, thermal labels are long-lasting and can thrive in adverse conditions. But a direct thermal label will last a long time if kept in a stable environment.


What You Are Labeling

The type of surface on which the label will be placed is important. Since there are different adhesives and label solutions available, you need to find the perfect fit for your particular product. If the surface is uneven, then shrink sleeve or die-cut labels can be used. For more even surfaces, thermal labels will be just fine.


Printer and Label Quality

Labels with different materials will take different amounts of time to print. Want to get your labels printed fast? Increase the darkness so that you get high-quality barcodes.

You’ll need glossy and smooth synthetic label material if you want small and detailed fonts to be printed on your label.

So have you made up your mind about which label solution to choose? Choosing the right one will boost your business. Before choosing a label, know your product first. The type of product and where it will be kept will determine which label solution to use.


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