Don’t Waste Your Time Using These Types Of Marketing In Your Small Business

February 15, 2022

Modern problems typically call for modern solutions, and in today’s sophisticated digital business environment, people have more opportunities and options. They can compare products and test services before making buying decisions, sometimes even on the spot. So for small businesses, putting those ITIN loans to good use and investing in marketing will require a lot of quality marketing-related wisdom and strategies.

Some of the marketing practices that worked a couple of decades ago have long stopped bringing in results and may ruin your brand when you apply them. Not to worry, this article exposes the outdated or underperforming marketing techniques and types, best practices to boost your small business, and what to consider when making the best marketing strategy for your company.



Top Marketing Strategies That Are No Longer Used

The fact that your ideal customer has more choices than ever before means you need to adapt to a newer, more authentic, and people-oriented marketing style to get to them

So for small businesses, putting those ITIN loans to good use and investing in marketing will require a lot of quality marketing-related wisdom and strategies.


Here are some outdated marketing strategies you should avoid:

1. Visual or Text-only Content

Some of the most outdated marketing strategies rely on visual or text-only content. This form of marketing strategy is insufficient to drive more customers and is also an old strategy where you can employ just one or two content distribution methods. There’s also the outdated idea that sending a lot of visual or text-only content will help marketing endeavors, but in reality, it won’t.


2. Social Media For Only Promotions

Social media marketing followed the creation of top social media apps, which pull top-level audience engagement. Despite the obvious positives, the era of brands using social media only for promotions and getting away with it is over. Nowadays, small businesses will attract attention, and if it goes on long enough, people will either unfollow or block it because they consider it spam.


3. Ignoring Personalization and Relying On Generalized Data

Indeed everyone has gotten one of those emails in their inbox that offer little to no personalization at all. If you do this, know that your recipient’s first instinct would be that this is a bulk email sent to hundreds and thousands like them. The likely reaction from your target audience and potential customers will be to trash that mail or block your email.

Some small businesses refuse to commit time, ITIN loans, and other funding towards collecting and studying customer data in their industry. The use of general data that influences business decisions on budget, future campaigns, products, customers, and market segmentation is counter-productive and outdated.


4. Spams

Email marketing is excellent, but spamming potential customers is not. Make sure your email list is only for your preferred target audience members. Segment your audience into several customer types to avoid spamming them with irrelevant content.


5. Terrible Keyword-stuffed Content

Gone are the days when poorly written and keyword-stuffed content was permissible over valuable and worthy information. Back then, search engines could not tell good and bad content apart. Nowadays, advances in SEO has set the bar high, and only the best quality content that adheres to strict SEO rules can get on the top ten search results while staying readable to both humans and machine.


Other Marketing Ideas To Avoid In Small Businesses

  • Fake Testimonials: It may seem an intelligent and crafty thing to do to gain a competitive advantage, but it is a fast way to bring down a small business before it even sets off. Third-party credibility is incredibly essential for the growth of your small business because people need to know that someone they trust recommends you.
  • Staying First In The Phone Book: It is not uncommon for small businesses to operate in referral industries such as insurance. However, with the coming of mobile phones, fighting to stay first in the phone book isn’t as effective as it used to be.
  • Avoid Direct Mailing: Doing small businesses should avoid random mass snail-mailing, which is ineffective and counterproductive to marketing efforts. This is because some companies may not know the buying habits or the persons on their mailing list.
  • Avoid Cold Calling: Cold calling blindly without intent when marketing a service or product will get you nowhere fast. You should be researching potential customers and tailor pitch them.


Building the Best Marketing Strategy According To Your Company

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your small business or are a considerable fortune 500 company expanding its reach; every company needs an effective marketing strategy. You need to build brand awareness and reel new customers to patronize your services and products. Here are some tips in making the best marketing strategy according to your company:


1. Carry Out A SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an analysis you do to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These are essential factors that affect all industries, and knowing them will help you make informed marketing decisions.


2. What’s Your Target Audience?

Before you set up any marketing strategy, there’s a need to determine who the target audience of your small business is and where to find them. Defining your target audience will go a long way in helping you shape and keep to your marketing strategy.


3. Create Buyer Personas

If you can determine who your target audience is, you can go as far as creating buyer personas for them. The buyer persona is the near-perfect example of your ideal customer through your eyes as a small business owner.


4. Identify Your Marketing Goals

Goals are significant in business, and it is no different for marketing. In short, your marketing strategy goals should quickly reflect the objectives planned for your business. The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase brand awareness or generate quality leads.

Best Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Business



Below are some of the best marketing techniques to boost your business:

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO-rich content is one of the small businesses’ modern marketing strategies. Search engines like Google prioritize natural and organic search results to improve your SEO to increase brand reach.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing helps you nurture and convert quality leads within your target audience. This computer-assisted process targets individual consumers and prospects to influence their buying decisions.
  • Affiliate Marketing and PR: Some of the fastest-growing brands use a little help from media mentions and good press. The more good press you get, the more brand awareness grows. You can collaborate with affiliate programs to monetize great word-of-mouth.
  • Social Media Marketing: More and more brands are increasing their reach using social media and marketing. To follow suit, build an online following on the right platforms, keep your community engaged with authentic content while you push promotions, sales, and new releases.
  • Videos: Videos are an effective and quick marketing tool. It could become a solid marketing strategy to pass a message to your audience when used well. You can use video tutorials to spread the news about your company, products, services. Live webinars can help you create how-to content on your products and services.



Small businesses need to cut old and outdated marketing tools in modern businesses while saving time and money. A modern update to your marketing strategies will see sales, leads, and revenue increase at an alarming rate. The internet and social media are some tools worth leveraging. And if you need additional funding for your marketing strategy, financing options like easy-access ITIN loans are always available to small business owners.


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