Ecommerce Trends Pushing the Industry Forward in 2022

July 26, 2022

The eCommerce sector is ever-changing, and 2022 has been no different. Nowadays, online merchants have been tirelessly working on enhancing the customer experience to increase revenue. And although this trend is arguably not new, there are many new ways and means that are being employed in an attempt to reach this goal.

The importance of customer satisfaction and experience is already well-known, but the fact of the matter is that not many businesses know how to approach or implement it the right way.

Although the big wave of change hitting the eCommerce industry may seem overwhelming, certain trends are at the forefront. These trends are on track to set the pace for the online shopping space. Some of the biggest include headless commerce, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, and chatbots.

This article will explore significant eCommerce trends pushing the industry forward.

Top Ecommerce Trends Influencing the Market

  • Headless Commerce

Simply put, headless commerce separates the frontend and the backend of an eCommerce application. What this means is that by implementing this type of architecture, businesses have full freedom to build their eCommerce website however they see fit.


With a quality frontend platform for eCommerce, businesses can fully customize their website’s UI library, and be fully in charge of their entire website design. So, instead of having to choose from a (most commonly) limited set of options, eCommerce businesses can design and organize their virtual storefronts to suit their audience best.


Needless to say, this will greatly contribute to the overall customer experience and lift it to a whole new level. Since customers value eCommerce websites that feature great design, intuitive navigation, excellent organization and seamless checkout processes, headless commerce only comes off as the most logical way to go.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has completely revolutionized the eCommerce space. It has provided an avenue for the online shopper to experience what they’re about to purchase rather than simply staring at images of the items.

Some industries where AR is highly useful include fashion, real estate, and interior design. Customers who get to experience the item they want to purchase rather than just seeing it can now expect improved satisfaction.

Big companies currently use AR, but it is expected to permeate other parts of the industry as well. The responses from customers about the technology also seem positive. 35% of consumers have stated that they’d spend more time shopping online if they could use AR.

  • Virtual Reality

Sharing quite a bit of perks with AR, virtual reality (VR) also serves the purpose of enhancing the overall shopping experience, thus lifting the customer experience to new heights. Due to the fact that AR and VR most commonly go hand-in-hand, they are often mistaken for one another.


Although online shopping is significantly more efficient and convenient than in-person shopping, it still laks one very important factor – the social aspect. Luckily, with the help of VR, eCommerce businesses can basically replicate these social interactions and make the whole online shopping experience much more enjoyable for ther website visitors.


What’s best is the fact that, although relatively new, VR technologies are becoming more widespread and easily accessible, which makes them a great addition for both small businesses and large corporations. Sooner, rather than later, eCommerce businesses simply won’t have an excuse not to make VR an integral part of their business.


  • Artificial Intelligence Allowing Shops to Learn about Customers

The machine learning subset of artificial intelligence is responsible for enhancing the customer experience in online shops. It works hand-in-hand with big data by collecting large amounts of data on an activity like purchased items, time of purchase, and patterns in the purchasing process. Understanding all of these better is crucial for business growth, as all of those factors contribute to creating a better-tailored offer.

AI is one aspect of eCommerce improving customer experience that cannot be duplicated in-store. From your activity on a website, a computer can determine the next best products you’ll like and use this to recommend items for you.

That’s why the majority of modern eCommerce businesses rely on AI when upselling and cross-selling products and services. What’s more, by learning as much as possible about their target audience and their behavior on-site, eCommerce businesses only get the chance to tailor and improve their offer further. This will naturally only attract more customers their way, which will – in turn – only further boost the business’ overall success and revenue.

  • Chatbots and Customer Support Experiences

Even though it’s a bot, a chatbot offers almost the same quality services as a human representative. Online shoppers are very impatient, have short attention spans, and want to head to a website and make a quick purchase.

If they can’t facilitate this, they become frustrated. This is where a chatbot can take over. Chatbots work 24/7, unlike human customer support representatives, and thus, improve the consumer experience.

However, it’s important to emphasize that fully switching to chatbots is still not entirely possible. Although they are becoming more and more sophisticated and helpful with each passing day, they are simply not yet able to provide real human-like assistance.

That’s why eCommerce businesses that are really looking to up their game need to make sure they implement chatbot services as an addition to their existing customer support.


Ecommerce trends have been taking over the market to enhance customer experiences. As mentioned earlier, the top eCommerce trends pushing the industry forward include headless commerce, augmented and virtual reality, big data, and chatbots. And even though none of these trends are completely new, they do still have the power to make some groundbreaking changes in the world of eCommerce businesses.

Essentially the main goal of any eCommerce business should be working on improving the experience their customers have and boosting customer satisfaction, while also staying on top of all of the latest industry standards and technologies that will help them get there. Only then can a business expect to experience real growth and see all of the positive changes that come with.


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