How To Grow A Company Brand With Corporate Videos

August 19, 2022

Many industries have transitioned to using digital marketing strategies compared with conventional ones, considering the increasing number of people browsing the internet every day. It’s said that an average internet user spends about seven hours online every day. With this data alone, it’s understandable to entertain the idea of using digital marketing methods to grow your company.  

There are ways to understand how to use corporate videos to your business’s advantage. The use of this digital marketing strategy will convert more revenues for your business as long as they’re done and executed perfectly. In fact, many business owners have proven how effective video marketing is as they reach out to more customers, gain more brand awareness and stand out from the competition. You can see further why corporate videos are effective when you click here



You, too, can maximize the benefits of using corporate videos. Here are ways for you to grow your brand through them:  


1. Present Your Customer Testimonials  

Due to the popularity of online reviews nowadays, one challenge for customers is to identify the real ones from the fake ones. Some companies fool users by creating fake reviews to gain more sales. Because of this, people are more hesitant to trust customer reviews online. One effective alternative to ensuring honest reviews is through making corporate videos instead. Present your customer testimonials in video form as opposed to written texts.  

Chances are, prospects would trust your brand more when they watch your customer testimonial videos. This can be a recording of actual clients who used your product or service. They’ll explain their experience and will provide honest opinions about it. Because these videos are raw and honest, this makes them more authentic and preferred by consumers. A video testimonial is also more credible as you can see the person giving the testimonial. 

The next time you consider expanding your market and reaching out to more prospects, create video testimonials and share them through your website and social media accounts. While people would want to get to know more about your offers, the next things they want to check are your customer feedback and reviews. Work with your past clients and inspire them to make video testimonials for you, but ensure you reward them for their efforts. Hire a video editor and collate all customer testimonials. This video will finally help grow your business for sure.  

Moreover, using video marketing software can be another excellent way to grow a company brand with customer testimonials. It’s a technological advancement that helps your business make, host, and share videos for marketing purposes.

With this platform, you can analyze and track how the videos are being watched. This data can help you understand what types of video testimonials are resonating with your audience, where they’re watching your videos, and how long they’re watching them. This information can be used to improve your video marketing campaigns. Also, a good video marketing platform can help you reach a wider audience. This means that the software should be compatible with various social networking platforms and have features that allow you to embed your videos on your website or blog.

Therefore, if you want to use videos as part of your marketing strategy, then video marketing software can be a valuable tool. Many different platforms are available, so you can choose one that fits your specific needs and budget.


2. Rank High On SEO  

If you want your business to flourish, one of your goals is to rank high on search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to text, many search engines search for other elements on a website. The information is made more relevant for users by including videos and images. Therefore, corporate videos will give you leverage over competitors who don’t use multimedia.   

A website’s SEO rank also considers how many people visit it. You’ll rank higher if you generate traffic from social media videos, especially if those visitors stay for a while on your site. Apply tips to improve this marketing strategy. The more people view and share your videos with other sites and platforms, the higher your content and site rank on search engines.  

You can optimize your video to rank high for SEO by including calls to action and lead capture methods. Of course, you must create the right kind of content. 


3. Advertise That You’re Hiring Talents  

With your company having employee turnover, you might find yourself hiring more talents. You can advertise that you’re hiring through the use of corporate videos. Unlike job postings, videos show future candidates what your company can offer. This easily attracts the best talents in your industry.  

Interested applicants will have to research more about the company, but they’ll be more interested in applying when they watch your corporate video snippets. They can assess and evaluate whether your company will be a good fit for them. The key to this strategy is creating a video advertisement that showcases your facilities, offerings, and reasons your company is the best place to work.  

You can designate existing employees who can represent your brand, and they can explain or give a tour of your office. Highlight your work culture as well. Doing so can attract the best candidates, which is essential in growing your business. 

Another way to make corporate videos when hiring talents is to collate videos from existing employees explaining how much they enjoy working in your company. Make it a testimonial of sorts but this time from internal stakeholders.    


4. Partner With Influencers And Content Creators


Social media influencers and content creators hold so much power regarding brand recommendations nowadays. You can use corporate videos and partner with positive social media artists who can work and collaborate with your brand. Publish branded content and ads that showcase the creative storytelling power of creators. 

Reach out to content creators who share the same vision or goals as you. You can make a deal or partnership together to make the collaboration a win-win for both parties. To build an authentic relationship with your audience, you need to enable creators to advocate for your brand.  

However, some things should be considered if you want to take advantage of your partnership with influencers and video creators. For instance, you should ensure that the people you partner with have a following that’s interested in your products or services. Before working with them, be clear about your expectations and provide them with the necessary resources. These include things like product samples, access to marketing materials, and feedback on their work. Lastly, give the influencers and content creators creative freedom to create corporate video content that your audience will enjoy. 

Partnering with influencers and content creators can be a great way to boost your video marketing efforts. By following these tips, you can find the right professionals for your brand and create a successful campaign.


5. Build Customer Trust  

Making the most of corporate videos helps you establish customer trust. This is most important if you want to succeed in your online business. Your products and services won’t sell if consumers don’t trust you. Building trust online is easier with video marketing. 

Your audience will be able to engage with video in a way they won’t be able to engage with other types of content. Videos can be done in the most creative ways where it’s creative enough for your customers to trust your brand more. As videos are more transparent and spontaneous, people can follow your content and realize how legitimate your business is. The more content you show upfront, the more trust your customers will develop. 


6. Increase Brand Retention  

Brand retention is one of the goals of many businesses. Fortunately, you can acquire this through video marketing. By sharing some of your expertise, showing them a fun product demonstration or telling a compelling brand story, you’ll make your potential customers remember your company the next time they decide to buy. Your videos don’t have to look very expensive; as long as your concept is unique and you’ve gathered viewers’ attention and interest, they can remember your brand more.  



Brands are increasingly embracing video content because of its popular and proven benefits to businesses. There’s great interest among people right now in connecting with brands and creators. You need to use the ways stated above to grow your business more.


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