How To Choose The Best Corporate Gifts For Marketing

March 23, 2022

Today, corporate gifting is an integral part of any company because it helps foster an excellent relationship between your clients and employees. As a result, this will undoubtedly help when it comes to staff retention and client engagement.

However, you need to be careful in choosing a corporate gift. You don’t want to rub someone off the wrong way with your gift choice.  You also don’t want your present to be thrown in the bottom drawer. In 2022, corporate gifting has transformed drastically because people today want more personal gifts that are more relatable and approachable. Read more to help you choose a corporate gift for marketing your business.



1. Create A Budget

Corporate gifts are an investment because they help you better promote your brand to your existing clients. Because of this, you need to set aside a budget and know how much money you’ll spend in advance before you even start your search at corporate gifts and other similar options. Doing this is essential because you don’t want to get your clients substandard gifts.

Having a budget also helps you from overspending, especially if you want to give corporate gifts regularly, for instance, during Christmas and New Year.


3. Go Through Corporate Policies On Gifts

You must go through your corporate policies before deciding the best gift to get your clients. Moreover, some companies have policies that don’t allow corporate gifting.

Another reason to go through the corporate policies is that different companies observe different rules and regulations on issues such as tax breaks and how much can be spent on gifts. And in today’s world, where corporate responsibility is emphasized, doing this ensures your choice of gift shows your company’s desire towards environmental sustainability or supporting social causes. This will help improve your image with your clients and employees, especially if they’re involved in such causes.


3. Personalize The Gift

Clients usually receive gifts from numerous companies in an attempt to further convince them to do business with them. But to stand out from the pack, you should opt for a personalized corporate gift. For instance, if your client enjoys coffee, a great present would be a coffee vending machine with their names engraved on it. These gifts can even come with your company logo or name.

Another way of adding a personal touch is by personally delivering the gift or including a handwritten card. Clients appreciate such gestures and feel your company indeed values them. In addition, implementing such approaches is deemed less generic. Hence, this could further boost a client’s interest in your brand.


4. Give Something Practical


In your search for the perfect gift, you should prioritize getting your client an item that’ll undoubtedly provide them with value. To achieve this, you might need to do some firsthand research to find out some of the things they love. This is one of the many ways to ensure your corporate gift doesn’t end up in the trash but rather would function in the long run.

To identify the perfect present to buy, you need to examine your client’s routine activities. For instance, if they work a lot, getting them an engraved power bank would be the perfect gift. Besides being practical, this gift will constantly remind them about your company whenever they’re using it. This helps further market your brand and foster a more solid relationship with your client.


5. Get A High-Quality Gift

The choice of gift you get will directly impact your corporate branding. Since you don’t want to come off as cheap, you need to buy a high-quality gift that your clients will certainly be delighted with having. This means overlooking customary and standard items such as notebooks or pens. Instead, your gift should be of a high standard.

For instance, you shouldn’t focus solely on getting your client a polo shirt. Instead, you may get the best in terms of quality. Check its clothing material, and the print of your company logo should not be pixelated. Getting such a present will certainly leave a positive impression on your client and it would last for a long time. Therefore, it’ll offer them more value as something they’ll certainly appreciate.


6. Be Creative

In a highly competitive business industry, the goal is usually to stand out from your competitors. This principle also applies when deciding what’s the most appropriate corporate gift to get your clients. After all, it’s one way of ensuring a memorable present.

A great place to start when looking for a creative corporate gift is to opt for experiences as they’re deemed a lot more exciting instead of material gifts. You may choose from movie screenings, escape rooms, camping trips hosted and accommodated by your company.


7. Research Your Client

A common mistake you might make when looking for the ideal corporate gift is presenting your client with something you like and assuming they’ll also love it. However, this is often not the case because people have different tastes and preferences. To avoid making such a costly mistake, you need to take your time and research your client to know what gift perfectly suits their unique preferences.

To make sure your choice of gift will certainly be accepted, call your client and inform them you’d like to present them with a gift as a token of your appreciation. And while you’re at it, be frank and ask them about their preferences. This way, you’ll not only be sure of getting a gift that they’ll unquestionably appreciate but also improve your relationship with them by not always discussing business matters.



Finding the ideal corporate gifts for marketing can often feel intimidating because everyone has unique preferences and personalities. However, it doesn’t always have to be the case. You could follow the practical options discussed above to guide you in picking an ideal corporate gift. Such a small gesture will go a long way in further fostering positive relationships with your clients and employees.


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