How To Create A Good Email Reputation?

October 23, 2023

Every online marketer treats email reputation as his bread and butter. That means if you have a good email reputation, you need not worry, as your emails will be delivered to the right person without encountering any issues. But what if it is not up to the mark? That’s where the real problem lies. 




What is email reputation, why it is important, and how to improve it – We will look at the answers to such questions in this blog. 


What is email reputation?


Email reputation is also known by the name of sender reputation or domain reputation. Internet Service Providers gives a general score to email inboxes for determining the health and safety of the particular inbox. 


Spam filters take this score into account and find out how safe it is to communicate with a particular domain. 


If the resultant score comes out to be below the threshold, a domain is rendered dead by an ISP. It means the emails sent from that particular server will be automatically sent to the spam folder of the recipient. 


Why is it important?


Email reputation is the determinant of the trustworthiness of your emails and domain. A positive reputation with a high score indicates that there are high chances of the emails being sent to the recipient’s inbox. 


If a score falls below a certain threshold, all the incoming messages of the recipients will be automatically forwarded to the spam folder by the ISP. After having enough spam complaints, there are odds that a domain may appear on the blocklist that will bring all the email communication from that specific sender to discontinue. To avoid such situations, you should use an SPF checker that will help improve email authentication and make your emails more secure.


That being said, let’s get started with the ways to create a good email reputation. 


Clean subscriber list 


  • Ensure to include only those recipients in your email list who have opted-in to receive your emails. Or else your email deliverability is bound to get affected. You don’t want to damage your reputation and increase the email bounce rate. That is why it becomes important to maintain the deliverability and reputation of the email by constantly keeping a check on the recipients and eliminating unnecessary ones. You can opt for a double opt-in method to enhance your email reputation. The way to do this is to send a subscriber a confirmation mail and ask them to confirm their registration through a link. This way, you can be assured that you have received the right email ID. 


  • You can’t deny the fact that some subscribers may have lost interest in your emails and don’t open them. If someone is doing that, it’s time to send them re-engagement emails. Still not receiving any engagement? You can send them an email politely saying they can unsubscribe if they are not getting any value or are no longer interested in opening them. If still there are no satisfactory results, delete them from your list. 


  • Remove the email IDs that are contributing to the bounce rate to maintain proper list hygiene. Because as long as you are able to maintain a low bounce rate, you will have a better email reputation. 


Enhancing interaction 




  • You might have noticed some emails sent from “no-reply senders.” Refrain from using a no-reply address, as you are putting a full stop to future interactions with the recipients. 


  • The secret recipe to obtain a good open rate is to write an appealing subject line with an enticing pre-header. The pre-header and subject line should be crisp enough to compel the subscriber to open the email and see what’s in the store. 


  • A call-to-action is included not only to make a copy wise, but it’s also a necessity in today’s digital era. There is no denying that your ultimate aim is to get more and more conversions. And an impactful CTA plays a paramount role in pushing people toward conversion. 


  • Pay attention to the body of the email. Batch and blast emails don’t work anymore. So, if you want to entice your recipients, send relevant and personalized emails. 


  • Engaging subscribers can surge the interaction rate. Use tools like rotating banners, integrated forms, and sliders to attract subscribers as much as possible. Additionally, you can also use elements like carousel and accordion to make them more involved in your email. 


Keep a tab on spam complaints.


  • Don’t bombard the subscribers with too many emails with promotional content. This will drive them crazy, and they are more likely to click on the “Mark as spam” button. 


  • Send your subscribers emails at the times when they are highly expecting it. To find the best time, you can directly ask them for a suitable time when they subscribe to your email or request them to do so with the help of a preference center. This is one of the best ways of segmenting your email list.


In Summary


A good email reputation is a must to ensure that your efforts of creating the right emails have been bearing fruits in terms of delivering them to the right recipients. And you have all the controls to maintain a good email reputation score. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and make your emails more interesting and conversion-worthy than ever before. 


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