How To Increase The Conversion Rate In Online Sales?

April 6, 2022

In the digital space, the competition between businesses is growing, and practically every industry is striving to be there, so to be among the first you need to look for new tools, instruments, and mechanics of sales through the Internet. In this article, we will consider the sales trends which will help to strengthen your promotion strategy and raise your business to a new level.



Quiz marketing as an effective conversion mechanism

Internet quizzes, where a person is asked to answer definite questions and understand his problem, are now very popular.  With a quiz maker tool, you can get a person’s contact information, involve people in your business, and teach them to actively interact with your brand. After passing such a quiz, a person can be offered a sale.

This is an effective lead magnet that performs several functions at once. First, the person is interested in interacting with your business in a gamified way. Second, it allows you to classify people into thematic segments, and understand what they are interested in, and what their needs and key pains are. Based on this information you can build a chain of touches in a more personalized way. Moreover, the introduction of a quiz in your business allows you to reduce the cost of traffic.

As in competitive markets, a huge number of offers are concentrated, where customers are offered gifts, and promotions, the quiz is a fresh tool that allows getting a much higher conversion rate.


How to influence customers’ decisions with psychological triggers?

A trigger is a psychological technique that causes an unambiguous guaranteed reaction. Triggers always go to our unconscious and with their help, you can influence the customer’s desire to buy from you. When you start embedding triggers into your advertising, website, video, or speech, you will learn to activate many times more customers from the flow you now organize.

One of the effective triggers is called reciprocal gratitude, when a person receives an unexpected benefit, feels a sense of gratitude, and wants to reciprocate. The simplest form of this compensation is to buy something or at least recommend the services. This trigger works effectively when you offer potential buyers a free first step: an educational webinar, a checklist for solving a particular problem, or a book, where you provide a maximum of useful concentrated material, present yourself as a professional, and create a trusting first impression.

Storytelling is another effective trigger. It is the phenomenon where a person’s attention is turned on when he hears a quality well-told story. Everyone loves to listen to stories. You can immerse in a story with the necessary thoughts,  answer objections, and examples where the client has encountered the same problem as you do. Storytelling is necessary when you need to convey something important to the audience without its resistance.

The authority trigger is crucial to the purchase decision. Every customer interacting with your brand seeks to understand why you are worth listening to and trusting. There are specific measures for building authority.  All the projects in which you have worked, brand companies, big names, high numbers, results – all this creates your authority. On social networks, it is easy to create authority and a trusted first impression by raising statistics of the profile. That’s why it is a common practice for many online entrepreneurs to buy followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


How to sell with email marketing?


Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for online sales. Thanks to this tool, businesses have the opportunity to transform traffic into leads, stimulate non-paying customers, and build warm communication with their base. In such a way people trust and buy with higher conversion rates.

It is important to combine the mailing with the sales funnel. The customer who comes to your site is not ready to buy here and now, so it is important to think about alternative options for getting his contacts: subscription forms, lead magnets, or tripwires. When the contact is received, you can launch a warming chain of letters, a transactional system of letters to accompany and enhance the process of buying, post-sales letters, and promotional offers. If you have a detailed sales funnel, it’s easier for you to understand when and what information to send to the client.

Always try to automate your letters. An automated system does not cost much to maintain and produces great results. Constantly work on segmentation and personalization of emails, relevant mailings are always more effective.

As a result, a good email marketing setup will allow you to convert website visitors into buyers more effectively, motivate people to make their first purchase, increase conversion rates at the sales stage, and ensure repeat purchases.


Content marketing is a way to build trust

There are a lot of players and offers on the market, so it’s not enough for a buyer to go to a website and buy. People choose based on who gave them the most value, who they know best, and who impressed them as a person. Credibility can be formed with the help of content. When a person creates content over a long period, he builds relationships and as a result, people buy from him. Such a person becomes an influencer and whatever he sells, no matter how many niches he launches, he will always have his loyal audience. Therefore, it is worth focusing on starting to produce useful and valuable content, which will allow you to get clients cheaper, for the long term, and firmly occupy a certain niche for online sales.  Content on your site, on social media, and in advertising should answer why you are suitable for your target audience, how they will become even better with your help, and solve their problems.  Focus your attention on what pains your product or service solves. When you talk about the customer, you get his interest and attention.

To sum up, marketing on the Internet is constantly evolving and it’s important to monitor trends to take a leading position in the market. The above tools will help you strengthen your promotion strategy, warm up the interest of your audience, increase their involvement, and provide high-conversion sales for your business.


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