Material And Product Packaging As A Marketing Tool: What You Should Know

July 19, 2023

Packaging. You might see it as a protective cover or a mere vessel, but in this ultra-competitive market, it’s so much more! It’s your brand’s secret weapon, your ambassador greeting customers for the first time and a gentle reminder for repeat buyers.


Sound over-the-top? Not when it can make your product shine in a sea of competitors. More than just a casing, your packaging can scream your values, steal the limelight, and charm your customers into coming back for more.




Ready to turn your packaging into a power-packed marketing tool? Dive into this article for game-changing packaging practices.


Amp Up the Unboxing Experience


Alright, first up, the unboxing experience magic. Who does it best? The consumer electronics industry, no contest! You’ve seen those viral YouTube videos – customers on cloud nine as they unbox shiny new phones or cutting-edge VR gear. You know what’s the secret sauce? The box – sleek, minimalist, a tease that nudges your curiosity.


Imagine the thrill as you slowly lift the lid to unveil your prized possession – it’s like walking into Narnia! Your brand needs this kind of red carpet roll-out too.


Turbocharge that unboxing experience, and you’ve got raving fans doing your marketing for you on social media – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, you name it!


Let Your Packages Do the Talking




Next, get chatty – with your packages. That’s right, packaging can make small talk too! See, it’s often the first thing your customers lock eyes with. Now’s your chance to showcase your products’ awesomeness.


Eco-friendly? Plant-based? Unique characteristics? Shout it out loud on the package! Make it compelling enough to make customers do a double-take in the aisle, read, and reach out for your product instead of the competition.


Say you’re in the food business, for example. Your customers care about safety during storage and transit. How do you reassure them? With safety storage practices like bulk bags, of course! Reach out to those offering bulk bags for sale, slap your design on them, and bam – you’re in the game!


Done right, your packaging can carve a unique brand identity in a sea of sameness.


This not only reassures your customers about the safety and integrity of your product but also unfolds a tale of your commitment to quality and care. Your packaging then transforms from a mere container to a communication channel.


Get Social On Your Package


Alright, it’s the 21st century, no brand can play hard to get – you need to be where your customers are – social media! How about including your social media handles right on your product’s packaging?


That’s an open invitation for customers to reach out, offer feedback, share love for your product, or even build a community around it.


Dress Your Packages For the Season


Time for some seasonal charm! Holidays, events – times when shoppers are in high spirits and wallets open wider. Dress up your packages for the season or event – Christmas? Think reindeer or snowflakes. International Women’s Day? Limited edition packages featuring iconic women.


Lean into the emotional, sentimental vibes of the season. Stir a buzz around your product. Make it a keepsake, a memory, not just a buy-and-forget.


Now, how does this help you level up in your marketing game? These seasonal packages speak volumes about your brand’s adaptability and sensitivity towards events and trends, making your product more relatable.


Go Green, Get Noticed


Sometimes it’s all about getting noticed in the right light – in the green light to be precise! In 2020, a staggering 74% of customers declared they’d shell out more for sustainable packaging. Now, how’s that for an audience craving a green leap?


So, how do you go green with your packages? Recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, or glass? Yes, please! Bioplastics or compostable plant-based materials? Excellent choice! Crunching down the size, or going minimalistic on the packaging design? Absolutely! Reusable containers or bags? Brilliant!  All these, topped with best branding practices, will transform your packaging into green-loving extensions of your brand!


And here’s the game changer. Your package can’t just be eco-friendly, it has to roar your green stance! Nail this by letting your packaging do the talking. Think earthy tones, nature-inspired illustrations, or eco-badges that scream “sustainability is our mantra!”


Involve Customers In Packaging Design


Take that big leap into packaging paradise by putting your customers in the driver’s seat. Why not host a killer contest for the hottest, out-of-this-world packaging ideas? You never know – fresh perspectives might just set the stage ablaze and bring out a design that simply knocks your socks off.


When you give your customers a ringside view of your brand’s journey and make them feel valued and heard, you’re doing more than bagging love – you’re building brand loyalty.


Make Packaging Educational


Mix in a dash of knowledge! Your packaging can be a platform to educate customers. Include QR codes to bring out those juicy tidbits about your product or the industry. Transform your packaging into a treasure trove of fascinating insights. It’s like sneaking in veggies under a pile of cheesy goodness!


Remember you’re not just boxing a product, you’re delivering an entire brand experience. You’ve made your customer part of the journey – they’re leaning in, more hooked than ever. So go on, make each unbox a delightful product and knowledge treat!


Onto some golden rules for packaging:

  • Know your audience: A children’s toy company? Think bright, playful illustrations that would make a kid’s eyes light up!
  • Grab attention: In an era of dwindling attention spans, you’ve got a fleeting window to impress.
  • Go bold with colors, play with shapes, experiment with fonts, dazzle with images or illustrations. But remember, everything needs to echo your brand.
  • Your brand’s essence: If your brand’s a friend to the environment, show it. Use earthy tones, nature illustrations, or even a leaf-shaped tag.


These practices can help make your packaging stand out from the crowd.


Wrapping Up


As you wrap this up (pun intended), remember, your packaging is your product’s first date with the customer. Make sure it’s love at first sight.


Leverage these insights to make the moment count. If you need help, don’t hesitate to rope in branding and packaging experts. You got this!



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