Podcasts as a Marketing Tool: How it Works

December 23, 2021

Podcasting has become a popular medium over the recent years for listeners and has a growing opportunity for success. Business owners considering adding a podcast as a part of their marketing strategy could tap into a breakthrough area for increased sales and revenue.

The key is not to underutilize your podcast and plan creation and distribution wisely. It takes a lot of effort, patience, and dedication for a podcast to pay off. There are various steps, including streamlining your content, keeping it concise, investing in a platform for managing affiliate links to stay organized and gather data, and more.

While multiple marketing tools are available for business experts, the podcast can be highly effective. They go a long way to helping brands establish themselves and reach a targeted audience and can even go as far as to hyper-target audiences, which results in a great return on investment.

So, how do podcasts work as a marketing tool? Here, we will examine the benefits of podcasting and consider when developing one for your brand.


Podcasts as a marketing tool

How Can Podcasting Be Utilized in Your Marketing Strategy?

Podcasting is a rewarding opportunity since the startup costs are relatively minimal. However, it does take time and consistency, so you need to have a considerable amount of commitment to seeing a podcast through to fruition. Here are some of the questions you might consider before employing a podcast within your marketing:

  • What is your target market? Knowing the “who” behind your audience will help you gauge whether a podcast is an effective tool to reach them. Every business has a specific niche and core demographic that they appeal to, so understanding the value that a podcast can bring to your audience by developing content to make them listen and continue to come back is essential.


  • How strong is your commitment level? A podcast is not a small undertaking and needs consistent, dedicated team members to keep a fresh perspective and bring value to all content.


  • Do you have the technology? Preparation is key in podcasting, so you need to focus on your production quality. Audio hardware and software, and other recording equipment may be necessary to produce clear audio on your podcast for easy listening.


  • What is your publishing schedule? Being consistent with your podcast episodes is vital. Your schedule should be to publish either once a week, twice a month, or maybe just once a month. But whatever your decision, sticking with that schedule is key – your listeners need to know when to expect each new podcast.


  • Where will you distribute it? Choosing a podcast hosting platform is crucial to building the right audience. You must have keen insight into your ideal target listeners to know which platform they are more likely to tune in on, and you can also consider other promotional opportunities for where to host. For example, paid ads or sponsors can help when you are working to monetize your podcast.


Once you go through and answer these questions thoroughly, you will have a good idea of how to start utilizing your podcast as a marketing tool within your business. Excellent podcasts take a lot of preparation upfront – creative vision and endurance will help guide your podcast to success.


What are the Benefits of Podcasting?

When you use podcasting for marketing your business, you have the potential for many advantages. Podcasts can be compelling in building your following, bringing awareness to your brand, and more. Here are some of the benefits when utilizing a podcast as a marketing tool:


Relationship Building

Nowadays, consumers and potential customers want to have a relationship with the brands they purchase from because it makes them feel comfortable. They like to think that they know and appreciate your business because of their established relationships. As a result, almost 90% of shoppers stay loyal to a company because they feel they have shared values.

Podcasting can help bring a voice to your business, which creates that relationship with listeners. Of course, building those relationships with your audience takes time. Still, it leads to the ability to have loyal and trusting customers who have created a bond and connection with your brand, making them more likely to recommend your service or product to others.


Podcasting and SEO

Podcasting and SEO

Suppose your business does not already execute a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. In that case, podcasting is a great way to enhance your SEO efforts since they portray industry expertise and can be added to your website page (or created as a separate website page), which provides more rank opportunities.

Distribution networks for podcasts also help bring more ranks since they are additional platforms for your brand to be visible. They also can get more incentive to your audience by having additional campaigns, newsletters and effectively building your email marketing – a significant advantage for businesses.


Growing Your Customer Base

There are over 120 million podcast listeners in the country this year. The potential for an audience is massive in podcasting. You can distribute over multiple hosting platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, or Apple Podcasts, all growing in membership every day. Your target audience is likely to be among these listeners so that you can develop a substantial following with some effort.


Brand Visibility

As with your SEO strategy, your business can be in more places online with a podcast, which helps to spread brand awareness. There are sections for podcast post-production notes. In addition, you can add links to encourage listeners to check out your website, social media channels, or other landing pages for specific products and services.

Driving traffic to your website or other channels can be done through a podcast. Podcasting provides yet another avenue for increased click-throughs from potential customers.



Podcasts don’t ever expire, so you always have the potential to bring in new listeners to discover it and access previous audio episodes. In addition, regular listeners can review previous episodes that pertain to their immediate problems or issues or help them to understand something better.


The Purpose of Podcasting As a Marketing Tool

Using a podcast as a marketing tool helps drive authenticity and prove your authority in your chosen field or industry. If you know enough about a topic and can create valuable content over short, ten or fifteen-minute episodes, you can develop podcasts quickly. If your company is looking to change its marketing game, a podcast can be the tool you need.

The purpose of having a podcast is to help present content regarding your business that is impactful and interesting to attract attention. As a result, you can help listeners understand your product or service better. Podcasts are practical to create and can bring many potential opportunities and benefits to your organization when used as a resource.

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