7 Creative Things You Can do With a Text to Speech Software

April 26, 2022

Converting or enriching your written content with an audible format can have a number of benefits for you and your company.

It may, for example, make your content more accessible by allowing people who speak other languages or have impairments to view and engage with it.

Plus, you’ll have more content to share on social media and on your website.

If you do not respond to the prospective demands or preferences of your target consumers, you risk losing market share and failing.

Continue reading if you wish to make use of the audio format’s advantages but aren’t sure how. We’ll look at seven creative ways to use text-to-speech software in this post.

Let’s get right to it.


What is a text to speech software?


A text to speech software is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool that can convert your written scripts into audio in seconds and with great accuracy.


Text to speech software: key features

Although each text to speech program has its own distinct set of capabilities, the majority of them share several of the most important ones. The following is a list of the most common.


Translation into many languages: Italian, German, Spanish text to speech, and more

In addition to creating audio in the language of the script you provide for conversions, many audio generator software programs allow you to convert the audio into various languages, including Spanish text to speech, to make your content available globally.


Grammar checker

Most text-to-speech software includes grammar checkers to guarantee that your script has no grammatical errors and to provide suggestions for probable correct forms.


Customization options

Many audio generators also offer an editor option, which allows you to change the speed of the narration, volume, tone, pitch, and other parameters to make the audio suit your content and brand identity.


7 Creative uses for audio created by text-to-speech software


Here are seven creative things you can do with audio created by text-to-speech software.


1.   Produce audio for your podcast series

Podcasts are a sort of content that has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years, and their relevance is growing.

Podcasts, which frequently come in series and require a large number of episodes to get exposure and relevance with the audience, necessitate a significant amount of effort and attention.

When you are unable to handle them on your own, that is, when you are unable to handle the creation of each episode as well as the publishing, then doing it on your own may not be the best option.

In this situation, AI-powered text-to-speech software will save you the time, effort, and money you would spend when manually processing it. Because this sort of software can create audio in seconds, you’ll be able to speed up your content creation process, improve the number of published content, and boost your podcast.


2.   Create and include audio in your educational, training, or promotional videos

If you’re active on YouTube or other video sharing platforms, or if you’re thinking about starting a video strategy on any of them, you’ll undoubtedly require audio for your videos, especially if they’re educational, training, or promotional in nature.

In this instance, unless you’re willing to utilize your own voice and are fluent in the language of the nation to which your video content is directed, you’ll require professionally sounding voices for your videos.

Hiring a professional to record his or her voice might be rather pricey in the long run, in addition to taking a relatively long period, depending on availability.

Again, text-to-speech software may solve these issues by providing you with natural-sounding and multilingual voices, creating the required audio, and adding it to your content so that it is immediately ready for publication.


3.   Make your books more personal by including a voice

If you’re a passionate and/or professional author, you might want to examine alternative options for your books, ones that might provide you with greater outcomes in terms of community participation and recognition.

In addition to traditional paper books, you may want to consider making your books accessible in audio format, which will attract the attention of those who prefer audiobooks and listening to reading.

As you would expect, recording your voice for the whole length of your book may be a time-consuming procedure that might delay the publication of your book’s audio edition. Paying a professional would also take a long time and an insignificant amount of money.

Instead, AI-powered text-to-speech software can transform your scripts practically instantaneously into audio content, giving you an error-free and natural-sounding voice for your book.


4.   Add an option to listen to your articles

Even if you don’t enjoy videos or podcasts and prefer to write articles or run a blog, you may add an enticing touch to your static writings.

In other words, you may provide your blog readers the option of reading or listening to posts.

In this way, in addition to allowing people to select their favorite options and increase their satisfaction levels, you’ll also allow them to consume your content while performing other tasks, without having to keep their eyes glued to your content.

To that end, and especially if you have a lot of content, you may utilize text-to-speech software to swiftly produce audio that corresponds to your written content and add it as an extra offer on your website.


5.   Add voiceover to your social media postings

As you may well know, social media posts are a great way to generate interest in your potential clients, reach a broader audience, and increase brand awareness.

However, because social media networks are filled with businesses attempting to attain the same goals as you, gaining attention may not be as simple as you think.

One method to overcome this obstacle and set your business out from the crowd is to differentiate your content and make it more remarkable and enticing.

Instead of developing and sharing a static visual, you might create an animated social media post with audio that explains the features of your product or service and how it can answer people’s problems or needs.

Because you may need a large number of postings before receiving visibility, recording audios by yourself or manually can take a long time.

Instead, you may use text-to-speech software to quickly produce audios for each of your postings. In this manner, you may have a simple content plan and have content to post every day, avoiding inconsistency.


6.   Include audio in your presentations

Presentations are still an excellent approach to promote your company, products, and services and persuade new clients and business partners to do business with you.

However, while presentations were more frequently delivered in person prior to the pandemic, things have changed since then.

Nowadays, most presentations are held online, and in many situations, they are simply sent to clients and corporations that are interested in learning more about your company.

As you can expect, seeing a presentation without accompanying additional in-depth explanations might be confusing for your receivers, and they may grow hesitant to do business with you.

In this situation, you may enhance your presentation with audio that acts as a guide through the slides and helps prospects better grasp what you do, what you provide, and the benefits of doing business with you.

Because presentations should be tailored for each of your recipients, the process of developing audio for each of them can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Once again, text-to-speech software may help you speed up the process and give ready-to-use content.


7.   Add a human voice to your product or service tour

User onboarding is becoming increasingly important as time goes on. The necessity of educating clients and potential customers on how to use your product or service to its full potential is critical for increasing customer retention and loyalty while decreasing churn rates.

One of the most effective user onboarding tactics is to give a product or service online tour, which is a step-by-step interactive guide on all of your product’s features.

Nonetheless, creating it using text alone may not be as extensive as it should be for allowing people to fully comprehend your product, and explaining it with text would necessitate walls of information, which discourages reading.

In this scenario, audio can aid in the process and provide guidance.

Again, text-to-speech software can help in creating natural-sounding segments of audio to include in your product tour and enrich it.



Audio content may enhance and enrich your standard content, making it more interesting to consumers.

Producing it on your own might take a significant amount of time and work. Fortunately, there is software available today that uses the power of AI to translate text to an audio in seconds.

We highlighted seven creative things you can do using text-to-speech software in this post. You may adopt either of these based on your brand identity, needs, and preferences.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. We hope it was informative and helpful to you.

If you want to read more, please check out this article on how artificial intelligence can help you market your business better.



Flavia Silipo is a skilled SEO copywriter and digital marketing specialist with over two years of experience. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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