Tips to Build An Algorithm-Proof SEO Plan for Your Business

September 5, 2023

You work hard to find your target keywords, create quality content and backlinks, and optimize your website for search engines. Everything appears in place with qualified traffic landing on your website. Just when the hard work seems to be paying off, a sudden change in the search engine algorithm causes havoc and disrupts your search engine optimization strategy.




Did you know that Google algorithms change 500-600 times every year? While these changes do not affect rankings significantly, core updates can shuffle things beyond your imagination. You may have to change your strategy or start from scratch to survive and sustain through the ranking changes. That’s painful but true, and SEO marketers have to live with this truth.


There’s no way to stop algorithmic updates, but building an algorithm-proof SEO plan is doable. All you have to do is ensure that your strategy is robust enough to weather any storm.


Here are a few ways business owners can implement SEO algorithm-proofing:


Create a Winning User Experience


According to Backlinko, Google has 200+ ranking factors to determine where websites find a place on search engine pages. All the factors prioritize one thing: user experience. Speed, responsiveness, content relevancy, backlink authority, and website navigation are only a few instances of the connection between user experience and ranking factors.


UX is a game-changer when it comes to SEO because it puts small business websites in the same league as established brands. Let us consider the example of a startup in a small city like Huntsville, Alabama.


Although the city features in the list of top small cities for businesses, you cannot imagine a local startup competing with national brands running from American business hubs. But Huntsville marketing agencies play with SEO strategies focusing on UX. Most of them have a successful track record despite the odds.


Zellus Digital Marketing recommends constant work on these factors to create a winning UX for your website. A great UX means nothing can push your website down the search rankings, not even a major algorithm update. That’s because every update aims to improve user experience with pages and websites serving value to them.


If you follow user intent and keep site visitors at the left, right, and center of your SEO plan, you hardly need to worry about algorithms.


Master the Content Game


Content has always been the cornerstone of SEO, and it continues to go strong even in the AI era. Following the E-A-T guidelines (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) can keep your SEO plan on top of algorithms. Recently, the experience factor has been added to these guidelines, so you need to follow the E-E-A-T goals while creating content.




You must also optimize content for featured snippets and position zero to master the game and prevent algorithm-induced disruptions. Your content creation processes must adopt search intent and proven SEO principles to achieve sustainable results, regardless of how the search algorithms play.


Creating content variety is another aspect of algorithm-safe SEO. A multimedia approach will always impress search engines, no matter how things change. Besides the basics like website copy and blogs, create value-adding formats such as case studies, white papers, and infographics to enhance UX.


Seek Guidance from Search Results


Search results can be your trusted guide to overcome the algorithmic challenges of SEO. Try understanding why Google ranks certain web pages. You can do it by digging deep into the intents and keywords of the top 10 pages. These are the ones least affected by algorithmic updates because of their robust foundations.


Once you understand the secret sauce for these pages, you can rethink your current SEO plan. Copying the top-ranking sites is a shortcut most marketers want to take. Instead of imitating what works for them, you should try doing those things even better.


For example, you can check content elements such as topics, word count, keywords, and phrases for the top sites and optimize your content accordingly. At the same time, add a personal touch, such as focusing on the search query.


Build Diverse Backlinks


Back in 2022, Google predicted a drop in the strength of backlinks as a ranking factor, with more emphasis on content. But nothing has changed as they continue to be one of the critical aspects of the algorithm. The only reason they may not help your rankings is a lack of diversity.


SEO marketers often chase relevance and authority while building their backlink profiles, and they end up missing out on diversity. To up your link game and build your defenses against algorithms, you must create a healthy mix of backlinks, including:

  • Links given in articles
  • Links in news articles
  • Resource links
  • Links of blogger recommendation


Stay Aware of The Changes


Building a site resistant to algorithm changes is about staying aware of changes and realigning your strategies accordingly. Google may not announce all updates, but keeping track of them should be a priority. The last thing you want is a subtle one dropping a bomb on your website. Keep an eye on changes, listen to the community, and be ready to handle unexpected changes.


Also, pay close attention to your SEO performance after algorithm changes (major or minor). A comprehensive audit based on ranking fluctuations is a wise move. It gives you valuable insights to make positive modifications and get through the changes, no matter how much they affect your website’s ranking.



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