Various Ways to Overcome Cybersecurity Threats in Digital Marketing

August 25, 2021

Nowadays, running a business without paying attention to internet trends is unheard of. As a result, digital marketing became one of the unremovable elements of our new, interconnected reality. However, this situation comes with several disadvantages. One of its most significant drawbacks is dealing with the cybersecurity threats it creates.

Among the most common methods of how hackers make money, selling valuable business data on the dark web is still at the top of the list. Many cyber-criminals are waiting for just one slip-up to put their hands on the sensitive data digital marketing companies have stored on their hard drives and servers. To not make their job easier, you should look into protecting your company by boosting its cybersecurity.

Fortunately, not only have cyber-criminals gotten better at their job, but also security measures have vastly improved. With helpful tools like password managers, VPNs, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), and public-key encryption, we have many ways to protect ourselves and our businesses. Here is what you can do to overcome cybersecurity threats in digital marketing.



Backup Your Data

Backing up your data is one of the crucial steps you need to take. Without it, you are running the risk of losing all of the assets you gathered since your enterprise made its first steps on the market.

Many companies have already had to deal with the devastating effects of losing marketing data — a battle that some of them ultimately lost. To not follow in their footsteps, you should ensure that your organization has backups of the most important documents and files. This way, no matter what happens, you will be able to resume operations after the cyber attack and start recovering right away.


Use a VPN

VPN allows you and your employees to surf the web without worrying about the hackers who are after your sensitive information. Whether you are using email marketing or social media to promote your business, you can rest assured that VPN will make every hacker’s job a lot more challenging.

VPN hides your actual IP address and provides a substitute one for you instead. Thanks to it, hackers do not know your exact location and need to jump over additional hurdles to get their hands on the customer data you have stored on your device. This solution is especially beneficial for companies with many users who can become victims of malicious cyber attacks.


Train Your Employees

Employees are the heart and soul of every organization. However, they are also usually the weakest link in its marketing cybersecurity system. As a result, businesses need to train their staff and enforce strict data security policies to overcome cybersecurity challenges.

If you wish to teach your staff how to minimize the risks of going online, you can do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, your employees should be aware that they can become the target of a malicious attack every time they visit a social media site or write a blog post for your website in WordPress.

Moreover, they should know how to identify and tackle phishing, malware, and other common threats digital marketers have to deal with. Ensure that everyone knows not to open links from unknown sources and not believe in everything they see on social media. If everyone on your team will make an effort to protect the products and services you offer, the whole company will benefit from it.


Use Strong Passwords


Having a weak password is unforgivable for any business, not only a digital marketing one. It can compromise several accounts in a matter of minutes and make life harder for everyone who uses the company’s network. To not put your customers’ data in danger, you should always use a strong password.

You can encourage your workers to create stronger passwords for their CRM systems and social media platforms. Additionally, you can use a password manager to streamline the process and create secure passwords for every member of your organization. Thanks to this method, you will save yourself some time in developing a sound cybersecurity strategy.


Identify Security Risks

Knowing where you should put most of your efforts is one of the most demanding facets of overcoming cybersecurity challenges in digital marketing. To do it, you need to consider every aspect of your marketing strategy and look for its security weaknesses.

Make sure to check if your wi-fi connection is sufficiently secured. Besides, look for weak points in every piece of software your company uses and ensure that your encryption certificate is still valid. You can also inspect your content management system and enable two-factor authentication. This way, you can provide more advanced data protection for your customers and boost your security.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many cybersecurity challenges in digital marketing. Nevertheless, you can protect your company by following a few simple steps. After you do it, your customer relationship management systems will be impenetrable, and your data will be more secure than ever before.

Remember to create a backup of essential data and use strong passwords. Plus, you should train your team to identify the most common cybersecurity risks, such as malware and phishing attacks. You should also use VPN software and determine what the most dangerous marketing-related risks are. Thanks to these security measures, you will lower the threat of cyber-attacks and deny hackers access to your assets.


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