Where Does Marketing Feature Into Product Life Cycle Management?

December 15, 2023

Think of a product like it’s a character in a novel, intriguing from the get-go. Each stage in its life is a new chapter, and marketing? That’s its trusty sidekick, whispering strategies into its ear as pages turn. It’s there at the rise of dawn when potential buzzes in the air and at twilight when familiarity might breed invisibility without it.




Now picture us lounging here with our coffees, as I let you in on how that sidekick is more like the unsung hero—crucial through thick and thin. From inception to that bittersweet adieu on retail shelves, marketing doesn’t just feature in the life cycle; it stirs it to keep pulsing. Let’s dive into those chapters where marketing truly shines.


The Dawn of Desire – Sparking Interest in the Idea Phase


Imagine your product in its infancy, just a sketch of potential looking to be more. At this stage, marketing is like planting seeds in rich soil—it’s all about nurturing possibilities. Here, we’re not just painting billboards; we’re crafting the story that’ll echo through every touchpoint down the line.


It’s like whispering into the collective consumer consciousness—behind closed doors and within focus groups—until there’s a low hum of curiosity buzzing from ear to ear.


Thoughtful market research translates into a foundation sturdy enough to support future campaigns; it’s laying down the tracks for where you want this train to go. Without a solid narrative early on, you risk your product wandering aimlessly instead of confidently strutting towards market embrace.


Blueprint Buzz – Marketing During Development


Now, think of the development phase as the product’s adolescence—it’s outgrown mere ideas and is getting prepped for the real world. This is where marketing teams collaborate closely with engineers and designers, perhaps pooling over the best CAD and PLM products from https://www.tristar.com/.


It’s a marriage of form and function with a market appeal that does the tango. Here’s where we tell a tale—not of specs and widgets—but of dreams taking shape. Teasers can leak into trade magazines with just enough gloss to glint interest without giving it all away.


Imagine stoking embers into a warm campfire glow; that’s what strategic communication at this point achieves. It builds anticipation while staying rooted in tangible progress—creating fans, not just future customers.


Hype Before the Harvest – Ramp-Up to Launch


When the launch pad is in sight, and your product is prepping for that first skyward thrust, welcome to what I’d call ‘Hype Before the Harvest.’ Your marketing now needs to be more than whispers—it’s about tuning up the orchestra before the grand symphony begins.


It’s a crescendo of targeted ads, influencer shoutouts, and ramped-up social media game—each tweet and post a note strung in perfect harmony. This stage demands more than just attention; it needs anticipation thick enough to cut with a knife.


Think of samples and demos at industry events as appetizers tempting taste buds well before the main course—your product—is served hot and fresh. Customers are poised on their toes, wallets already feeling lighter. That buzzing hum? It’s about to become a full-blown chorus.


The All-Star Launch Strategy


And then comes the fanfare—the launch. This is ‘Spotlight and Sell’, where your product steps into the limelight, ready to dance. Marketing a new product doesn’t just knock on doors; it throws them wide open with a flourish, announcing its arrival like a maestro takes the stage. Every campaign must hit home runs, not just singles.


At this juncture, we’re not pulling rabbits out of hats—we’re making sure everyone knows it’s magic time. Launch events are choreographed to perfection; press releases echo through the internet like rolling thunder. Marketing at this stage is ceaseless, turning heads—making sure no one can look away from the spectacle you’ve created.


Our coffee cups might be empty by now—but in this crucial moment for your product, it’s all about keeping theirs full to the brim with the allure and solutions they’ve been craving. The sale? It’s happening before they even reach for their wallets because your story has already told them why they need to buy.


Keeping the Flame Alive – Post-Launch Promotions




Imagine the fireworks have faded, and the audience is lingering, that’s when ‘Keeping the Flame Alive’ sets in. Post-launch promotions are about fanning those sparks into a steady burn. Your product has made its entrance; now it’s about holding that gaze, remaining the topic of every conversation from water coolers to web forums.


We clip coupons into hands like secret notes and roll out loyalty programs with a wink—it’s about making each customer feel like they’ve got an inside deal. Customer testimonials come into play here, glowing stories shared over backyard fences—that word-of-mouth wonders spreading the good news.


And let’s not forget social media—a highlight reel of satisfied smiles and hashtag-heavy praise keeps things sizzling. It’s all in pursuit of that crowning glory: customers reaching for your product out of habit because staying relevant isn’t just part of the game; it becomes the game.


Revive or Archive? The Marketing Midas Touch on Maturity


When the novelty fades and your product’s settled into a comfortable stride, marketing becomes the defibrillator that jolts enduring relevance into its heart. This is where creativity muscles flex to keep mature products from being tucked into history’s dust-ridden corner.


We’re not shouting from rooftops now; it’s about weaving narratives that resonate with loyalists while drawing in new eyes. Think special editions, thoughtful partnerships – reinventions stirring enough interest to sprout new conversations. It might be tactical discounts today, or perhaps a story tomorrow about how this isn’t just another item—it’s part of life’s fabric.


It’s a dance between nostalgia and innovation—balancing what was with what could still be—a testament that even familiar tales can turn fresh pages.


Exit with Elegance – Strategizing Decline Phase Visibility


Not every product is destined for eternal shelf life; there comes a time when even the stars must bow out. Marketing in the decline phase is about crafting an honorable send-off—a celebration of what’s been rather than a lament of the end.


This isn’t about swan songs but legacy building. Clearance campaigns and limited ‘last-chance’ offers create urgent nostalgia—persuading patrons to grab that piece of history before it’s gone. Think of it as storytelling with an epilogue, where every sale becomes part of the collective memory.


Our tone here is gratitude, tipping hats to faithful customers while delivering value that warrants final purchases. This phase ensures your product doesn’t just fade out—it leaves a lasting impression, ready for stories around future firesides.


The Final Sip – Stirring the Marketing Brew


So there you have it—a product’s journey sprinkled with marketing magic at every turn. It’s a blend of art and science, keeping consumers captivated from the first spark to the final flicker. Now, what new tales will your products tell?


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