Why Publish a Book on Amazon & How to Do it

July 23, 2023

Not interested in traditional publishing? Or, have you been rejected so many times already that you lost your interest in trying it again? Whatever the case, there’s a simple solution to your troubles. Self-publishing.




Self-publishing is basically, just like the word says it, the process of publishing your book at your own cost, without having a publisher involved as an intermediary. People are turning to this option more and more, not only because it allows everyone to enter the world of becoming an author and to show off their skills to their audience, but also because it gives them greater control of their content. Sure, editing is still necessary if you want to do this right and have any success, but the point is that you have the final say on what stays in the book and what goes.


Thought about using this option already? And, now wondering how? Heard of the option of publishing on Amazon? If yes, then that’s precisely what you should focus on learning more about and doing, because that’s the platform that can certainly lead you to the success you want and deserve, if you only play your cards right. It is the part of playing your cards right that could be a bit tricky, though, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.


Why Publish a Book on Amazon




Before we get to talking about how you can actually do this, you’re probably curious about the “why” of it all. You don’t want to embark on this journey without being absolutely sure that it is the right journey for you to take. And, deciding that can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the whole world of self-publishing. Not knowing if this is the right move could have you postponing it for far too long, agonizing over it, unsure of whether you should take the necessary steps or if you should give up on the entire idea.


If you are looking for the short answer, then all I have to say to you is this. Publishing a book on Amazon is certainly an amazing idea, and you won’t regret doing it, but don’t think of it as an easy job, because you’ll have to put some effort into the entire process if you want to make sales and actually earn money from this. Looking for the longer answer, though? Then hear me out and finally find out why it is that publishing your book on this platform could be the perfect idea.


First of all, the accessibility it provides is already something to be grateful for. Amazon opens up the elusive and elitist world of publishing to, well, pretty much anyone, allowing people to make their dreams come true. Dreams that they might not have thought possible in the past. You no longer need to worry about those dreadful rejections from traditional publishers, thanks to the Amazon publishing world.


Apart from that, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) makes self-publishing quite easy. There are how-to videos, forums and help centers to guide you through the whole process and answer any question you may have. So, even if you’re completely new to this story, you’ll get to easily understand the entire process and succeed in getting your book out there.


The flexibility it provides is also a huge plus, allowing you to choose whether you want to publish an e-book, in paperback or both. Depending on the type of the book you’re creating, you may want to go for one option or another. But, most authors are nowadays using both of them, as it provides with more sales opportunities.


And, probably the best thing about KDP is that it is completely free. Of course, you’re likely to have production costs and marketing costs afterwards, but the process of getting the book out there is completely free. Allowing, thus, even more people to try their luck and to try to appeal to their audiences without having to spend too much money on all of it.


How to Do It


Warming up to the idea of doing this? The only thing you’d want to know is how to publish a book on Amazon and how to do it right. Because, since you’re doing it, you certainly want to do it right, avoiding any kind of mistakes and thus maximizing your chances of actually making sales and possibly even making a name for yourself through this type of publishing option. Need some help with that?


First things first, you’ll need to create a KDP account, because that’s the platform you’ll be using for the process, and you certainly need to be registered on it so as for everything to go the right way. Connecting your KDP to your existing Amazon account is the easiest way to do this and to use the platform, so sign up to Amazon first if you still don’t have an account. From there, you should follow all of the sign up instructions, so as to provide the platform with anything it needs to set up your account.


Having completed the sign up process, you’ll have to proceed to the process of actually publishing the book through the platform. Choose whether you want a digital format or a paperback, fill out the necessary information, choose your category, add relevant keywords, and then upload the manuscript. The Amazon’s free Kindle Create program can help you format the manuscript , after which you’ll need to have a cover created, either using the Amazon’s Cover Creator tool or a graphic designer of your choice.


An ISBN number is necessary if you’re publishing a paperback, and it is optional for the digital format. After adding that number, if you have it, you’ll simply need to add the pricing information, and you should check out the competition to know how to price your book. Upon completing all of that, publish the manuscript and don’t forget to invest in marketing so as to start getting some sales.



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