Writing an Argumentative Essay – Helpful Tips

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Created October 19, 2020

The ability to write a well-structured and logically coherent essay is useful for everyone. Well-founded ones comprise arguments that support the main idea and convince the readers of its rightness. An argumentative essay includes careful consideration of the issue under discussion and strong opinions that can persuade the readers of the author’s perspective. Learn more about argumentative essay here.


What to Keep in Mind When Writing an Argumentative Essay

  1. Take into account the argumentation essay’s purpose: to deeply explore a question or topic. In such writing, you should examine all aspects of the subject under discussion, considering all possible points of view. You should clearly state your point of view, explain its advantages over other ideas, and, based on this, make well-founded conclusions.
  2. Follow the methodology for writing an argumentation essay. Before you begin, you need to master the relevant material properly. When writing a piece of this type, success depends on how fully the author can analyze different aspects of the problem, leading the readers to a logically reasonable and obvious conclusion. Before you start writing an essay, try to familiarize yourself with the existing points of view on the subject to mention in your work opinions that do not coincide with yours (counterarguments).
  3. Be aware of the desired outcomes for your essay. An argumentation essay goal (besides being a professor’s assignment) is to convince other people of something by persuading them to the author’s perspective on the issue under discussion.


Writing an Argumentative Essay Step-by-step

  1. Come up with an attention-grabbing headline. An original and creative title will interest the readers and make them want to read your essay.
  2. State your central thesis. It should be a short formulation of your views on the issue at hand. As a rule, a thesis statement ends the introductory part of the essay. After reading the central thesis, the reader will be more prepared for the additional text’s perception.
  3. Do not use the standard essay structure introduction/main body/conclusion. This format, limiting the article to three pre-defined sections, interferes with the free expression of thoughts. By abandoning the threefold thesis, you can develop your ideas more fully and touch on a broader range of issues.
  4. Write an introductory section. This part must briefly explain the problem under discussion, and consider the current situation, acquainting the reader with the subject of a debate.
  5. Write the main sections of the essay. Carefully state information, both confirming and refuting your point of view. Provide compelling evidence to support your opinion while not hiding conflicting evidence.
  6. Be sure to include counterarguments in your essay, that is, ideas that contradict your point of view and prove why your position seems more logical and correct to you (for example, conflicting arguments are based on outdated information, and so on). Do not label other opinions as incorrect, as this may alienate the reader.
  7. Write a conclusion paragraph. This section should re-emphasize your arguments, convincing the reader to back up your point of view. Try to tie the topic of your essay to the interests and values of your readers.
  8. Do your research. Search the library for articles and books on your topic. Try to find reliable sources on the Internet. You should find quotations that reflect all existing points of view on the subject – this will allow you to highlight all aspects of the issue in your essay. Gather all the information, both supporting your point of view and contradicting it.
  9. Try to look at your work from the outside. As you delve deeper into your essay writing, you might have made apparent mistakes. Try taking a break from your work for a few hours. Sometimes a gap of several days helps. By looking at the text with a fresh eye, you can notice the mistakes and errors that eluded you earlier, when you were completely absorbed in expressing your thoughts and did not continually pay attention to how your words look from the outside.


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