How to Humanize Your Branding Content in the AI Era

June 28, 2023

The advent of tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard has made artificial intelligence ubiquitous for brands. Startups, small businesses, and big players are a part of the AI-based content revolution. Missing out on the bandwagon means losing speed, productivity, and cost savings while creating branding campaigns.


According to 2023 statistics, 61.4% of marketers have leveraged AI tools in their marketing activities. Additionally, 44.4% have used them for content production. Forward-thinking marketers expect AI to improve content quality, creativity, and efficiency. The numbers definitely make this technology an attractive proposition for brands.




But diving in without preparation means you may lose the human touch in your marketing campaigns. Missing out on this critical element is a huge price for speed and productivity because you may end up sabotaging your relationships with your customers. A survey shows that 56% of marketers believe that AI would diminish creativity and influence differentiation, negatively affecting their brands.


The situation looks confusing, but there is no way to pick one and leave the other. Finding a perfect balance between the two is the key to creating valuable content that defines your brand. With the right approach, you can add the much-needed human touch to your words without missing out on the benefits of AI.


Here are a few ways brands can humanize their content in the age of AI:


Embrace Authentic Storytelling


Did you know that storytelling can be 22 times more memorable than facts? By including stories in your narratives, you can increase your brand’s favorability and ensure that consumers remember your products for the long haul. You must also integrate storytelling in your campaigns to foster a strong connection.


But it requires more than a tool to generate your brand’s or product’s storyline. Share relatable narratives that resonate with your audience. For example, you can highlight your founder’s journey, employee challenges, and personal experiences of your customers to invoke the emotions of your audience.


Focus On Your Vision and Values


Humanizing your branding content is about highlighting the vision and values of your business. The mindset reminds buyers that brands are human too. As you write content for your campaigns, ensure it includes these elements. You can even get the SEO advantage by using a brand name anchor while writing about your vision and values.


According to writefully, relatable content is driven by human insight rather than AI tools. Brands should not overlook the human part, whether creating copy for blogs, social media posts, ad campaigns, or SEO strategies for websites. Highlighting what your brand is all about can make a deep impact on your audience.


Maintain a Conversational Tone




Human content is not just about what you narrate, but also about how you say it. Using a conversational tone in your branding content is a way to demonstrate to your target audience that you understand them. Beyond creating a bond, using this tone gives you an SEO boost because 65% of voice search queries by potential buyers are conversational.


The good thing is that AI tools like ChatGPT are capable of writing in a conversational tone, provided you give them the right prompts. You can go a step ahead by adding a personal touch to the AI-generated copy. Ensure it replicates your brand’s tone of voice to nail the campaign.


Personalize to Meet the Customers’ Emotional Needs


Did you know that 87% of marketers say that buyers expect at least some personalized content? AI tools can be helpful for personalization. You can use them for collecting and analyzing tons of customers’ data, from their demographic information to browsing data to purchasing history and social media interactions. They may even help with customer segmentation.


Once you know the specific needs and preferences of target customers and segments, you can create targeted ads and email campaigns to meet their emotional needs. That becomes a simple job, with an audience intelligence platform such as Audiense and a content creation tool like Google Bard.


Personify Your Brand on Social Media


With tons of AI-generated content circulating on the internet, maintaining the human touch is more challenging than ever. But you can take an effective shortcut by personifying your brand on social media. Creating engaging social media posts is perhaps the easiest task for time-pressed marketers. You can even get some helpful ideas from AI tools.


Another big plus of social media branding is its versatility. You can play with images, videos, and conversations. Encouraging your customers to speak is an even better idea, as you can get them to post some valuable user-generated content for free.




The human touch in branding is invaluable, no matter how powerful AI becomes. But it is equally crucial to accept that AI is here to stay, and ignoring it can be the worst blunder. The best solution for brands is to blend them to create an optimal content strategy. Marry the two to get the best of both worlds for your brand.



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