How To Reduce The Financial Burden Of Magento Mobile App Development

February 14, 2023

Developing a mobile app can be an expensive and time-consuming process, but there are ways to reduce the cost of building a Magento mobile app. Following certain tips and strategies can streamline the development process and minimize costs while still delivering a high-quality and functional app to your customers. Here are several ways to help you reduce the cost of developing a Magento mobile app.


Main phases when developing a Magento native app

The main 4 phases for developing a Magento native app are: 

  •        Planning and Requirements Gathering: This phase involves defining the scope, goals, and objectives of the project, as well as gathering and analyzing requirements from stakeholders and end-users. 
  •      Design and Prototyping: This phase involves creating wireframes, prototypes, and a detailed design of the app, including its user interface, navigation, and features (cost from $1,000 to $3,000)
  •        Development and Integration: This phase involves actual coding and development of the app, including the integration with the Magento backend and other systems as needed. (Cost from $10,000 to 20,000)
  •        Testing and Maintainance: This phase involves thorough testing of the app, fixing bugs and issues, and deploying the app to the app stores for distribution to end-users. (First year: 50% of the app’s purchase price; second year: 25%; third year: between 15% and 25%; fourth year: between 15% and 25%)

By following these phases, you can ensure a structured and efficient development process for your Magento native app.

The total cost will vary depending on the reputation, skills, and locations of the Magento mobile app development business you work with, but it will undoubtedly be high.

It appears that only “big guys” in the eCommerce sector compete in the development of Magento mobile apps.

However, there is still a method for a tiny internet business to afford a mobile app, and we will explain how in this post.

Keep reading if you want to reduce these costs.


Has the Magento Hybrid App come to your attention?

The Magento hybrid app is a web application that has been given a lightweight native app “container” to enable it to use native platform functionality and device hardware that is not available to conventional web applications.

The hybrid apps are developed using widely used front-end development technologies and languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, giving them cross-platform capabilities, much like web-based applications.



Is Magento hybrid app the best budget-friendly alternative to a native one?

Firstly, the Magento hybrid app, as we have already discussed, has outstanding cross-platform capabilities, so you only need to create one version of your app. In other words, we still obtain an app that has a “native feel” for the customers without having to design, create, and maintain several app versions to run on multiple platforms (e.g., Android and iOS). More specifically, the code may be shared between various devices’ versions of the apps, and the app’s core can be updated directly from the app without going through the app stores. As a result, the construction and maintenance of the Magento mobile app may be completed with a great deal less time and effort.

Secondly, reducing the time will result in significant cost savings because the time required to develop an app is closely related to its price. The initial design and development budget may be cut in half or even more (for instance, from $10,000 to $5,000). Then, because the cost of support and maintenance is mainly determined by the initial cost of developing the app, you also save significant money for maintaining the app’s functionality over the long and short terms. As a result, the shop owners will have more money to spend on other investment projects, including promoting new apps.

Thirdly, if a Magento hybrid app is nicely designed, it almost becomes impossible to distinguish it from a Magento native version. Additionally, if you’re a user, you only care about how the software makes you feel rather than its actual functionality. The hybrid app is available on your phone, can be downloaded to your device, and can be found in app stores just like any other native app.

Why then would we spend so much money and time developing a Magento native app when we could obtain one with almost the same quality for half or even less money?



Creating a Magento hybrid app as opposed to a Magento native app 

Creating a Magento hybrid app is indeed a cost-effective alternative to developing a native app. Hybrid apps offer many benefits, such as:

  •       Cross-platform compatibility: Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, with a single codebase, reducing development time and costs.
  •       Faster development time: Hybrid apps can be developed and deployed faster compared to native apps, as they don’t require separate development for each platform.
  •       Access to device features: Hybrid apps have access to device features, such as cameras, GPS, and push notifications, through APIs.
  •       Easy maintenance: Hybrid apps are easier to maintain and update, as changes can be made to the codebase and deployed to all platforms at once.

Overall, a Magento hybrid app can offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering a mobile app experience to your customers.

This fantastic Magento hybrid app was created using the Ionic framework and features a nice flat style to enhance user experience. This mobile app, in particular, may offer you all the features you need, like push notifications, social login, wishlist management, quick checkout, sorting and filtering, deep linking, and more. The app’s demo can be found on Youtube. Besides, you can consider contacting some Magento agency which has various experience in Magento mobile app, click here for more advice and information.


Wrap Up

Creating a Magento Hybrid App from start or basing it on one of our pre-made products are the two possible alternatives for Magento mobile app creation when your budget is constrained. Choose the Magento native app if you want a highly customized app. In comparison, we strongly advise the Magento hybrid app if you want a comprehensive app with minimal customization.

Whatever you decide, we can provide you with high-quality service to meet your needs. Get a free quote and consultation for your Magento mobile app development project by getting in touch with us right away.


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