Ways to Create and Sell Your Own Wooden Products

July 27, 2023

There are plenty of online stores out there. However, it is the ones where people create their own handmade items – such as those made of wood – that attract a great deal of attention. Before you create your own wooden products for sale, there are steps that you need to take. You are going to be entering a highly competitive marketplace, and you need to give yourself the best possible chance for success. This is what you need to know.




Experiment to Begin With


You are not going to start off by being an expert in your field. You must develop your skills by trying out different types of wood and using various machines and techniques. By experimenting, you can determine what works best for you. Some people are better off if they work with hand tools, while others prefer the results that machines provide. It will depend on what you want to make too, as to which method you stick with. If you want to create something more complex, you must work with a tool such as a laser wood cutter. Bear this all in mind during this stage. By taking your time with this, it will allow you to find your niche and what you have the potential to sell that has some value.


Decide Where You are Going to Sell


Once you have settled on your niche and the types of wood and designs you want to work with, you need to decide where you will sell. For example, there are plenty of big retailers out there, such as Etsy. While this has the advantage of having plenty of customers coming to it regularly, there is also the downside of competing against so many people offering similar wooden products that you will have to differentiate yourself from. On the other hand, you could look to set up your own store, but you have to go through the effort of marketing it, which can be tricky. However, you then have total control over the store and the ability to make changes as and when you like.


Look at the Competition


You are never going to be able to achieve success unless you have a good look at the competition and exactly what they are offering. Are their technical skills beyond yours? Are yours better than theirs? This way, you can get a good overview of what they are doing right and wrong and how much you need to develop. You do not need to copy them exactly, but you can copy the positive elements of the business. You can also set yourself apart and create something entirely distinctive.


Look at Seasonal Differences


It is also a good idea to think about changes in the season and track how well you are doing at each time of the year. This can influence you to have other product areas at different times and perhaps even generate some sales all year round. You may also find that you need to up the number of products you are creating to match demand, and some types of wood may not be available year-round. The successful creation of a product business comes down to how well your track your progress, as well as the actual quality of the items themselves.


Unique Marketing


Marketing needs to be unique, and it needs to be impactful. A big part of this can come down to what products you choose to create. While you have the option of outsourcing this to an external agency, there are plenty of advantages involved in being heavily involved in the marketing process. You knowing your brand inside out is the biggest advantage, and it could save you a bit of money. However, you must know all techniques, including how to use your material and product packaging to your advantage.


Think About Connecting with Customers



You also need to consider how you connect with your customers and keep the lines of communication open at all times. Part of this means speaking to customers via email and sending them newsletters updating them on what has been going on. You also need to consider setting social media profiles, as these will allow you a constant route to market. Think about which profiles will serve you best, and how you will come up with a content plan that makes sure that they are not laying dormant.


Keep Learning New Techniques


You also need to think about the techniques you are using to make the products and whether you can refine or improve these. A commitment to development can help you stand out from the crowd. It also shows that you are running an innovative business that is constantly looking at the future and how you can develop over time. With the wide availability of online learning, there is more and more of an option to develop. Luckily, with wooden items, there is always a new technique ready to be learnt.


Encourage Online Reviews


The number of sales that you receive will often increase when you encourage enough online reviews. Therefore, you need to focus on sending reminders through to your clients to review you when they have bought one of your items. This could be a simple review at the bottom of your website page, video testimonials that you post on a dedicated page, or directly underneath the product you are selling.


Often, clients are going to be more than happy to send back a review when they have received something that they are happy with and a great level of service. However, it may take a bit of prompting before you manage to get your review. It takes a consistent and sustained effort until you eventually get there. Don’t panic if you get a negative review for whatever reason. Responding in a polite way that shows potential customers your professionalism and that you are acting on this issue can actually help cement some trust from customers.


Creating your own wooden products for sale can be a long and complicated process, but it also comes with many advantages if you do it right. Hopefully, this blog post has helped you to put together the bare bones, which you then have the option of building upon even further.


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