32 Content Marketing Tips for Beginner Marketer

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Created September 06, 2020

Content marketing plays an essential role in attracting and engaging the right audience online. Most companies are using content marketing and as a new marketer, it may be challenging to stand out without the right strategies.

Research indicates that at least 70 percent of B2B marketers are using content to drive their online businesses. Understanding how to leverage your content is one of the best ways to increase online sales.

Here are 32 content marketing tips that you should know if you want to be successful:


Define your target audience

Identifying your online audience is not new to content building. The target audience is the foundation of any content marketing strategy. Without defining your audience, creating compelling content becomes impossible.

The target audience helps you to develop the right tone and style in your content. It also impacts your SEO efforts and decisions, like keyword choice and research.


Have an objective

Before creating your content, you must understand its goal. Coming up with incoherent pieces of content without a defined objective means that you will not understand the proper channels to market it.

The marketing consultant at an essay writing service UK, says that some goals you must include how you intend to use the content to grow your business. Is it to boost your sales, generate new leads, or create a community? 


Make the content actionable

When people look for content online, they do not need some theory or lecture. They want a series of actionable steps that offer a solution to what they are looking for. 

Understand what your audience is looking for and deliver to it through your content.

You can include an “Action Step” at the end of your content, or have actionable information within your articles. 


Be original

The internet is full of duplicated content, and if you want to stand out as a new marketer, you need to stick to original, unique content. While most marketers use generic content to reach their target audience, you can try something more engaging and somewhat controversial.


Choose the right headlines

The kind of headline you choose for your content should promise a solution to the reader. Exercise some creativity around your thoughts and how you wish to present these to your audience. By looking at your content’s title, the reader can always tell what to expect from the rest of the article.


Remain consistent

Have a plan for producing your content consistently. The fastest way to kill a content marketing campaign is lacking content. Once you start producing your content, do not stop. Content marketing relies on consistency to thrive. Search engines always rank sites with a history of sharing fresh content consistently.  


Diversify your content

Human beings are visual creatures. Adding videos and pictures to your content makes it more appealing. Your audience is likely to process images and video faster than text content. If you want to increase user response level and post shares, consider adding video and images to your content.


Get reviews from industry leaders

Social proof is an important way of making people trust your brand. If you have already created some content, contact an industry leader for their thoughts on your work. Getting an industry leader to approve your content can easily get your brand associated with A+ players.


Monetize the content

As a marketer, your content is only useful if it is driving sales. It is wasteful to produce content for a long time without achieving this goal. 

The success of your business is directly tied to the level of conversation initiated by your content. Use several calls to different actions, but ensure that these do not appear annoying or intrusive to your audience. 


Capture your audience’s emotions

Human beings are, to some extent, emotional. Establishing an emotional connection with your customers through your content ensures that they keep looking forward to your posts. 

In most circumstances, customer feelings drive their purchase decisions. If you want to achieve more profitability for your business, consider triggering these feelings through your content. 


Use facial images

Facial expressions have a way of capturing people’s attention. When selecting images to incorporate into your content, you can add some people’s faces to boost interaction. With good images, your content is likely to reach a broad audience, including people who speak different languages.


Choose the right colors

Colors are also good at making your audience feel in a certain way. Every color has a meaning, so using the right color theme can help trigger the emotions you are seeking to target. Your goal is to identify a particular feeling or emotion and incorporate colors that can trigger it in your content. 


Focus on eliminating pain points

Traditional marketing emphasizes on highlighting the benefits of your services and products, and how these can improve your customer’s life. Through explaining the importance of your brand, you can easily trigger the pleasure-seeking section of the brain. Instead of focusing on your product’s strengths, explain to the customer how their problems will be solved by using it.


Leverage reciprocity

The law of reciprocity prompts people to pay back the good things you have done to them. This law also applies to content marketing. You can offer your audience things like free e-books, free products, or a free course to trigger more conversations in the future. Doing this will create more awareness about your brand. 


Build a community

Content marketing may not generate sales instantly since you are still new to the market. Personalizing your engagement is an excellent way to increase your product reach. Ensure that your content is not too predictable. Fresh content is good, but do not keep blasting your followers with the same content each time, they will stop following you.  


Capitalize on scarcity

Human beings showcase different preferences and tendencies. As a new marketer, you are likely to maximize your reach through leveraging scarcity. 

For instance, you can tell your audience that there is a limited time offer on a specific product or service. This will give your customers an urgency to purchase whatever they need within the stipulated timeline.


Don’t bore your audience

The internet is full of all manner of content. According to research, at least 2.75 million blogs are created every day on WordPress alone.

Flooding your marketing platform with content may seem to be a good move. However, instead of generating more leads, doing this can result in content fatigue for your audience. 


Be realistic

As a young marketer, you may want to come across as being knowledgeable in your industry to earn the trust of your new followers. Do not use complicated terms and industry jargon in your content. Most of your audience may not understand and this can become a turnoff.


Summarize your content

When it comes to content marketing, shorter is always better. You can still get several people reading your short article as long as it has the right keywords. If your content aims to grow your business, consider creating quality content that improves your rankings and gains you more backlinks. 


Create internal links

Every piece of content you create should be integrated with your entire website. You can achieve this through internal linking. Having no internal linking strategy compromises your SEO strength.

For each content you develop, have at least one or two links to other useful content, or your products page. 


Reach out to people sharing the same content

If you spot people who are always sharing the same content as yours, feel free to contact them and request that they share some of your posts. If your content is excellent, people will always be glad to share it with their audiences. The more your content is shared, especially on social media, the more people you will reach.


Make the content useful

The main reason behind content marketing is to build an online community of potential clients. If people do not find your content useful, they will avoid reading it in the future. Consistently producing useful content for your audience ensures that they will always come back for more. 


Have a better conversation funnel

As a beginner, it is dangerous to think that you will create high-quality content today, then get buyers of your products tomorrow. Sometimes it may take a while for the people interacting with your content to purchase your products. 

Use this time to engage your audience using the right channels to continuously market your brand to them.


Specify your niche

Content marketing is only beneficial if you understand how to convert it into sales. Poor content can make you lose a large percentage of loyal customers in just a short while – you can’t afford to do this. Deriving your content from a specific niche or industry helps you to gain the right client base.


Use proper grammar and punctuation

Poorly written content is a put off to most online readers. Most people will not only pay attention to the message in your content but also to the small errors within your content. Basic writing skills are essential for every new marketer. You will feel more confident with your content when it is free from grammatical and spelling errors. 


Use social ads

When you are new in content marketing, most people may not be aware of your existence. Using social ads can help you amplify your reach faster. As you push your content through social media channels, you will realize that more and more readers are joining your community, and with time, some will become loyal fans. 


Pay attention to your analytics

Regularly check your analytics to establish the performance of your content. These help you select the favorite topics among your followers and the type of content suitable for them. By using these analytics, you can easily customize your content in a way that ensures you get the most traffic to your website. 


Reference influencers

Referencing influencers allows people to locate your content easily. Linking their content to your posts or quoting them is one of the content marketing strategies that can increase your overall reach.

Inform the influencers that you have mentioned them in your content. You can also request them to share the same content with their audiences to promote your brand. 


Make your content evergreen

Although trending content is good at generating traffic, its relevance does not last. Focus on creating evergreen content that will continue to bring traffic to your website months or years later. It is also easy to create links to evergreen content, which is always considered useful.


Ground your content on hard data

When it comes to marketing your content online, reputation is everything. It takes effort to build it, but you can also destroy it in a matter of seconds. Do not promise your audience something you cannot deliver. Always include truths in your content, even when it is ugly to earn your customers’ trust. 


Don’t sound too commercial

Although content marketing’s ultimate goal is to sell, your content should not sound too much like a promotion. Doing this turns off your readers, and you will eventually lose them. Be smart when mentioning your brand or products. Let the reader be directed with polite action points and not “buy now” prompts. 


Be more audience-centric

Focus more on the audience than the content. If you concentrate more on the content, you will be busy seeking to build your brand while forgetting your audience’s needs. However good your content is, if it does not resonate with your audience, you will likely not get any positive results.



Without the right strategies, content marketing can get quite overwhelming. Even if you have the proper channels to market your content, yet lack the right tips, you may not achieve your goals quickly. The above tips can help you get started as a beginner marketer. Once you have mastered the basics, you can quickly achieve your target without worrying about making mistakes.

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