6 Essentials of a Successful B2B Marketing Strategy

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Created June 15, 2020
As more and more businesses enter the market, making yours stand out becomes all the more crucial.

On top of that, customers’ tastes and perceptions are also constantly changing. So, your firm needs a solid marketing strategy to capture their attention and to generate sales. In ensuring that this strategy works as it should, there are six essential things you should check.

1. Creating the Best Content In Your Industry!


Every B2B marketing agency knows the importance of creating high-quality content. Whether you go for online ads or even blogs and videos, the best strategy is to share the highest value you can through these media. Consequently, this requires that you perform the necessary research in order to ensure that your content is accurate and well-informed. More importantly, research allows you to answer questions that your target market is asking. It helps you gain an initial insight into what they want to know and how they prefer to get the answers to their questions.

A successful B2B marketing strategy then also requires that you have a website that is easy to navigate in order to allow your subscribers to read the content without any issues.


2. Taking Advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

b2b marketing strategy

The useful content you create will be of no use when no potential client discovers it. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you also employ SEO strategies to make sure that your website ranks higher in searches. Investing in a good SEO strategy is then very important because most, if not the entire purchasing decision, of the majority of clients today happens online. That said, aside from creating a well-designed website that allows for easy navigation both in web and mobile formats, you need to take advantage of SEO.


Simply, with the way customers nowadays don’t trust companies they can’t find on Google, you’ll find it beneficial to have your website pop up when they’re looking for specific solutions connected to the product or service you are offering. This is what B2B inbound marketing is all about.


3. Give Out Freebies in Exchange for Contact Details


Handing out free things has also been a long-standing strategy in getting potential customers interested in your product or service. Today, this has become an even more effective strategy because modern consumers spend more time searching for information before making a purchase. This is why a lot of companies get leads from offering free ebooks, guides, templates, and other helpful files customers can easily download online in exchange for their emails.


Another instance that shows the impact of giving out freebies is offering trials for services and samples for products. More than just describing your products, getting customers to actually try them out is more effective in convincing them about the quality and the experience that comes with investing in your firm. By allowing them to see the product or service for themselves and ensuring that they are satisfied with the experience, you are able to more effectively make your product known.


One interesting way companies today take advantage of this strategy is having trials extended when a user invites friends to also try out the service. The same goes for product giveaways on your social media accounts where the mechanics involve tagging 2 to 3 friends to also follow your company’s account.


4. Know When to Pitch to Your Leads

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When giving out free things, you gain the contact information of your potential customers. Now, the next step is knowing when to talk to these leads. A successful B2B marketing strategy should include knowing when to talk to clients to ensure the highest ROI. The general idea is that it’s best to talk to potential customers at night, particularly past 7 pm when they are expected to be home and free from their responsibilities at work. With their minds more relaxed, customers are more open to reading your email and what you have to say to them.


This is why weekends are also a good choice for scheduling your newsletters and other offers to potential clients.


5. Use a Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

crm tool

Of course, a CRM is an invaluable asset in creating a successful B2B marketing strategy. A CRM does not only help you remember important dates and activities, it helps you break down your goals into smaller and more manageable tasks. Using a CRM is also important when you realize just how much content you will be putting up online, the less leads in the pipeline the more marketing needs to take place! Without a CRM, you could easily make mistakes and miss the perfect opportunities to post specific content.


Definitely, with the many businesses online looking to get the attention of the market, timing is everything in implementing a successful marketing strategy. More importantly, by constantly keeping track of how you make use of the essential resource of time, you can expect that you will find ways to optimize the way you do your tasks and streamline the time freed up to developing your marketing strategy.

A CRM is just one of many tools to use for your marketing efforts. There are many different b2b marketing tools that you should explore to build any custom strategy. 


6) Tracking the Results

Lastly, ensuring that your marketing strategy will be effective also entails coming up with a way to track your progress. Aside from checking to see whether or not you are achieving the goals you’ve set, this will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to arrive at the end result you have in mind. Moreover, these numbers will help you identify what you need to work on and streamline your resources to the areas that need improvement.


For example, you might need to use more effective keywords, create longer content, gain more visitors, and spend on online ads. These different tasks then bring into light the importance of also setting your budget to establish a cap on spending for marketing. This can then help you track results as the amount spent so far is used by some firms to measure progress. 


All in all, a successful B2B marketing strategy is one that is able to take advantage of existing resources to generate the maximum number of leads. More than that, to effectively establish your brand in the minds of consumers, you need to create a strategy that does not stray away from your target market profile.  Certainly, the only way you can market your business successfully is by knowing who you are marketing to and building your strategy around that.


Author: Brianna Pyne

Author Bio: Brianna Pyne is a Digital Marketing Specialist working at JumpFactor, a Growth500 listed B2B marketing, and lead generation agency. Jumpfactor helps you drive increased sales and grow 5X faster through more leads at higher ROI.


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