7 Common Email Writing Mistakes That Kills Your Sales

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Created August 26, 2020

Do you want to use email marketing to its full potential? Then you need to put extra effort into writing excellent emails that could boost your sales. The best way to start with that mission is to find out what you are doing wrong.

Many marketers and business owners make seemingly irrelevant but deadly for their sales email writing mistakes. Considering that email is still on the top of the list of best marketing methods, you don’t want to approach the customers in the wrong way.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to writing great emails that can boost your sales, here are the mistakes you need to stay clear from.


1. Making Spelling Mistakes

avoid spelling mistakes

The award for the number one email writing mistake deservingly goes to spelling errors. There is simply no room for such a mistake. Not in the world of an endless number of online proofreading tools.

You don’t even have to go to a proofreading platform to check the spelling. Simply integrate a tool such as Grammarly with your email provider, and it will check the spelling as you type.

Don’t expect that a customer will trust you with their credit card information if you can’t even spell the words properly. Therefore, without any exception, make sure that you proofread every email before you hit that send button.


2. Disregarding the Subject Line

The subject line is like the headline of your email. It’s the first thing a user sees when they receive your email. Missing a chance to make a good first impression can be a huge mistake.

Just think about all those emails that you left unopened, or you instantly deleted them. Your emails will be one of those if you don’t pay attention to the subject line.

Based on a subject like a customer will assess whether they will open your email or not. Therefore, you can’t allow yourself to write a poor subject line.

Avoid the following mistakes when writing your subject line:

  • Using spammy words (buy now, credit, cash bonus, limited-time offer, etc.)
  • Lengthy subject line
  • One-word subject line
  • Overusing emojis


3. Using All Caps

using all caps writing

Writing an email by using solely ALL CAPS can instantly chase away potential customers. In writing, all caps are used for emphasis. However, when the entire email content or subject line is written in all caps, it can be interpreted as rude.

Simply put, all caps remind people of shouting. So, sending an email in all caps will make people feel like your yelling at them. Not what you were going for, right?

Use all caps only if you want to emphasize a certain word or phrase within the content.


4. Not Segmenting Content

Sales emails aren’t cut out for endless blocks of text. That’s just not what customers expect.

Not using paragraphs will make your email content seem as if you are sending out an essay. The moment the recipient sees such content, they will give up on reading it.

With 293.6 billion emails sent and received every day, there isn’t enough time for reading unstructured emails.

The reason why separating your content into paragraphs is important to readers is because it helps them skim the content. The information is segmented so they can take a glimpse and spot the keywords more easily.

If your content segmenting skills aren’t the best, you might want to get some help from writing tools. Turn to writing services or thesis sites whose writers can help you edit your content for an affordable price. Working with a writer or editor is very useful as they can give you some pointers.


5. Mistyping Your Contact Information

contact information

In case the purpose of your email is to get your potential clients and customers to get back to you, be very careful about the punctuality of your content information.

Missing a single digit in your contact number or misspelling the sales email can ruin any chance of making a sale.

The worst-case scenario is that you create a signature with a mistyped phone number and urge people to give you a call. Not only will they not be able to reach you, but the operator will inform them that the number doesn’t exist. You don’t want your email to seem like a scam, don’t you?


6. Getting the Dates Wrong

You might think, “Who would get the date wrong,” but it happens. In all that rush to send out the emails as quickly as possible, the dates can get missed up.

Sending an email that you have a big sale on November the 18th while you meant to put the sale in action on the 8th can be a huge miss on the part of your company. Dates aren’t something you can mess around. Not in this fast-paced world.

Another date-wise tip is to be cautious when corresponding with your international clients. Keep in mind that Europeans write the date in a different manner. They use D/M/Y format, instead of M/D/Y.

So, if you write to your international client that you should have a sales meeting on 12/11 (thinking of December the 11th), they will be all set to talk to you on the 12th of November.


7. Adding Broken Links

404 broken links

Links and call-to-actions are great for increasing sales. However, not when you use broken links.

You can do your best to make the prospects interested in your offer and write incredibly convincing content. But once the recipient decides to take action and clicks on the link, there’s nothing. Frustrating scenario, right?

Aside from losing any chance to make a sale, you’ll present your company as sloppy and unprofessional.

Be respectful of people’s time and attention. If they have taken a few minutes to read the email, and they want to act on it, don’t make them feel like it was all in vain.

To prevent this from happening, double-check that the links you include in the email are working properly. It will only take a minute of your time to check the links, but it will make a big difference if you spot and replace a broken link in time.


Spotless Emails as a Path towards Increased Sales

Email marketing can be very challenging. Thinking of creative ideas on how to attract new customers can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. You don’t want to waste those efforts because of email writing mistakes.

Ensuring that you don’t make some of these common mistakes is a great start. These mistakes can throw away the recipient in a heartbeat. That’s why you have to be cautious and do your best to avoid them.


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