7 Advantages of Cloud Storage for Your Business

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Created November 30, 2020

Cloud storage and providers of cloud-based solutions are reshaping businesses big and small alike. Using cloud storage these days has moved beyond personal use and has become one of those personal technologies adapted for business purposes.

Clay Ostlund, Marco CTO said that from storage, to software, down to security, cloud services are overtaking most of technology. Many businesses and enterprises are relying more and more on comprehensive cloud services with their IT infrastructure.

The likes of such are hosted apps, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Micro SaaS services, and more. The shift to these kinds of heavy-weight technologies often sparks from a simple need as data and big data storage.

Although a lot of companies still have physical servers as part of their business models, it is not long before most businesses shift to cloud-based storage. Especially because of recent world calamities and other challenges, the need to move businesses to the cloud in order to preserve operations in changing and challenging times will further increase.


Cloud Storage Defined

Cloud storage is a technology that keeps, maintains and secures data remotely. The service is accessible over a network, usually the internet.

It allows the user to store files online so that the user can access them from anywhere. The provider company makes them online by storing the uploaded data on an external server. This offers businesses ease and flexibility using cloud storage services, but can be expensive as well.

Despite the presence of cloud storage, data backup is still needed when using cloud storage services, as data recovery from cloud storage is much slower than local backup. While cloud storage has downsides, experts and many current users believe the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Cost savings, disaster recovery, protection, and accessibility are just a few interesting business benefits. Cloud storage can reduce costs, simplify IT management, enhance user experience and allow remote workers to work and collaborate. This simplifies logistics as a whole.


7 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Your Business

1.   Remove the need for costly infrastructure

With cloud storage, you can remove the need for in-house systems that can be very expensive. You can save thousands and even tens of thousands in the long run with cloud storage.

Cost advantage is the first and perhaps the most important advantage to business owners. Cloud storage is typically more accessible as providers spread hardware and services costs to many businesses.


2.   Secure Backup Storage

cloud storage

Do you adhere with the 3-2-1 backup rule? This rule encourages companies to make three copies of their records, the first two of which are stored in two separate types of storage and the third kept off-site. The idea is that even if a tragedy like a fire wipes out the two copies on-site, there’s still a third copy to fall back on.

Until cloud storage, these third copies were mostly stored on disposable hard drives and stored in garages or storage lockers. Although it was better than not to have an off-site copy at all, this was hardly a foolproof process, leaving data open to theft or harm.

With cloud storage, you can keep a third copy of your data off-site and secure. It just takes a few clicks to drop a copy of your files to your cloud storage system and you’re on the right track. No matter what happens to your computer, server or office building, you will still have a safe and secure copy of your results.


3.   Scalable Service

You pay for what you use for cloud computing. You don’t have to predict how much extra space you need for the year and risk paying for empty or short space. You can modify available services via cloud storage providers and pay for improvements depending on your current needs.


4.   Enhanced Security

enhanced security


Only 6% of businesses live for over two years after a major data breach. That is why data in the cloud is so precious. It defends against server crashes, employee errors, natural disasters and more your important data against loss. Data storage will be in the cloud for the future, and you can make it part of your business.

Achieving secure file sharing for business is critical. But sadly, 21% of company files are at risk of data breach. Around 41% of businesses have more than 1,000 sensitive files that are unprotected, like health records and credit card numbers. Further, the target of 43% of cyberattacks are small business. The frequency of these attacks are also increasing.

Cloud data storage, then, can get you closer to becoming more immune to cyberattacks. You need to use several layers of protection for your credentials and data, so you can rest assured that only approved persons have access to stored files in the cloud.


5.   Increased Productivity

Cloud storage frees up space so computers operate even quicker. An organization with 500 employees will instantly get an extra 2,000+ hours of work a year just by increasing device speed. This proves cloud storage has far more benefits than just storage.

A survey showed that staff at businesses with more than 10,000 employees spent an average of 38 minutes looking for only one file, either by questioning colleagues, using a business list, or sending a company wide email.

With cloud storage, a quick search will find a document in seconds, redeeming the time for businesses to focus on what is essential.


6.   More Mobility

online cloud shop

Cloud accessibility advantages are growing exponentially for companies of all sizes. We can function (and play) anywhere in today’s networking environment. You can work efficiently anywhere you may be.

The recent pandemic that upended our lives also confined most of the world in their homes and saw a wave of businesses moving online, and teams to work remotely. Cloud storage made all that doable in an efficient manner.

Utilizing cloud migration services, cloud storage also enables mobility not just for remote workers and businesses, but for other sectors of society like government, education sector, and even religious institutions. Operating on multiple devices is also more seamless with cloud storage.


7.   Greater Accessibility

Cloud data can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection. Although this is awesome for remote employees and virtual meetings, there’s another significant related advantage to remember, particularly if you’re still not sure if cloud storage benefits are enough to make the move.

When the business transfers or opens a secondary site, either because of expansion or an effort to locate a suitable location, transferring physical and virtual data can be time-consuming and challenging.

But having data stored in the cloud means you can do this efficiently, without compromising your operations.


Conclusion: Integrating Cloud Storage Boosts Your Business

integrating cloud storage


Thousands of small businesses are now using the cloud. It is now time to boost your business with cloud-based solutions like cloud storage.

Just imagine what your business is missing the longer you wait on improving your digital tools for success. And the advantages of cloud computing are massive and keep growing. Cloud storage is a major key for your business’ growth, so it is best to adapt to these emerging digital technologies as soon as possible.

Integrating cloud storage definitely boosts your business, increases productivity. Eventually, it improves revenues as you deliver world-class customer experiences to your market.



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